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    Hello, this is my wanted list which I need but please read this message carefully. I only offer MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS to pay until the balance is paid off in full between $20 to $100. I am not having plenty of hundred dollars to thousand dollars and "credit cards" with juicy credit limits because I am in bad economic situtation. I have a job and other issue but not enough to meet my requirements of paying bills, food, and others. The options of money methods are money orders (USPS or MoneyGram including local and international), bank's checks, and personal checks. I do not have a Paypal account because it was suspended over years due to illegal bogus "debt" that I do not owe. I need the agreement contract in honor between Transformers/Toys Fans/Collectors/Dealers when the balance is paid off so let me know when I can get Transformers or others from you. Remember two words you need to understand before you contact me: No Paypal account and Only monthly payments (unless they cost under $100). You do not have contracted me if you rather to pay in full instead of monthly payments (more than $100) or you rather to use infamous Paypal account than other payment methods.

    MOSC and MISB for sealed collection require C10 condition means no flaws like creases, dings, bended, dot-mark, knife/boxcutter/fingernail mark, crushes, and other damages. Best one of examples is Fresh one out of the factory shipment box from the factory for C10. MIB for loose collection requires displayable, untouchable, and never playable with unapplied sticker sheets with boxes or no boxes. Best one of examples is Transformer just posed in a car mode that never transformes with weapons and unapplied sticker sheets. KO Transformers are accepted as they are clones of original G1 products and boxes. KO list is on a bottom of the page. Other collection like Indiana Jones, Darkwing Duck, and Marvel Girls are below too. Thank you

    Top Most Need: MP Grimlock, Encore Britius, Encore Cassette #15, e-Hobby Thrust, e-hobby Ramjet, encore omega supreme, and encore meptrolex

    Generation One/G1 (Vintages/1990 Gold Classic Reissues)
    Sandstorm (MISB)
    Swoop (MISB and MIB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Sludge (MISB or MIB)
    Snarl (MISB or MIB)
    Slag (MISB or MIB)
    Wheeljack (MISB and MIB)
    Mirage (MISB and MIB)
    Wreck Gar (MISB and MIB)
    Sunstreaker (MISB and MIB)
    Broadside (MISB)
    Bumblebee (MISB and MIB)
    Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    Brawn (MISB and MIB)
    Windcharger (MISB and MIB)
    Beachcomber (MISB and MIB)
    Seaspray (MISB and MIB)
    Octane (MISB)
    Astrotrain (MISB and MIB)
    Omega Supreme (MISB) and (MIB)
    Bruticus (MISB)
    Defensor (MISB)
    Deluxe Insecticons (Venom, Ransack, etc) (MISB and MIB)
    Shockwave (MISB and MIB)
    Devastator (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Jetfire (MISB and MIB)
    Bluestreak (MISB and MIB)
    Superion (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Mensor (MISB and MIB)
    Gnaw (MISB and MIB)
    Throttlebots (MISB and MIB)
    Whirl (MISB and MIB)
    Roadblock (MISB and MIB)
    Blurr (MISB and MIB)
    Hubcap (MISB and MIB)
    Runabout and Runamuck (MISB and MIB)
    Trypticon (MISB and MIB)
    Scourge (MISB and MIB)
    Cyclonus (MISB and MIB)
    Headmasters (MISB and MIB)
    Targetmasters (MISB and MIB)
    Monsterbots (MISB and MIB)
    Clones (MISB and MIB)
    Punch-Counterpunch (MISB and MIB)
    Terrorcons (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Predacons (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Duocns (MISB and MIB)
    Techobots (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Quickswitch (MISB and MIB)
    Sparkabots (MISB and MIB)
    Pretenders (MISB and MIB)
    Slamdance (Raindance and Grand Slam) (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Powermasters (MISB and MIB)
    Doubledealer (MISB and MIB)
    Triggercons (MISB and MIB)
    Seacons (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Firecons (MISB and MIB)
    Micromasters (MISB and MIB)
    Pretender Classic Characters (MISB and MIB)
    Kmart exclusive Pretender Classic Characters (MISB and MIB)
    Actionmasters (MISB and MIB)
    Camshift (MISB and MIB)
    Reflector (MISB and MIB)
    Override (MISB and MIB)
    Preadator Set (Plastic) (MISB and MIB)
    and any G1 Transformers

