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    Hi, I am offering monthly installments to pay wanted Transformers (I pay off if Transformers cost between $50 to $100 instead of monthly payments). I do not have hundred dollars as I am in bad economic sitautation but I do have a job. I do not have infamous Paypal account because they put "bogus" balance which I did not owe. It was illegal for Paypal. I will expect to get a Transformers when the balance is paid in the full amount first then shipping a Transformer. If it comes as set of numbers of Transformers, my way is same. I can write a personal check or postal service send money order (International/American) in this agreement contract.

    MOSC and MISB for sealed collection must be c10 mint condition means no creases, bended, dot-mark, knife/boxcutter mark, fingernail mark, and other damages. One fresh out of the factory shipping box is one of examples.MIB for loose in the box must be disaplayable with unapplied stickers and never being "played well". Untouchable displayable Transformer posing with unapplied sticker sheet is one of examples. Don't confuse with KO (Knock Off) and G1 on list, G1 is on top and KO is bottom.
    Thank you.

    There is a list I need more than the world:

    original G1 or Spanish aka 1990 Classics reissues -
    attention: not accepted looses if they are used with applied stickers and broken, must be with unapplied sticker sheet and untouchable.
    Sandstorm (MISB)
    Swoop (MISB and MIB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Sludge (MIB)
    Snarl (MIB)
    Slag (MIB)
    Wheeljack (MISB and MIB)
    Mirage (MISB and MIB)
    Wreck Gar (MISB and MIB)
    Sunstreaker (MISB and MIB)
    Spanish Gold Classic Bruticus (MIB)
    Spanish Gold Classic Defensor (MISB)
    Astrotrain (MISB and MIB)
    3 Superion (MISB and MIB)
    2 Mensor (MISB and MIB)
    set of Throttlebots (MISB and MIB)
    Octane (MISB)
    Brainstorm (MISB and MIB)
    Gnaw (MISB and MIB)
    Onslaught (MISB)
    Broadside (MISB)
    and any G1 or Spanish Transformers (MISB and MIB)

    e-Hobby -
    Keychain Bumblebee, Brawn, Windcharger, Cliffjumper (MOSC)
    3 e-hobby Astrotrain (MISB and MIB)
    e-Hobby Ramjet (MISB)
    e-Hobby Thrust (MISB)
    e-Hobby Sliverstreak (anime) and Jazz (gold) set (MISB)
    e-hobby Sunstorm (not encore) (MISB)
    e-Hobby Ultra Magnus (MISB)
    e-Hobby Megatron Special 16 (MISB)
    e-Hobby Grapple (MISB)
    e-Hobby Star Convoy (MISB)
    e-Hobby Powermaster Optimus Prime (MISB)
    2 e-Hobby Clear Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    2 e-hobby Minibots (Gobots) (MISB and MIB)

    TFC (Transformers Collection Dreamwave Style Series) -
    #20 Kup/Wheelie (MISB)
    and any #0 to #21 (MISB)

    Encore -
    Encore Melroplex (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Omega Supreme (MISB)
    Encore Cassettes #15 (MISB)
    Encore Cassettes #17 (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Cassettes #19 (MISB)
    Encore Hoist (MIB)
    Encore Hoist and Trailbreaker set (MISB)
    Encore Thundercracker/Skywarp (MISB)
    Encore Skids (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Megatron (MISB and MIB)
    3 Encore Bruticus (MISB and MIB)
    e-Hobby Sunstorm (Encore) (MISB)
    Encore Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Encore Soundwave (MISB and MIB)`
    Encore Starscream (MISB and MIB)

    Laser Optimus Prime (reissue) (MISB)
    original Laser Optimus Prime (MISB)
    3 Devsatator (orange/yellow) (MISB and MIB)
    Sideswipe (MISB)
    Jazz (MISB)
    Inferno (MISB)
    Megatron (MISB)
    Superion (MISB)
    Bruitius (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus Prime (MISB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    Snarl (MISB and MIB)
    Slag (MISB)
    Starscream (MISB)
    Ramjet (MISB)
    and any G2 Transformers (MISB and MIB)

    2 Universe Bruticus (camero gray) (MISB and MIB)
    2 Universe Bruticus (camero tan) (MISB and MIB)
    2 RID Devastator (MISB and MIB)
    2 Universe Devastator (Walmart repaint Energon)
    Fearswoop (Walmart MISB and MIB)
    2 Universe Powerglide (Red Walmart MISB)
    Hardhead (Walmart MISB and MIB)
    Skyjack (Walmart MISB and MIB)
    Hasbro 25th Optimus Prime w/ DVD and Comic Book (MISB)
    and any exclusive (MISB and MIB)
    2 SDCC Blaster w/ assettes (MISB and MIB)
    2 SDCC Soundwave w/ cassettes (MISB and MIB)

