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    Ok, it seems people are getting creative now about their possible ideas for the next series so I thought I'd make a thread specifically aimed at those people: the writers. However, this thread is different in that there are going to be certain rules of play:

    1) You cannot post in this thread unless you have submitted your own idea for the next TF series. Meaning you can't come in and put down other people's ideas or critique/modify their ideas unless you yourself have submitted an idea in full. This will ensure that only people serious about discussing ideas for the next TF series will be allowed to comment.

    2) I am not suggesting every one of us needs to submit a page long script for the next series. But I think it would be nice to see the ideas floating around in people's heads. So, some basics that every post should have. Don't need to have ALL these categories defined, but try to get most of them so we know you put some thought into it.

    - Cast of characters - anywhere from one (ala Samurai Jack) to multiple. Please briefly flesh out their personalities/Alt modes. Just something so we know you put some thought into it

    - Setting - Will it be earth? Cybertron? Another planet altogether? When will this occur? Pre Earth? Pre Cybertron? Sometime far in the future? Right now?

    - Is this a completely brand new continuity or builds upon the continuity of before?

    - What are the divisions (if any)? The traditional Autobot/Decepticon? Will there be neutral grous? Outside groups? What are the groups motivations?

    - What is the purpse of the story? Race to gather energy? Race for the Allspark/Matrix/MacGuffin/Cyber Keys? Race to destroy/create something? Or just chronicles of battles in a larger war? Many other ways to approach this topic.

    - Visual Style? Resolute? CGI? Sylistic ala Animated/Samurai Jack? Dark like Batman:TAS?

    - Target audience? Will it have Professor Princess? Will it have mature themes or the classic completely good versus the completely bad?

    - Will the series have one-off episodes or will the stories span more than an episode ala anime stories?

    - Special powers? Will the robots have super-hero type powers - mind control, telepathy, invisibility? Will it be portrayed as the TFs being super heros or because of their technical prowess at harnessing science?
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    I will start:

    A new series totally separate from any other continuity - no G1, no Beast Wars, no movie, no trilogy. Characters might or might not be similar to their counterparts in those shows. It would incorporate some ideas of those mythos but I wouldn't want the new series hamstrung by rigid requirements.

    No magic. No Matrix, the Allspark, Unicron, Primus, cyber keys, magic hammer, etc during the series. Robots die when they are killed and stay dead. There is no reincarnation. Robots can be damaged and repaired, but once their spark is extinguished - they are dead. There is no transferring of spark from one body to another. The process by which they "scan" an ALT form occurs only once and MAYBE a 2nd time if the conditions warrant. The process would have to require the TF to go offline for a significant portion of time while they are reformatted thus preventing scanning a new form every day. The forms must also match the funciton of their original Cybertronian ALT mode.


    Stories would span more than one episode. The average story being at least 3 episodes to flesh out the underlying story and characters in detail. There could be one-and-done type stories, but I'd keep those to a minimum as they aren't really fulfilling.


    Cybertron during the Great War.

    Visual Style

    GI Joe Resolute AND IDW/Dreamwave. I think the style would take the franchise to a new level. If only for the level of detail that could be incorporated. While not the be all end end all, small details like leaves, clouds, etc really add a lot to a series and sets it apart from a rush job that seemed they slapped it together in a few hours. I really liked the scene with Snake Eyes infiltrating the island. Where he paratroopered down through the clouds and you could see the wisps of clouds streaming by. I would want that level of detail for the next TF series.

    Also, I would refrain from making TFs TOO human. Why would a robot have hair or a moustache or mutton chops? And I would also not make the TFs a giant jumble of metal. I could see a couple of TFs not being bipedal, but I liked how the TFs were bipedal with two arms, two eyes, a mouth etc. But I could still see a few robots that don't have those qualities. Shockwave with his one eye and no face. Wheeljack without a mouth.


    A simple narrative of the battles of the Great War. Starting from how the war first started to how it was ended. Focus on the political and cultural aspects of the war as well as the military aspects.


    Main character is Bumblebee. A very very young Bumblebee - think similar to a human in his 20s. Having the main character be so young means we learn along with him about the world of Cybertron in general and the surprises to come. Of course, Bumblebee will end up enlisting with Optimus's factoin, but Optimus will not be as large a part as he has been. Later on, I would show Optimus appreciating Bumblebee's efforts and promoting him to the join the leaders of their group (Prowl, Ironhide, etc) , but not initially.