    e-Hobby (2000-2010)
    e-Hobby Optimus Prime (first)
    e-Hobby Astrotrain (MISB and 2 MIB)
    e-Hobby Ramjet (MISB)
    e-Hobby Thrust (MISB)
    e-Hobby Anime Bluestreak (MISB)
    e-Hobby Chrome Bluestreak (MISB)
    e-Hobby Sunstorm (not encore) (MISB)
    e-Hobby Orion Pax and Dion (2 MISB and 2 MIB)
    e-Hobby NY Optimus Prime w/ mousepad (MISB)
    e-Hobby original color Galvatron (MISB and MIB)
    e-Hobby Predaking (MISB)
    e-Hobby Star Convoy (MISB)
    e-Hobby Powermaster Optimus Prime (MISB)
    e-Hobby Clear Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    e-hobby Minibots (Gobots) (MISB and MIB)
    e-Hobby City Guardian (Blue Omega Supreme) (MISB and MIB)
    e-Hobby Red Alert
    e-Hobby Ironhide
    e-Hobby Ratchet

    TFC (Transformers Collection Dreamwave Style Series)
    #20 Kup/Wheelie (MISB)
    and any #0 to #21 (MISB)

    Encore Omega Supreme Collector Card
    Encore Melroplex (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Omega Supreme (MISB)
    Encore Cassettes #15 (MISB)
    Encore Hoist (MIB)
    Encore Hoist and Trailbreaker set (MISB)
    Encore Thundercracker/Skywarp (MISB)
    Encore Skids (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Megatron (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Bruticus (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Encore Sunstorm (e-Hobby) (MISB)
    Encore Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Soundwave (MISB and MIB)`
    Encore Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Minibots (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Jazz (MIB and MISB)
    Encore Predaking (Gold) (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Primus (MISB and MIB)
    Unicorn (MISB)
    and other Encore Issues

    G1 reissues Exclusives
    SDCC Soundwave (MISB)
    Hasbro Toy Shop Astrotrain (MISB)
    Perceptor (MISB and MIB)
    Insections (MISB and MIB)
    SDCC Blaster w/ cassettes (MISB)
    SDCC Soundwave w/ cassettes (MISB and MIB)
    Commemorative Seacons (MISB and 2 MIB)
    TRU Commemorative Series (MISB and MIB)

    Generation 2/G2
    Laser Optimus Prime (reissue) (MISB)
    Laser Optimus Prime (original) (MISB and MIB)
    Devsatator (both orange and yellow) (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Sideswipe (MISB)
    Jazz (MISB)
    Inferno (MISB)
    Megatron (MISB)
    Superion (MISB and MIB)
    Bruitius (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Optimus Prime (MISB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Snarl (MISB and MIB)
    Slag (MISB)
    Starscream (MISB)
    Ramjet (MISB)
    Seaspray, Beachcomber, Hubcap, and Bumblebee (MISB)
    Go-Bots (MISB)
    Cyberjets (MISB and MIB)
    Rotor-Forces (MISB and MIB)
    Color-Changers (MISB and MIB)
    and other G2 Transformers

    Beast Wars
    All (MISB and MIB)
    All Combiners (MISB and MIB)
    and other Beast Wars Transformers

    Machine Wars
    All Kaybee exclusive (MISB and MIB)
    and other Machine Wars Transformers

    Beast Machines
    All (MISB and MIB)
    and other Beast Machines Transformers

    All (MISB) including store exclusives
    Walmart RID Devastator (MISB and MIB) (yellow)
    TRU RID Optimus Primal (MISB)
    TRU RID Scourge (MISB)
    and other RID Transformers

    All (MISB and 2 MIB) including store exlusives
    and other Armada Transformers

    All (MISB and 2 MIB) including store exclusives
    and other Energon Transformers

    All (MISB and 2 MIB) including store exclusives and Optimus prime
    and other Cybertron Transformers

