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  1. AlanGarou

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    May 16, 2008
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    Faction: Former Vehicon, currently neutral
    Function: Abandoned proof-of-concept prototype
    Motto: "Just another harmless, obsolete model."
    Alt-Mode: Cybertronian motorcycle, Dodge Tomahawk (Earth)

    Strength: 5.0
    Intelligence: 6.5
    Speed: 7.0
    Endurance: 8.5
    Rank: 2.5
    Courage: 3.5
    Firepower: 8.0
    Skill: 5.5

    History: A Vehicon drone prototype built during the closing weeks of Megatron's domination of Cybertron, Fallback was intended to test the feasibility of more heavily armed and durable motorcycle drones. Unfortunately the complex circuitry he required in order to handle his more advanced weaponry granted him free will, and for this he was cast aside. After the Maximals' victory saved him from being melted down for scrap, he abandoned his Vehicon heritage and declared himself a neutral civilian. He is one of the few Cybertronians to escape the techno-organic reformatting, making him something of a social outcast. Despite reassurances that his master is gone forever, he still lives with the fear of Megatron returning and destroying him.
  2. MetaKathro

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    Wow lots of awesome characters so far!
    guess I'll take a crack at it

    Faction autobots
    Function To infiltrate and gather information
    Motto "Hey what's that?"
    Alt-Mode Blender

    Strength 4
    Intelligence 8
    Speed 7
    Rank 4
    Endurance 5
    Courage 7
    Firepower 4
    Skill 8

    History Pulsar loves to learn about anything and everything, making his missions quite fun in his opinion. Being remarkably small for an autobot allows him to slip unnoticed into the most dangerous areas and learn the Decepticons most guarded secrets. Built like a spider, Pulsar can scale the highest walls with ease and maintain his position for untold ammounts of time. When given the option of going to earth and learn about the humans so that other autobots can blend in better, Pulsar was overjoyed. While on his first misson on earth, he almost blew his cover while trying to determine the purpose of "television" and in a lapse of confusion scanned a household object called a blender. Plusar is rather energetic and very friendly towards his fellow Autobots, and due to his curiosity has befriended a few humans as well.

    Weapons hands can become small blades capable of cutting through most anything, along with short distance electro guns.
  3. SlyTF

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Alt mode-Giant spaceship with 4 giant fusion cannons, that can also drive on the road

    personality-hates every one and wants to destroy the universe and every other universe.

    Function-Super warrior/spy

    Motto- the universe is littered with trash, I intend to clean it up

    Strength 10
    Intelligence 10
    Speed 10
    Rank 10
    Endurance 10
    Courage 10
    Firepower 10
    Skill 10
  4. Shelfwarmercon

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Name: Flair
    Faction: NA
    Function: Athlete
    Alt Mode: Cybertronian hoverracer
    Motto: "Reaching one's goals makes him a winner. And I'm a winner."

    Flair made his mark as an athlete in Cybertron's race circuit during the planet's Golden Age. An individual driven to win, Flair's talent and charisma made him a very popular figure during this era, with a winning streak that still stands to this day. His hoverracer mode can travel 2.7 times the speed of sound in short spurts, aided by a streamlined design that cut friction down to almost nonexistent levels.

    Flair's long winning streak came to an abrupt end on the first day of the Great War, when Decepticon agents attacked the race he was competing in that day, killing Flair.

    His smoldering hull did cross the finish line first, though. A winner till the end.

    Strength: 4
    Intelligence: 6
    Speed: 10
    Rank: NA
    Endurance: 8
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 1
    Skill: 8
  5. Geminii

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Sweet. I had one with the same altmode lying around somewhere... ah.

    Name: Outbreak
    Faction: Autobot
    Altmode: Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle

    Outbreak is a grim and humorless veteran of too many battles. He lives only for the mission and follows orders to the letter. Considered by many to be a burnout case, his outstanding record keeps him on active duty. Forward-mounted laser array clears obstacles from his path - any barrier will be riddled with holes before Outbreak slams into it. Happiest when in combat, running on instinct and experience. Feels something akin to admiration for Omega Supreme. Most comfortable working for Ultra Magnus.