    Bumblebee would be the "relatable" character. The classic underdog type. I would return him to his roots and make him a small scout type robot. Meant for reconnoisance and infitration. But I wouldn't make him a midget either. I would prefer if the TFs weren't THAT much different in height. Bumblebee would still be one of the shorter Autobots but I wouldn't want him being half the size of Megatron.

    Whew, thats enough for now. I'll add more later on.
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    I would like to go one of 2 ways. Before the war as shown in G1 or the time between G1 and Beast Wars


    Stories would span The entire series like lost or DS9. There would be 'filler episodes to explore a character here and there but for the most part the story would be who were the major players and how did we get to where we all know we are going. The Nice thing about doing the between G1 and BW is that we don't know that much about the rest of Cybertron and so you wouldn't know who lives and dies as well.


    Cybertron and space.

    Visual Style

    US comic book style if you can call that one style. Not so much to the anime. I guess a realistic look and feel with out being over detailed.


    I want to explore the politics of Cybertron. What it was like before the war. what lead to the war. How the Decepticons got power ect.
    Or to see how after the war the Autobots were replaced (pushed out?)


    Large overall cast with a small core. A few new characters to make it interesting but overall the ones we know and love.
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    This idea kinda runs counter to the other idea I had posted in another thread - the previous idea was simply to wipe the slate clean totally, whereas this one takes elements of the TF mythos - particularly from the more recent series - and twists them up a bit.

    Cast of characters: A large cast consisting of a few core groups.

    Setting: Cybertron, time period not determined in the series, at least not exactly - actually, in Earth chronology it would be sometime in the early 1950s, but since we wouldn't be going to Earth in the series (at least not in this one) that wouldn't be important; the time frame would only be important for the immediate spinoff/follow-up.

    Continuity: Brand spankin' new.

    Divisions/Groups: None as the series begins. The Great War ended millions of years ago, between the Cybertron colonists who gave their adopted homeworld their name and the deviant Destrons who tried to take it over. Characters whose factions we've known for years would be working together, though tenuously in some cases, at the start of the series until the action really picks up.

    Purpose/Story: Robin Hood Meets John Carpenter's The Thing By Way Of Green Lantern. An ancient bio-engineered horror uncovered by Shockwave threatens to escape its confinement and engulf the entire planet, so Megatron and his immediate cronies start weeding out the strongest of Cybertronians to make their getaway and leave the planet to burn. Some Autobots-to-be discover this and set about trying to expose Megatron's deceit, becoming outlaws in the process.

    Visual Style: Mainframe-level CGI.

    Target Audience: Wide ranging, same as with the DCAU shows.

    Episodes: Stories span at least one episode, maybe two now and then.

    Special powers: At least one prominent character has a Super Mode

    To elaborate further: the protagonist would be the "teenager" Orion Pax (his design would probably best be described as the E-hobby Kup repaint with a blue Hot Rod head); and yes, Optimus Prime would still be a prominent character - and yes, Orion and Optimus are still one and the same - but more on that a bit later.

    The backstory would be that Cybertron is actually one of several colony worlds of the Transformer race, and that the Great War has been over for nine million years, ever since the original colonists, the Cybertrons, drove the deviant Destron army off the planet; the Autobot and Decepticon factions as we know them do not yet exist - peace on Cybertron is kept by an elite defense force led by Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Starscream, and Prowl. However, things change when Megatron's scientific advisor Shockwave unearths a spacecraft that crashed on Cybertron four million years prior, and dig out a bizarre bio-mechanical carcass - which promptly infects the dig team and causes them to mutate and fuse into each other to create multi-limbed, multi-faced horrors full of hatred. The Seekers manage to contain the threat - after promptly showing up Ironhide's efforts to destroy the beast - but it gets Megatron to thinking that it could represent a failed retaliation by the Destrons, and if the infection were to spread, Cybertron and its population would be unsalvageable - thus, Megatron begins to initialize a 'survival of the fittest' strategy, to weed out those Transformers that fit certain standards of perfection, to neutralize those who don't and might actually cause a ruckus for it, and catch the next starship out of Iacon before things get out of control and the populace is any wiser.