    Classics/Classics 2.0/Generations/Universe
    Solar Shield Grapple (MISB and MIB)
    Seaspray (Movie style) (MISB)
    Classics First Series Cliffjumper (MISB)
    Cybertronian Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    Dirge (MISB)
    Onslaughter (MISB)
    G2 Inferno (MISB)
    Ironhide (MISB)
    Hound (MISB)
    Galvatron (MISB)
    Sideswipe (MISB)
    Octane (Tankor) (MISB)
    Acid Rain (MISB)
    Ratchet (MISB)
    Smokescreen (MISB)
    Silverstreak (MISB)
    G2 Laser Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Dinobot (MISB)
    Cheetor (MISB)
    Thrust (MISB)
    Drift (MISB)
    Prowl (MISB)
    Air Raid (MISB and MIB)
    Cybertronian Megatron (MISB)
    Cybertronian Soundwave (MISB)
    Cybertronian Optimus Prime (MISB)
    Cybertronian Bumblee (MISB)
    Wheelie (Legend) (MISB)
    Bumblebee (Legend) (MISB)
    Warpath (Legend) (MISB)
    Brawn (Legend) (MISB)
    Leo Prime (MISB and MIB)
    SDCC Nemesis Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Cliffjumper, Brawn, Beachcomber (Henkei) (Legends) (MISB and MIB)
    Red Alert (MISB)
    Thundercracker (MISB and MIB)
    Perceptor (MISB)
    Wheeljack (MISB)
    Scourge (MISB)
    Kup (MISB)
    Skywarp vs Ultra Magnus (MISB)
    Wreck-Gar (MISB)
    Rodimus vs Cyclonus (MISB)
    Acree (MISB and MIB)
    Warpath (MISB and MIB)
    Walmart Powerglide (Red)(MISB)
    Windcharger (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 Red Alert (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 Onsalughter (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 Silverbolt (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 anime Astrotrain (MISB and MIB)
    Heneki G1 colorized Transformers (MISB and MIB)
    Devastator (Walmart repaint Energon) (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Universe Bruticus (camero gray) (MISB and MIB)
    Universe Bruticus (camero tan) (MISB and MIB)
    Universe Sliverbolt (eagle/wolf) (MISB and MIB)
    and any Classics/Generations/Universe/Heneki Transformers

    Powercore Combiners
    Combaticons (MISB and MIB)
    Destrons (MISB and MIB)
    Rallybots (MISB and MIB)
    Dinobots (MISB and MIB)
    Destructicons (MISB and MIB)
    Aerialbots (MISB and MIB)
    Stunticons (MISB and MIB)
    Protectobots (MISB and MIB)
    Constructicons (MISB and MIB)
    Searchlight with Backwind (MISB and MIB)
    Darkstream with Razorbeam (MISB and MIB)
    Heavytread with Groundspike (MISB and MIB)
    Huffer with Caliburst (MISB)
    Icepick with Chainclaw (MISB and MIB)
    Leadfoot with Pinpoint (MISB and MIB)
    Salvage with Bomb-Burst (MISB and MIB)
    Searchlight with Backwind (MISB and MIB)
    Skyhammer with Airlift (MISB and MIB)
    Sledge with Throttler (MISB and MIB)
    Smolder with Chopster (MISB and MIB)
    Steelshot with Beacon (MISB and MIB)
    Undertow with Waterlog (MISB and MIB)
    Windburn with Darkray (MISB and MIB)
    and any Powercore Combiners

    Smokescreen (MISB)
    Sideswipe (MISB)
    Hound (MISB)
    Dead End (MISB)
    Silverstreak (MISB)
    Windercharger (MISB)
    Sunstreaker (MISB)
    Swerve (MISB)
    Optimus Prome (MISB)
    Stepper (MISB)
    Tracks (new cover) (MISB)
    Prowl (MISB)
    Ravage (robot mode) (MISB)
    Shockwave (MISB)
    Rollbar (MISB)
    Wheeljack (MISB)
    Swindle (MISB)
    Grimlock (MISB)
    Overdrive (Binaltech) (MISB and MIB)
    Ravage (dog mode) (MISB)
    Mirage (MISB)
    Rumble (MISB)
    Rodimus (MISB)
    Bluestreak (Binaltech) (MISB and MIB)
    Acree (Binaltech) (MISB and MIB)
    Blaster (Binaltech) (MISB and MIB)
    Red Alert (Binaltech) (MISB and MIB)

    Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (G2 tank) (MISB)
    Thundercracker (The War Within) (MISB)
    Jetfire (The War Within) (MISB and MIB)
    Scourge (G1) (MISB)
    Optimal Optimus Beast Wars (MISB and MIB)
    Rodimus Prime (G1) (MISB)
    Soundwave with Laserbeak (G1) (MISB)
    Optimus Prime (G1) (MISB)
    The Fallen (The War Within) (MISB)
    Cheetor (Beast Machine) (MISB)
    Starscream (The War Within) (MISB)
    Megatron (The War Within) (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Sunstorm The War Within) (MISB)
    Ultra Magnus (War Within) (MISB)
    SDCC Menasor (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Prowl (War Within) (MISB)
    TRU Grimlock (War Within) (MISB and MIB)
    Soundblaster with Ravage (MISB)
    Primal Prime (MISB and MIB)
    SDCC Skywarp (War Within)(MISB), (MIB)
    Target exclusive Thrust (MISB)
    Target exclusive Hot Zone (MISB)
    Target Optimus (MISB and MIB)
    Autobot Ark (non-transforable 3") (MISB)

    Blurr (MISB)
    Swindle (MISB)
    Jazz (MISB)
    Freeway Jazz (MISB)
    Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (MISB)
    Soundwave w/ Ratbat (MISB)
    Swoop (MISB)
    Snarl (MISB)
    Blitzwing (MISB)
    Optimus Prime (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Buckhead w/ Headmaster (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Ultra Magnus (MISB)
    Ultra Magnus Roadblock (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Arcee (MISB)
    TRU Ironide (MISB)
    TRU Ratchet (MISB)
    TRU Rodimus Manor (MISB)
    Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    Soundwave (purple) (MISB)
    Skywarp (MISB)
    and any Animated Transformers

    Optimus Prime (MISB)
    Trailer (MISB)
    Ultra Magnus (MISB and MIB)
    Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus Prime and Trailer (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (MISB)
    Skywarp (MISB)
    Nemesis Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Thundercracker (MISB and MIB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Ghost of Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Rodimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Ghost of Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Walmart Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Rodimus
    Rodimus Prime
    Starscream's Ghost (MISB and MIB)
    Walmart Skywarp (MISB)
    Hasbro Masterpiece 20th anniversary Optimus Prime (MISB)
    Nemesis Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Rollar & Gun Accessory Set (MISB and MIB)
    Grimlock and other Accessories

    First Edition Starscream (MOSC)
    Canadian First Edition Bulkhead (MISB and MIB)
    Canadian First Edition Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Canadian First Edition Cliffjumper (MOSC and MOC)
    Hot Shot (MOSC and MOC)
    Knock Out (MOSC and MOC)
    Vehilon (MOSC and MOC)
    Airachid (MOSC and MOC)
    and other Primes

    Movie 1, 2, and 3
    Devastator (Giant) (MISB and 2 MIB) (Green and mixed colors)
    Mudflap and Skids (Ice Cream Truck) (MISB)
    Devstator Ez (Movie/Green) (MISB and 2 MIB) (TRU Green and mixed colors)
    Chromia (MISB)
    Grinor (MISB)
    Movie 1 Blackout (MISB)
    Movie 2 Acree (MISB)
    Movie 2 Ravage (MISB)
    Dirge (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (tank) (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (tank) (Voyager) (MISB and MIB)
    Skywarp (MISB and MIB)
    Thrust (MISB and MIB)
    Jetfire (MISB)
    Movie 1 Camshift (MISB)
    Movie 1 Cliffjumper (MISB)
    Movie 1 Smokescreen (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 1 to 3 Optimus Prime (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 1 tp 3 Optimus Prime (Voyager) (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 2 Optimus and Jetfire (MISB and MIB)
    Target exclusive Jazz and Starscream (G1 color) (MISB)
    Movie 2 Wheelie (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 2 Stratosphere (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 2 Acree (MISB)
    Movie 1 Frenzy (Action Battle Boombox) (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 2 Chormia (MISB)
    Movie 2 Elita-One (MISB)
    Movie 2 TRU Hoist vs Mixmaster (MISB and MIB)
    Movie 3 Megatron (MISB and MIB)
    all Human Alliance (MISB and MIB)
    and any Transformers Movie 1, 2, and 3 including Movie 3 Megatron (Truck)

    Ultra Magnus (MISB and MIB)
    Skywarp (MISB and MIB)
    Thundercracker (MISB and MIB)
    Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus Prime Red (MISB and MIB) (red)
    Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    Bumblebee (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron Silver (MISB and MIB)