    Abilities: Travels up to 500mph on land, uses active spoiler-needles and jet boosters for short flights. All-terrain cybertires let Outbreak drive up vertical surfaces and across water. Can adopt a wider tire stance for stability at the expense of speed. Uses minilasers and a heavy missile pack. In robot mode, adds a heavy laser rifle with sniper scope. Tough armor. Fearless and brutally effective in close combat. Deploys energon wedge in motorcycle mode to smash through defences.

    Weaknesses: Emotionally crippled from millions of battles, Outbreak's grim demeanor often distances him from teammates. Tends to charge ahead into battles without backup or much regard for his own safety. Heavy build makes braking slow, flight sluggish, and jet boosters fuel-hungry. Constantly in battle readiness, no sense of humor. Prone to literal interpretations, not good at improvising strategy or thinking outside the box. Stubborn, uncreative and inflexible. Uneasy around civilians.

    STR: 5
    INT: 4
    SPD: 7
    END: 6
    RNK: 2
    COU: 10
    FRP: 5
    SKL: 6


    I also had some notes on how the transformation would work. No art, unfortunately.
  6. depthcharge82

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    May 21, 2009
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    Name:Big Rig
    Altmode:concept semi

    A young Cybertronian whose life was thrown into turmoil due to the war between autobot and decepticon. Big Rig fled and came upon an artifact known as the "Tomb of light".When Big Rig touched it;he saw his future and was transported to earth.On Earth; Big Rig found the man the tomb told him to find.The mans name was Dr.James T. Ball. Dr. Ball was a humanitarian who was supplying food to the needy.However; rebel forces have been taking the supplies for there own war. Big Rig knows all to well about war and Joins the good Dr. in helping and aiding the sick.Big Rig was a well skilled armorer on cybertron creating pieces that were near impossible to destroy.He wields a quandao, and a modified gau 8 Gatling gun.

  7. Chris Bot

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    Apr 29, 2007
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    I've thought of this one for years!

    Test Drive

    Faction: Autobot, former Decepticon
    Function: Scout, test dummy
    Motto: "Click-It or Ticket"
    Alt-Mode: Crash Test Car
    Bot-Mode: Crash Test Dummy

    Strength: 6.0
    Intelligence: 4.0
    Speed: 8.0
    Endurance: 10
    Rank: 0.5
    Courage: 8.5
    Firepower: 4.0
    Skill: 5.5

    History: Test Drive's creation was meant for advanced scouting missions, but when one unfortunate mishap with an Autobot scrap mine left him a crumpled mess yet still online it gave Megatron a new idea. When planning to attack heavily guarded Autobot outposts, Test Drive was the first one in with the intention of setting off any heavy ordinance and distracting sentry fire. Test Drive's extreme durability ensured his survival and repeated usefulness. He soon realized however that Megatron did not actually care about him after overhearing a fateful conversation;

    Starscream: Why do you always send him in first, I am the greatest Decepticon warrior!...Besides you of course Oh Mighty Megatron.

    Megatron: Eh, because Starscream, when expecting booby traps...always send the boob in first! (BW rip, so sue me :p )

    Crushed at this revelation, Test Drive decided being a Decepticon no longer held any value for him and requested Optimus Prime to fall in with the Autobot ranks. With Test Drive not seeming like a really bad bot and the prospect of Megatron disadvantaged without his nigh invincible advance scout, Prime granted his request.

    Test Drive: Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou sir you won't regret this. So what's my first mission huh? I can go and scout Megatron's HQ or I can scout ahead for any Decepticon attacks or or or, ooh! Or I can even go with Bumblebee and Mirage and we can be like a scout party!

    Prime: o_O , can stay and guard the base. Autobots...Roll Out!

    Test Drive: -_-, ah slag.


    Wow I've had this in mind for year and found this topic by total accident. I think I first got the idea when those commercials turned toys/cartoons aboot the crash test dummies were popular. I thought, 'simple enough a crash test car with crumple features transformes into a crash test dummy bot with break apart features just like the real Crash Test Dummies toys.