    Unbeknownst to Megatron, however, each of the other colony worlds have had the benefit of having a chosen one to lead them against just such a horror - each one selected via a mysterious cosmic power here known as the Prime Matrix, which not only holds the key to eliminating the virus but also the key to the long-lost origins of the Transformer race. When the Seekers interpret an oncoming vessel as another Destron attack, they promptly disobey Magnus' field orders and shoot it down, mortally wounding its sole occupant, the sage Alpha Trion and causing him to crash along the outskirts of the city-state just as a disgruntled Orion is going for a drive. Orion can't save the dying pilot, but before he goes Alpha transfers the Prime Matrix to Orion, telling the young 'bot that he will be able to access its power and wisdom in times of crisis. Alpha then turns coal-black and crumbles to dust, and Orion realizes he must warn the people of Iacon of the growing danger, knowing full well he'll become a hunted outlaw in the process.

    Fortunately, for him, he gains a band of allies that include Jazz, Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Ratchet - all of whom have just been dismissed from their government jobs by Megatron in favor of Megs' own hand-picked talents, which serves to diminish Magnus' power base, even more so when Prowl is left for dead after discovering Megatron's escape plan and quickly replaced by Barricade. With the decadent Iacon falling into the iron grip of Megatron, and any who oppose him getting promptly thrashed, Orion and his merry mechs (Robin Hood reference totally intended) begin sieging the archives where Orion once worked; when Grimlock and his Dynobot team try to close in on the escaping 'bots, Orion is able to tap the Prime Matrix to materialize (a la TF: Energon) a heavily-armed trailer that also sports an additional surprise: a Super Mode which transforms Orion Pax into Optimus Prime, leader of the newly-christened Autobots, taking the long-lost Cybertron slave brand as their insignia and ultimately burning it into the battered Grimlock's chest, a la Zorro, as a message to Megatron.

    From there, the series chronicles Megatron's attempts to capture and destroy Prime and his growing band of allies as the Autobots outmaneuver and outsmart Megs' foot soldiers at every turn, also staying one step ahead of the by-the-book Ultra Magnus as well as Magnus' right hand, Elita-1, who's determined to bring in Optimus Prime yet finds herself increasingly drawn to him. And on top of that, there's still also the pesky little matter of those Destron-mutated Transformers that have managed to escape custody and absorb a maximum of five Transformer carcasses apiece, making them five times as strong, five times as smart, and five times as twisted...

    I admit to taking couple of conventions of the TF mythos and trying to spin them in different directions - the increasingly-evil Decepticon characters being worshipped by millions as heroes while the Autobots are hunted down and shot at for their courage and selflessness (as opposed to the 'mirror universe' schtick, or even "Beast Machines" where the planet's practically abandoned); Orion Pax and Optimus Prime being dual identities as opposed to one being permanently 'reformatted' into the other; the Transformers inadvertently creating the Quintessons, instead of the intentional other way around. In addition, there were some aspects of some of the newer TF 'toons I did sort of bring back - Optimus' Super Mode, multiple Transformer planets, Magnus and Optimus being in opposition to each other.
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    Avoid the link into Beast Wars and I'm sold on this.
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    Ok, so my entry:
    Cast of characters:
    Optimus Prime
    -Strong, Wise, Brave and Compassionate leader willing to sacrifice himself in the name of freedom
    Alt-Mode: Peterbilt 389
    Bumblebee-Young, impulsive, yet loyal and courageous Autobot scout
    Alt-Mode: Mini-Cooper
    Ironhide-Old and experienced Security officer/Weapons specialist; friend and adviser to Optimus Prime
    Alt-Mode: Hummer H2
    Jazz-Calm, cool and collected strategist; Friendly and popular to humans and Autobots alike
    Alt-Mode: Dodge Viper
    Arcee-Quick and agile expert markswomen with a temper
    Alt-Mode: Buell Firebolt
    Wheeljack-Self proclaimed brilliant and talented mechanic; Scientist with an ego
    Alt-Mode: Formula One racecar
    Ratchet-Expert "doc-bot"; Nicknamed "Red Alert"
    Alt-Mode: Hunters Ambulance
    Jetfire-Reformed Decepticon scientist; Largest and fastest of Earth team
    Alt-Mode: SR-71
    Prowl-Logical military strategist;Autobot police officer; Partnered with Jazz
    Alt-Mode: Dodge Charger Police Car
    Cliffjumper-Hotheaded young warrior; Ironhide's protege; Bumblebee's best friend
    Alt-Mode: Scion xD
    -Large, powerful, power-hungry leader
    Alt-mode: M1A1 Abrams tank
    StarscreamCowardly, scheming, power-hungry second-in-command
    Alt-Mode: F-35A
    Soundwave-Loyal, Emotionless communications expert
    Alt-Mode: Scion xB
    Skywarp/ThundercrackerStarscream's Seekers
    Alt-Mode: Cybertronian jets

