Custom DOTM Crankcase Trailblazer on eBay

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    Chevrolet : Trailblazer Custom Transformers Edition in Chevrolet | eBay Motors

    My DOTM Crakcase Tribute for sale on eBay!!! Selling to help raise money for Beaterbee and Barricade's future upgrades willing to Sell WORLDWIDE with Buyer to arrange shipping . SPREAD THE WORD & SHARE THIS POST!!!!

    2003 Transformers Trailblazer

    Tribute Of "Crackcase" from Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon

    Sport body 5 passenger, loaded with many options
    4.2 L motor, Automatic overdrive transmission
    Towing package

    Transformer package:
    Charcoal grey paint
    Stain black graphics
    Blacked out trim
    Custom wheels
    Project headlamps
    LED taillamps
    DVD radio

    Recently New Brakes and Tires
    Recent Maintaince Engine Oil and Transmission Service
    Clean and well maintained

    From The Transformers Car Collection

    Has been on display at many shows and events
    including The Transformers Convention AKA TFCon 2012







    With normal ware and tear and is also for sale local
    message me for more info and photos