Customs: creating saleable molds, how to start, so many questions

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    This probably is not the first or last time this sort of question has been asked. I don't even know where to begin.

    I got into transformers after an extremely long hiatus because of the 2007 film and so I tend to swap my interests between bayformers and G1.

    I saw alot of your radicon works I loved so many of them. However I would like to begin the process of learning how to make things from scratch rather than one time customs. I wouldn't even know where to begin at this point, I have done quite a few repaints but nothing at all in molding.

    When I saw what could be done from private companies like the ultra magnus trailer and a bunch of add on 'knock offs' that just it toys and the like have done I felt they were such good ideas since they made the toys I wish that Hasbro would have done in the first place.

    I have built airplanes from sheet metal and done alot of layout so I am certain I have some skills, but how do you begin making molds? Is there a place to learn the rules on how to do it well? Any ideas on how to purchase the injected plastics? Or even paint applications?

    I am pretty lost at this point, I just would like some directions and start on some small things first and work my way up to some of the dream toys I have in mind someday way in the future. Start out with blocks, or heads or simple jets and go from there.

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    firstly, check the tutorial section. secondly, there's a recent and still active thread answering questions on casting/molding, so check that out. As far as building molds from scratch, first you'll need to sculpt a prototype that you can then use to make your molds for casting your parts.