    Botcon Classic Dreadwing (MIB and MISB)
    Botcon Classic BugBite (MIB and MISB)
    Shattered Mirror Toys
    Arcee (Spider)
    Set of Animated Stunticons (MISB and MIB)
    any other BOTCON (MISB and MIB)

    TF Collector Club
    Counterpunch/Punch (MISB) and (MIB)
    Astrotrain (MISB) and (MIB)
    G2 Ramjet (MISB) and (MIB)
    any other TFC (MISB and MIB)

    Other Transformers
    I-Gear Kup 01 - Kup Head Kit Set (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear PP03A Attack Thrust (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear PP03E Elegy Dirge (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear PP03J Jet Ramjet (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear MGT-01 Arcee (Delicate Warrior) (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear IG-TF003 Upgrade kit for MP08 Grimlock (2 MISB and 2 MIB)
    I-Gear IG-TF007 Computer Control Center (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear MMC-01 Knight Morpher Commander (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear PE-01 Shadow Warrior (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear IG-TF002A Soundwave and AutoScout (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear IG-TF002B Soundwave and AutoScout (MISB and MIB)
    I-Gear IG-TF004 New Black Trailer for MP-01B
    I-Gear IG-TF004 New Original Color Trailer for MP-01
    I-Gear Bumblebee and Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    TFC Toys Masterpiece Starscream Coronation Crown & Cape Set
    TFC Toys TF MP Rollar and Gun
    Impossible Toys Arcee (Valkyne) (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Elita-One (Medic) (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Spike (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Sparkplug (MISB qnd MIB)
    Impossible Toys Nightbird (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys TFA Figures Series 01 (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Kremzeak Figure (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Quint-02 - Quintesson Scientist - Inquirata (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Quint-03 - Quintesson Prosecutor (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Quint-04 - Quintesson Executioner (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Quint-05 - Quintesson Guard (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Transforming Exo-Suit Set of Spike & Daniel (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Light-Up Energon Cubes Pack of 6 (MISB and MIB)
    Impossible Toys Quint-01 - Quintesson Judge (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject TFX-04 Protector Trailer (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject Aerial Team Appendage Add-On Kit (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject Crossfire XF-02A Explorer with Combat Unit Appendage Add-On Kit Set A (MISB and 2 MIB)
    FansProject Crossfire XF-02B Munitioner with Combat Unit Appendage Add-On Kit Set B (MISB and 2 MIB)
    FansProject TFX-02 G3 Trailer & Classic Accessory Pack (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject TFX-05 Sidearm (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject TFX City Commander Trailer Set with TFX-03 City Commander Add On Set (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject TFX-01 City Commander (2008) (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject TFX-01B Shadow Commander Trailer Set (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject Cliffjumper Upgrade Kit (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject WB001 Warbot Defender (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-01 Warory (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-02 Flamsblast (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-03 Stormshred (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-04 Thunderbomb (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-05 Backfire (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-06 (MISB and MIB)
    FansProject CA-07 (MISB and MIB) CDMW-01 Construction Brigade Power Parts Custom Head (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-02 Construction Brigade Power Parts Custom Hips/Waist (all Colors) (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-03 Mean Robots Power Parts (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-04 Mean Robots Power Parts (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-05 Construction Brigade Power Parts Hands & Giant Magna Laser (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-06 Aviation Brigade Power Parts Custom Head (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-07a Cassette Robot Power Parts Frenzy (MISB and MIB) CDMW-07B Cassette Robot Power Parts Rumble (MISB and MIB) CDMW-08 Construction Brigade Power Parts Custom Forearms (MISB and 2MIB) CDMW-09 Construction Brigade Power Parts Barrel, Mounting Plate & Shoulder Brace Set (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-10 The King's Power Parts Custom Head (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-11 The King's Power Parts Custom Wings (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-12 Master Commander Power Parts 20" Sword (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-13 Aviation Brigade Power Parts Custom Blast Shield & Gun with Bonus Face Plate (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-14 The King's Power Parts Custom Giant Sonic Sword (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-15 The King's Power Parts Custom Foot Plates (MISB and 2 MIB) CDMW-16 Sea Brigade Power Parts Custom Head (MISB and 2 MIB)
    Gear 4 Toys GT-01I & GT-01R Pair of Head & Arms Sets (MISB and MIB)
    Headrobots BBTS Exclusive Alternate Universe Hothead Mini Figure (MISB and MIB)
    Headrobots Blood the Dark Warrior Upgrade Kit (MISB and MIB)
    Headrobots Hothead Headrobot Mini Figure (MISB and MIB)
    BTS-01 Mobile Command Base with Rollout Drone (MISB and MIB)
    BTS-01S Mobile Command Base with Rollout Drone - Silver Prime Version (MISB and MIB) BTS-02 DX Teletran Accessories Pack (MISB and MIB)
    BTS-03 G1 Prime Matrix of Leadership Upgrade Set with BBTS Exclusive Clear Blue Rifle (MISB and MIB)
    ReproLabel set Orion Pax Head (MISB and MIB)
    Masterpiece OP/Ultra Magnus Long Chimney Smoke Stack Set (MISB and MIB)
    JustToys Masterpiece Megatron Perfect Edition Accessory Kit (MISB and MIB)
    and others

