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    *On Hold until Thursday*
    Up for sale is a custom Liokaiser I purchased from TFW2005 member Wheeljaxx. This was a bare-bones custom, no weapons included. I had these on display in their individual robot modes, (I've never combined them) but then boxed them up and doubt I'll be displaying them again. Better they go to someone else than spend the rest of their days in the dark. All the combiner parts are included. There are some imperfections on these (please see the provided pics), and because of them I'm asking $150 shipped anywhere in the U.S, a heck of a lot less than what I paid. I prefer paypal.
    *Click here to see the combined form*

    There is some paint wear on the Leozack shoulders, please see pics for details.

    The tip of the nosecone on Hellbat looks bent.

    Due to a bubble in the cast for the LioKaiser head, the tip of the left ear snapped off.

    The rest look fine:

    You can see the combined form here:
    Please PM me if you have questions.
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