    YouTube - The Incredible Crash Test Dummies
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  8. HighPower

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    May 16, 2009
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    Faction: Neutral with Autobot ties
    Function: Priest
    Motto: "Action Without Understanding Is Pointless."
    Alt-Mode: Geo-Dimensional Power Station

    Strength: 5.0
    Intelligence: 7.0
    Speed: 3.0
    Endurance: 6.5
    Rank: 0.5
    Courage: 9.0
    Firepower: 8.0
    Skill: 5.5

    High-Tension is a very old Transformer. Very old. Slightly less old than the a small chapel to Primus in Kalis that he runs. Been running it as long as anyone can remember. Some joke that he's so old he knew the Thirteen back when they were still the Twelve. Little patience for others, uses clipped sentences. Very knowledgeable about the religion of Primus. His alt-mode is of his own design, refined and upgraded over countless ages, to the point that most medicbots wouldn't be able to repair anything but the basic structural points. It works by harnessing exotic particles that exist only momentarily, eliminating his need for Energon while in this mode, and drastically reducing his Energon use in robot mode. Rumor has it that he built his chapel where he did because its the only place on Cybertron where the exotic particles appear in a useful amount. High-Tension can also turn his power generation into a weapon, though he is very rarely moved to violence, bombarding the target with lightning bolts or exotic, unstable particles, though using it as a weapon comes at a high cost to his energy reserves. Refusing to leave his chapel, he does not take a side in the Great War, though he expresses disgust at most Decepticon qualities. Spends most of his time in Generator mode, meditating.
  9. Kaymac


    Apr 28, 2009
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    Name: Slystrike
    Faction: Maximal
    Alt-mode: Fox
    Function: Scout
    Motto: "My sight and hearing are as sharp as any blade!"

    Strength: 7
    Intelligence: 9
    Speed: 10
    Endurance: 6
    Rank: 8
    Courage: 6
    Firepower: 5
    Skill: 7

    Slystrike is sly as a fox and just as quick. He chose the form of a fox because of its quick, small form, and its reputation as a sly animal, which suited him just fine. Slystrike is a scout for the Maximals, due to his size as well as his history as a scout back on Cybertron. His extremely sharp hearing in fox mode was also a factor in his choice as a scout.
  10. Geminii

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Most of my fancharacters are multichangers, which kind of puts them out of the running for this thread, so for a second entry I'll offer a character with a specialised altmode and very esoteric job.

    Name: Dustbowl
    Allegiance: Autobot
    Function: Exopetrographist/Xenogeologist
    Altmode: Astromining Magnacrab

    "It's full of stars!"

    Brought online during the last Golden Age of Cybertron, Dustbowl was built for front-line space exploration and resource mapping. Returning to Cybertron from a long, solitary, survey mission, Dustbowl requested landing clearance, only to have his scoutship shot down.

    Dustbowl is something of an absentminded Autobot, quite happy to test the composition of random materials when he's not otherwise engaged. Yearns to return to his primary function - exploring chunks of space-rock up close, mapping and testing for mineral composition. Feels a little lost on overdeveloped Cybertron. Magnacrab altmode has six retractable balloon tires and manouvering thrusters for space work. Electromagnetics in metal tires allow Dustbowl to cling to, crawl over or drive along the sides of spaceships or the walls and ceilings of metal buildings, or reverse polarity to hover slightly above them. Onboard materials laboratory is able to analyse and break down most ores and alloys. Turret-mounted triple-barrel plasma mining cannon can be fired in any direction. Subspace, radio and laser communications turrets allow extensive short- and long-range data transmission and relay functions. An introvert - prefers quiet, out of the way corners to destress.

    Relatively slow and lightly armored; not built for combat. Prone to wandering trains of thought and parking in awkward locations. Hesitant in social and battlefield situations; easily cowed.

    STR 4
    INT 7
    SPD 3
    END 5
    RNK 2
    CRG 4
    FRP 4
    SKL 7
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