    Cliffjumper (MOSC)
    Onslaughter (MISMB)
    Silverbolt (MISMB)
    G2 Inferno (MISMB)
    Ironhide (MOSC)
    Hound (MOSC)
    Galvatron (MOSC)
    Sideswipe (MOSC)
    Octane (Tankor) (MOSC)
    Prowl (MOSC)
    Acid Rain (MOSC)
    Ratchet (MOSC)
    Smokescreen (MOSC)
    Silverstreak (MOSC)
    Dinobot (MOSC)
    Cheetor (MOSC)
    Thrust (MOSC)
    Drift (MOSC)
    2 Cybertronian Optimus Prime (MOSC)
    2 Cybertronian Bumblee (MOSC)
    Wheelie (Legend) (MOSC)
    Bumblebee (Legend) (MOSC)
    Warpath (Legend) (MOSC)
    Brawn (Legend) (MOSC)
    Leo Prime ((MISB and MIB)
    2 SDCC Nemesis Prime (MISB and MIB)
    Legends of Cliffjumper, etc (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Red Alert (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Thundercracker (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Ramjet (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Thrust (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Skywarp (Henki) (MOSC and MOC)
    Skywarp vs Ultra Magnus (MOSC)
    and any Classics and Hentki Transformers (MOSC and MOC) including G1 colors

    2 Huffer (MOSC)
    2 Searlight (MOSC)
    2 Ariebots (MISB)
    2 Combaticons (MISB)
    and any Powercores and Prime Prime

    Blurr (MOSC)
    Swindle (MOSC)
    Jazz (MOSC)
    Freeway Jazz (MOSC)
    Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (MOSC)
    Soundwave w/ Ratbat (MOSC)
    Swoop (MOSC)
    Snarl (MOSC)
    Blitzwing (MISB)
    Optimus Prime (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Buckhead w/ Headmaster (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Ultra Magnus (MISB)
    Ultra Magnus Roadblock (MISB and MIB)
    Arcee (MOSC)
    2 Rodimus (MOSC)
    Ratchet (Cybertion) (MISB)
    Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    and any Animated Transformers (MISB and MIB)

    Alternators and Alternity
    Smokescreen (MISB)
    Ravage (dog mode) (MISB)
    Hot Rod (MISB and MIB)
    Red Alert (Bit.) (MISB and MIB)
    Alternity Optimus Prime (MISB and MIB) (red)
    Alternity Cliffjumper (MISB and MIB)
    Alternity Bumblebee (MISB and MIB)
    Alternity Megatro (MISB and MIB)n
    and any Alternators (MISB) and Alternity (MISB and MIB)

    2 Grimlock (within war)(MISB and MIB)
    Thrust (within war)(MISB)
    SDCC Skywarp (within war)(MISB)
    SDCC Skywarp (within war)(MIB) - DEALED
    Prowl (within) (MISB)
    Hot Zone (MISB)
    Autobot ark
    and any Titaniums (Transformable only) (MISB and MIB)

    Movie 2:
    3 Devastator (MISB and MIB)
    Mudflap and Skids (Ice Cream Truck) (MOMC)
    3 Devstator Ez (Movie/Green) (MISB and MIB)
    Chromia (MISB)
    Grinor (MIMB)
    Blackout (MIMB)
    Movie 2 Acree (MOMC)
    all Human Alliance (MISB and MIB)
    Ravage (MISB)
    Megatron (tank) (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (tank) (Voyager) (MISB and MIB)
    Skywarp (MISB and MIB)
    Thrust (MISB and MIB)
    Jetfire (MISB)
    Optimus Prime (Leader) (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus Prime (Voyager) (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus and Jetfire (MISB and MIB)
    and any Transformers Movie I and II (MISB/MOSC and MIB/MOC)

    Optimus Prime MP-01 (MISB) with separate box
    Ultra Magnus MP-02 (MISB and MIB)
    Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Optimus Prime and Trailer MP-04 (MISB and MIB)
    Megatron (MISB)
    Skywarp (MISB)
    Thundercracker (MISB and MIB)
    Grimlock (MISB and MIB)
    TRU Grimlock (MISB)
    Ghost of Starscream (MISB and MIB)
    Walmart Masterpiece Starscream (MISB)
    Walmart Masterpiece Skywarp (MISB) - DEALED
    Hasbro Masterpiece 20th anniversary Optimus Prime (MISB)
    and Accessories

    Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney
    Donald Duck (MISB and MIB)
    Mickey Mouse (MISB and MIB)
    Spiderman and Ironman combiners (MISB and MIB)
    Thor (MISB and MIB)
    Any Disney, Marvel and Star Wars (MISB and MIB)

    Botcon Classic Thundercracker (MIB and MISB)
    Botcon Classic Thurst (MIB and MISB)
    Botcon Classic Ramjet (MIB and MISB)
    Botcon Classic BugBite (MIB and MISB)
    Shattered Mirror Set
    any BOTCON (MISB and MIB)

    Knock Off
    Dinobots set
    any KO (MISB and MIB)

    2 DK Publishing "Transformers Ultimate Guide" hardcover and paperback

    any female action figures from Marvel, DC, GIJOE, and any subjects (MISB/MOSC) like Baroness, Cover Girl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl or etc

    set of Indiana Jones (MISB/MOSC) (Both Vintage and New)
    set of Star Trek including ships (MISB/MOSC) (Both Original and New) including SeaQuest

    Mint Condition or 9.9 Transformers #1-#80, General 2 including Generation 2 in GIJOE comic books, IDW, and Independent including GIJOE VS Transformers

    New Brand complete Collection of Transformers G1 (Shout! Factory) exlcusive
    New Brand complete Collection of GIJOE (Shout! Factory) exclusive

    Statues of Storm Shadow on Optimus Prime and Baroness with Ravage

    Any Smurfs (figures and dolls) (vintage and new)

    Darkwing Duck figures (MOSC) -
    2 Bushroot
    2 Ratcatcher
    sealed DVD volume 1 and 2