    Setting: It takes place on Earth, where the Autobots and Decepticons have lain dormant for 4 million years after searching space for new energy sources to power Cybertron. It takes place now

    It is a new continuity, but is heavily based on the G1 cartoon, with elements from every other version as well

    Divisions: traditional Autobots/Decepticons only, on Earth, but neutrals can be found in space, mostly on Cybertron and other colony planets, like all of Junkion
    Easy way to tell without looking at insignia: Autobots have blue optics, Decepticons have red and neutrals have yellow. Colors change if you switch sides. Autobots defend freedom, Decepticons crave power and neutrals want peace

    Purpose: Since there are no Cyber Planet keys, the Mini-Cons aren't involved at all and Prime has the Matrix, it's mostly just a race for energy and chronicles in a larger battle

    Visual style: Something like the new Young Justice TV show

    Target audience? Kids, parents, fans of previous versions, pretty much anyone

    Episodes will mostly have a contained story, but will often tie into others. There will also be some multi-part stories, but mostly only season premiers and finales.

    Special powers? Yes, but realistic ones, like electromagnetism, invulnerability and control over technology. Oh, and all Transformers are somewhat techno-organic(able to reproduce like humans, allowing for Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus to be the sons of Alpha Trion and Beta), as well as allowing regeneration. No mass-shifting or morphing , but triple-changing is allowed. And flight is no longer available exclusively to Decepticons. Autobots including Optimus Prime can as well.
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    A three year old thread? Really?
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    I'm reposting the cast from a previous thread, but I'm updating it and answering your other questions as well. With no further ado, "The Cybertron Files". It would be a complete AU, taking details of all continuities but not be branched off any.
    + The setting is primarily earth and Cybertron (Through Space Bridge)
    + Factions are kind of complicated so here we go, just read the one that fits you.
    -Short Story: Everyone is individual with their own motives. Factions simply mean who you call ally.
    -Long Story:The Great War was between Zeta Prime and his loyalists who wanted to keep the status quo and Magnus and others who wanted to abolish the caste system. These others included Megatron, Optimus, Elita, and Dion. Every caste wore an insignia that denominated what caste they were in. Rebellers would remove their caste insignia and replace it with the more generic Autobot insignia as a sign that all are equal. Megatron eventually decided that the Autobots were too reserved and didn't have what it takes to win the war so he joined the Decepticons. The Decepticons are a shadow organization founded by Straxxus that wants to tear down Cybertronian society so they can rebuild it from the ground up. Now that the wars over, we have Decepticons who either are power hungry and loyal, power hungry and after their own goals, or honestly believe the Decepticon cause. Within these groups, there is an infinite amount of moralities. Then, there are those who still consider themselves Autobots, those who were loyalists, those who are just citizens, and criminals. As you can see, Cybertron is more than good vs. evil.
    +It would hopefully be a mature story. There would be comedy, but it is first and foremost a story with a focus on the conflicts and dificulties of the characters.
    +Many episodes would be by themselves, but there is also always an overlaying story.
    Optimus’ Crew
    +Purpose is now the Earth which secretly has many resources for the Transformers including Energon and sleeping soldiers called 'Seekers' that Megatron wants to revive.
    +Visual style: I'll try not to say "best of everything". They are made out of many moving parts like the movies. Their faces are liquid metal held together by magnets underneath allowing them a great range of movement. Helmets and kibble are strategically placed to easily show what they are while hopefully not humanizing them to much. Their eyes are cameras with glowing rings of energon creating 'irises'.
    +Special abilities? Yes, but they are implants, weapons and tools; not powers. Theoretically, anyone could have any ability, but each one is used to further distinguish a character from the rest. Being able to have jet propelled flight is a racial ability of a sub-class of Transformer. They have a 'Manifest Destiny' based society thus why many joined the Decepticons. Minicons have natural cloaking abilities allowing them to 'pretend' to be other races. Triple changing is a scientific abomination but possible while combining doesn't exist at all in its normal form.
    Optimus Prime- Transforms into turn-table firetruck. Was a historian before being drafted into the Great War between the former Prime's regime and the rebels. Is very stubborn and dedicated towards whatever he considers the "right thing". Is very no nonsense, somewhat tired "seen it all" acting due to his war experience and trying to apprehend Megatron. Has tools and anitriot weaponry in frame but his favorite are two "Ion Emitters" made especially for the new prime by Ironfist that act sort of like Green Rings; they are shaped like small clubs and can create almost any short range weapon from the top. (Swords, hammers, axes)