    Knock Off (MISB and MIB)
    Dinobots set
    Devatstor (orange, yellow and green)
    Minibots (Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Beachcomber, Windcharger, etc)
    and any KO (MISB and MIB)

    Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney
    Gunship (MISB and MIB)
    Darth Vader (Death Star) (MISB)
    Donald Duck (MISB and MIB)
    Mickey Mouse (MISB and MIB)
    Buzz Lightlighter (MISB and MIB)
    Spiderman and Ironman combiners (MISB and MIB)
    Venom (MISB and MIB)
    Iron Man (Movie 1 and 2)
    Thor (MISB and MIB)
    Hulk (tank) (MISB and MIB)
    Any Disney, Marvel and Star Wars (MISB and MIB)

    DK Publishing Books
    2 "Transformers Ultimate Guide" hardcover and paperback
    2 "Transformers Vault hardcover (release May 28)
    2 Marvel Universe
    2 Star Wars
    2 DC Universe

    Indiana Jones/Star Wars/Star Trek/SeaQuest
    set of Indiana Jones figures including vehicles (MISB/MIB) (Both Vintage and New)
    Comic books (Marvel and others)
    set of Star Trek Playmate/Others figures including ships (MISB/MIB) (Both Original and New)
    Original Phaser and Original Communicator (MISB and MIB)
    Star Trek Comic Books (any)
    Star Wars figures including ships (any)
    Star Wars Comic Books (any)
    SeaQuest figures including Darwin (MISB and MIB)
    SeaQuest #1 (cancelled comic book)

    Comic Books
    Mint Condition or 9.9 Transformers #1-#80, Other Transformers including Generation 2 in GIJOE comic books, IDW, and Independent including GIJOE VS Transformers, Movies, All Hail Megatron, and other titles (see above and crossover comic books, Darkwing Duck, DuckTale, and Donald Duck)

    DVDs (New only)
    New Brand complete Collection of Transformers G1 (Shout! Factory) exlcusive
    New Brand complete Collection of GIJOE (Shout! Factory) exclusive
    New Brand complete Collection of Japanese Transformers G1 (Shout! Factory) exlcusive
    Ghostbusters (Movies) Set
    Indiana Jones (Movies) Set
    Smurfs 1 and 2 set
    and other TV Show Sets

    First4Figures G.I.JOE Transformers Storm Shadow and Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    First4Figures G.I.JOE Transformers Ravage and Baroness (MISB and MIB)
    Palisades Transformers Devstator 12" (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen White Queen Retro 12" Statue (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen White Queen Modern 12" Statue (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen White Queen Modern 12" Statue PX Diamond (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen Black Cat (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen Black Widow (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen Kitty Pride (MISB and MIB)
    Bowen Jean Grey: X-Factor (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo Rogue (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo Emma Frost (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo 1/8 Scale Psylocke (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo 1/8 Scale Phoenix (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo 1/8 Scale Dark Phoenix (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Black Cat (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo 1/8 Scale Black Widow (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo Ms. Marvel (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya X-Force: X-23 11" (MISB and MIB)
    Kotobukiya Bishoujo Phoenix SDCC 2010 Exclusive White & Gold Version (MISB and MIB)
    Sususmu Sugita Vampirella (MISB and MIB)
    Gentle Giant life size Princess Leia statue Star Wars (MISB and MIB)
    Gentle Giant life size Slave Leia statue Star Wars (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Superman VS Muhammad Ali (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Robin (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Poison Ivy Cover Girls (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Black Canary Cover Girls (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Catwoman Cover Girls (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Cover Girls of the DC Universe Wonder Woman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Hawkgirl 9" PVC (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Supergirl V2 PVC (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Steel PVC (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Black Canary (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Donna Troy 9" PVC (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Zatanna (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Ame-Comi Raven (MISB and MIB)

