Custom Megatron (Transformers Prime)

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    This is a highly detailed, one of a kind, hand painted custom transformer.
    I used a voyager class Megatron figure from the Transformers Prime line of toys.
    The figure was first taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. I reshaped the head to make it less pointed and also removed the spikes from his knees and shoulders for a smoother look. The back of his legs which were hollow have been filled and smoothed using high quality, two-part epoxy resin as have the most obvious screw holes. Also the most obvious mold lines/seems have been smoothed away.

    He was base-coated with a top quality plastic primer before being painstakingly hand painted using only top quality paints and brushes. The design is a nod to his G1 counterpart.

    All the decals used were designed by myself to fit this figure only and were printed using a professional Alps printer that uses a plasticky ink and allows the use of white ink. These, unlike laser printed decals will never fade. They will also never peel like a sticker and, as long as care is taken, will never rub off.

    This figure is designed to be a collectors item for display and not to be played with like a toy. I have taken every step I can to ensure that the paint will not scratch off but care must still be taken especially when transforming the figure.
    The weapon was designed by FakeBuster and printed with a 3D printer by Shapeways.

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