    Red Alert- Transforms into Search and Rescue Ambulence. Was an eager warrior during the war until soldier of fortune, Lockdown, took her down and removed her right arm as a trophy. She was repaired by a medic from the other side. Seeing both sides of the war had monsters and saints, she became disillusioned with violence and took up medicine. Despite this, she won't resist fighting when lives are at stake. She is logical, cynical, and usually detached. Right arm is a multi-tool where various medical supplies are held. While she calls himself a "techincal pacifist", Ironhide thinks she's just picky.

    Ironhide- Transforms into two-ton transport truck. Was Optimus’ drill sergeant during the Great War. Calls his soldiers in training ‘Chrome domes’ because their armor is still shiny and unscratched. Instead of any new weaponry, he prefers his old reliable Cannons which he has affectionately named ‘Pathfinder’ and ‘Piecemaker’. The Cannons are so big that they can’t morph into a concealable form and thus rest in his alt mode’s storage compartment. After arriving on Earth, Optimus assigns Ironhide to train the crew to fight Decepticons; a job he loves. His relationship with Optimus is sort of like Sully and Drake’s in that while older and he used to be a mentor, he is now the less seriously minded one.

    Hotshot- Transforms into blue muscle car with yellow flames. Is the youngest of the crew and very eager to prove himself. Sees Optimus as a hero due to the war, but Optimus doesn’t see it that way. Uses two plasma cutters from his days as a welder as weapons. (Plasma welders are combo flamethrower/ arc welders which come from three exhaust pipes on either arm). Is very impulsive and sure of himself at first but matures as the series continues. Rodimus Prime travels back in time from a future and is at least rumored to be future Hotshot.

    Wheeljack- Transforms into a utility truck. Is the ship’s pilot as well as an engineer. He often brags because he used to pilot the Xanthium; the Wrecker’s ship. Despite that, he is actually a bit of a coward, he freezes during fights and shoots everywhere. Due to this, he usually stays on the ship and coordinates them from there. Science is a hobby of his, he isn’t the smartest but his determination and unorthodox methods often lead to practically miraculous results. He has a giant drill and two electric dynamo rods that he can use in combat but obviously doesn'y often do.

    Arcee- Transforms into red motorcycle. Is the rule following protocol calling member of her crew. Is rumored to have been a thief before a Cybertronian Prowl caught her and decided to train her. She is now an intelligence officer and among the top in her field on knowledge of the outer sectors of Cybertronian Territories; including earth. Her main weapon is a crossbow which uses various capsules with effects which vary from explosives to short circuiters. She dislikes Hotshot in the beginning due to his tendency to rush into battle without orders. Optimus chose her for the crew as a navigator and specialist on Decepticon convicts.

    Decepticon Warlords

    Megatron- Broken body transforms into tanker truck covered by canvas (you probably get why) but his improved body transforms into pave-low helicopter. (Two words: blade cape). He was second in command of the rebels in the Great War but led the Decepticon terrorists in the shadows. After his true affiliations being revealed, he disappeared. He eventually reappeared still power hungry and seeking out mystic artifacts. He is manipulative, incredibly smart, power hungry, and utterly ruthless. He appears quite affable and is courteous to his troops, but is willing to do anything to put himself on top.

