Custom RID/Beast Wars Megayron

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    The fanfic story goes like so:
    During a battle with the RID Autobots, Megatron planned an escape off of their version of the prison colonyo of Garrus-9. In his escape he found an area that opened a warp gate. He though it'd be a space bridge to get him away, but that wasn't the case. As he jumped into the warp gate he began to realize that his body couldn't take the transport and started to materialize into nothingness. With only a few clicks before he would be destroyed, Megatron, as vigilant about his survival, uploaded all of his consciousness into his head and quickly removed his head in order to make it through the gate. He happened to have landed into the Early Beast Wars timeline. Once there his head scanned for a new body ultimately finding a dead headmaster who was on Earth long after the Energon implementation made by Shockwave. Once he was finished, he had a new body and a new purpose to get a larger body and to get off the planet. He later found Beast Megatron. Megatron was bent on destroying the small RID Megs because of the mini Decepticon sigil. As he attacked him, Mini Megs proved to be a formidable opponent. After Beast Megatron was beaten, Mini Megs proved he was stronger that his Beast Megs. He instantly found a way to make Beast Megatron transform from his Beast mode to robot mode and without haste......severed his head and destroyed it just in case he could reanimate himself. Once he modified the body to have the headmaster process (he studied this tech data long before his battles with the RID Autobots), he established his connection and in an instant the body changed and was modified to his likeness and specifications. Once it was completed, he had been in the shadows watching as the current Beast Wars were taking place and as time went by......he was simply Dillon up on Tarantulas' old lairs and regaining protoforms that were forgotten to build his new army.