    Plush Smurfs, Gargamel and Azreal
    Weightlifter Smurf PVC
    Grandpa Smurf PVC
    Wind Surfer Smurf PVC
    Vanity Smurf PVC
    New Papa Smurf Mushroot House
    2 New Smurf Windmills
    2 New Sport Smurfs
    2 New Smurf Cars
    2 New Smurf Mushroot Houses
    2 Movie Smurfs (all)
    and other Smurfs (figures, vehicles, and dolls) (both vintage and new)

    Darkwing Duck figures (MISB only)
    2 Bushroot
    2 Gas Gun
    Giant Darkwing Duck
    sealed DVD volume 1 and 2

    Hot Wheels and Others (MIB and MISB)
    SDCC Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Plane
    All Hot Wheels Bat-vehicles including video game Batmobiles
    Set of Johnny Lightining (all series) all 2 or 3 cars packs
    Set of Johnny Lightning (all series) Dukes of Hazzard
    Set of Johnny Lightning (all series) Simpsons
    Set of Johnny Lighting (all series) Hollywood on Wheels
    Set of Johnny Lightning (all series) military vehicles
    Set of Johnny Lightning (all series) Star Trek
    Revell Titanic Model

    DC Universe Mary Marvel (Both red and white) (MISB)
    DC Universe Zartana (MISB)
    DC Universe Raven (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Big Barda (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Black Canary (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe PowerGirl (build-a-figure) (MISB)
    DC Universe Wonder Woman and Artemis (Build-a-Figure) (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Katma Tui (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Cheetah (Modern w/o black outfit( MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Black Lantern Terra with Scar (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Red Lantern Mera (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Star Sapphire Wonder Woman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Black Lantern Hawkgirl (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Indigo-1 (Blackest Night) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Wonder Woman (Blackest Night) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Hawkgirl (Brightest Day) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Dove (Brightest Day) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Mera (Brightest Day) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Jade (Brightest Day) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Arisia (Blackest Night) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Universe Star Sapphire (Blackest Night) (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Batman Secert File Poison Ivy (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Justice League Wonder Woman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct DCU Origins 2 Pack Catwoman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct JLA Series Hawkgirl (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct Batman Reborn Series 1 Batwoman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct All Star Action Super Lois (MISB and MIB)
    DC Direct All Star Action Batgirl (MISB and MIB)
    DC Batman/Superman Superwoman (MISB and MIB)
    DC Batman/Superman Batwoman (MISB and MIB)
    Marvel 4 inches Mary Jane Watson (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Supergirl and other females (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel Comics 2-pack Phoneix (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel Comics First Class Phoneix (MISB/MIB)
    DC Universe Supergirl vs Lex Luthor (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel Comics 2-pack Spiderwoman (1970s costume) (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel 2 pack Black Widow (both red and yellow) (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel 2 pack Hulk and Valkyrie (MISB/MIB)
    G.I.Joe Pilot Scarlet (MISB)
    G.I.Joe Baroness w/ green glasses (MISB)
    Marvel Legends Sue Storm and Johnny Storm (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel Legends Spiderman Mary Jane Watson (MISB/MIB)
    Marvel Legends Tyra (MISB)
    G.I.Joe and Cobra figures-in-boxes (MISB)
    Legendary Heroes Ann O'Brien (MISB/MIB)
    Internet exclusive Cover Girl/Iron Spirit/Hannah 3pack (MISB)
    and other female action figures from any DC, Marvel, Disney, and others
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    Rotterdam NY
    I have some Beast Wars figs in my BST thread, give me a hollar if anything interests you.
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    I've a MISB SDCC 6" titanium skywarp if you're interested? Pretty sure it's C10, I'll double check if you're interested.
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    pm sent
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