    Starscream- Transforms into F18. At his very heart, he’s a survivor. He’ll say and do anything if he believes it’ll save his own circuits. While this makes him appear cowardly, he also will go to desperate lengths to regain control if he’s losing. He is willing to help the Autobots, but must be treated as though handling a snake. Isn’t particularly smart, but is very creative. He is armed with Null rays which weaken bots to his level and remote bombs. He leaves the main Decepticons and eventually clones himself to try to make an army. Was a street swindler who constantly switched sides in war to avoid any damage.

    Soundwave- Transforms into News broadcasting van. He is a fear manipulating sadist who operates the covert operations of the Decepticons. Had his voice box torn out so Flatline replaced it with a recording system. He has since found a donor ‘volunteer’, but uses the echoes because it unnerves his opponents to hear their own voices turned against them. Controls the Laserbeak Armada Surveillance System, bioengineered animals that transform into security cameras. Is a psychological expert who loves to twist his opponents’ minds. He is loyal to Megatron but fearing being replaced blackmails all other cons.

    Thunderwing- Transforms into Unmanned aircraft. Is Megatron’s expert on ancient artifacts. Now that Megatron is dead, he wants to rule the Decepticons on his own but goes to earth with Soundwave to find the Matrix. He doesn’t believe in subterfuge like Megatron does, instead ruling with an iron fist. Eventually gains technorganic shell which surrounds him and makes him virtually invincible. Megatron terminates him upon returning so he leaves the Decepticons along with his fellow ‘pretenders’. Is more obsessed with the Matrix as Megatron is to the point that it has consumed him.

    Fracture- Transforms into Monster truck. After Megatron saved her life, she dedicated herself to be Megatron’s bodyguard. Is utterly fanatical towards Megatron. She wields a vibrational club which releases shockwaves to increase damage. She hates Starscream because he is considered too wishy-washy by her; he has no goals besides survival. She leads her own squadron of guards which flank Megatron at any moment.

    Bludgeon- Transforms into Japanese tank. Isn’t loyal to Megatron; is instead loyal to the Decepticon cause and whoever is in charge of it. His face was knocked off in combat, giving him a skeletal appearance. He was one of the first Decepticons (joined when Straxxus was still in charge) so he holds technical senior authority over the others save Megatron but isn’t the leading type in his words. He follows a bushido like Decepticon honor system making him a Noble Demon of sorts. Undergoes the same process as Thunderwing, but dubs Megatron the one true king and banishes Thunderwing.

    Other minor characters and WIP concepts I want to show:

    Sentinel Prime- Transforms into cybertronian tractor-trailer truck. Was Optimus’ replacement because Optimus was in stasis for 100 years on earth. Hates organics. Uses Apex Armor for extra strength.
    Prowl- Transforms into cybertronian police speeder. Commissioner of Iacon and guard the council. Trained Arcee into what she is today. Known to never show any emotion.
    Straxxus- Transforms into cybertronian H-tank. True founder of Decepticons. Megatron led the rebels to capture him, not telling them he was a Decepticon himself.
    Flatline- Transforms into Hearse. The Medic onboard the Nemesis. Considers Frankenstein like ‘repairs’ to be works of art. Megatron uses Flatline’s operations as punishment but he doesn’t get why they fear him.
    Reflector- Each transforms into bug shaped walker, combine to form super weapon. Soundwave’s drones. One has large ears; the other has a giant eye, the last a big mouth.
    Shockblast- transforms into apache if on earth, otherwise flying weapons platform. Is a senator on the council who wasn’t discovered during the war like Megatron. Consider’s Megatron’s exploits childish and believes in more grounded subtle ways of achieving dominance.
    Seekers- Cloned from Starscream in an attempt to create his own army. There are seven and each one represents one of his flaws. (Yes, it’s like Animated). Skywarp represents his deceitful side. Acidstorm represents his greed while Sunstorm represents his pride. Dirge represents his apathy towards others; Thrust his cowardice, Ramjet his rage. Finally, Thundercracker represents his envy and hates Starscream because he’s just a clone of him.
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    I love these kind of threads, since I have my own idea. *ahem*

    Transformers: Ignition (Yes, it has to do with my fanfic) is about Optimus Prime and a crew of Autobots.

    Main Autobots:

    Optimus Prime (David Kaye): Optimus Prime is the young captain of a small Autobot crew. He's idealistic and compassionate, but rather naive at times. His trademark weapon is his Ion Axe. He converts into a heavy duty pick-up truck. He has a fascination with the mysterious technology of the Precursors, and seems to have an innate knowledge of how to use it. However, he was stripped of his Elite Guard ranking after an unfortunate incident. Despite this, even Ultra Magnus believes Optimus has the makings of a great leader.

    Red Alert (Troy Baker): The second-in-command of the team, Red Alert is also the medic. He prefers to stay out of the fight, but will leap to the aid of others. He's Optimus Prime's closest friend; as a matter of fact, the two of them attended basic training together! He, of course, turns into an red-and-white search and rescue SUV. If he absolutely, positively has to go into a combat situation, he has shock paddles. He forms a special bond with Marina.

    Ironclad (Michael Dorn): Ironclad is a VERY old Autobot, and the largest and strongest of Optimus Prime's team. He's a stoic, very powerful war veteran, and often has nasty flashbacks to battles in the Great War. He transforms into a big old armored SWAT van - kind of like Prime Breakdown. He's a gentle giant who despises fighting due to the horrors he's experienced in the Great War, and tries to preserve nature. He's a mentor to the younger robots on the team. He uses his strength and his arm-mounted rivet guns in battle. He's mostly black and silver.

    Wheeljack (John DiMaggio): While this Autobot mechanist is brilliant, he's also very eccentric due to a few too many blows to the processor. His devices often blow up in his face, but when they work... Let's just say the 'Cons should look out for this former Wrecker. He and Hot Shot get along very well, but he thinks Red Alert is a wuss! He's also constantly guzzling oil, and has a sarcastic, flippant demeanor. Wheeljack turns into a beat up green-and-white rally car. His trademark weapons are built-in polarity gauntlets that flip out of his forearms.

    Hot Shot (Johnny Yong Bosch): An Autobot pyrotechnician, Hot Shot transforms into a yellow-and-blue street racer. He's hot-headed, impulsive, and reckless, which are not very good attributes for a warrior! However, he's extremely reliable and charismatic despite his flaws. He's skilled in the usage of his torches as flamethrowers. Despite his boisterous and reckless attitude, he's rather insecure. Earlier in his life, he was a racer in the Planet Cup before being drafted onto Optimus' team.

    Windrazor (Tiffany Grant): A strong-willed young fembot, Windrazor is an expert sniper with her Energon crossbow! She turns into a blue superbike with a cyan flame deco, and is generally the one who tries to keep Hot Shot in line. Despite their rivalry, the two are close friends - however, the two of them feel no romantic attraction, since it's usually a "glitch" in programming neither of them have. Even though she's more responsible than Hot Shot, she's often roped into his dumb ideas.

    Other Autobots:

    Ultra Magnus (Corey Burton): The wise and noble leader of the Autobots, Ultra Magnus is a war hero. He's strong and powerful, but is not the be-all, end-all of Autobot politics; he would have much rather had Optimus Prime made leader of the Elite Guard instead of Sentinel Prime. However, the council kept him from doing so. He turns into a car carrier. His trademark weapon is the Magnus Hammer.

    Nightbeat (Jeffrey Combs): Nightbeat is the head of the Autobot Intelligence agency. He uses a pair of Energon tonfa. A skilled tactician, Nightbeat was an ace spy near the end of the Great War. He's a bit gruff and blunt, and his professional attitude can be rather off-putting, but he's not such a bad guy once you know him. He seems to not like the humans at first, but grows fond of them as the series goes on. Indigo-and-gold, he transforms into an art-deco luxury car.

    Sentinel Prime (Diedrich Bader): Heroic. Honest. Selfless. These are the perfect words to describe Sentinel Prime. A paragon among the Autobot forces, Sentinel is a skilled tactician, he has served as Ultra Magnus' right-hand man since the great war. However, he seems to be obsessed with defeating the Decepticons Turns into a firetruck

    Main Humans:

    Cole Harrison (Johnny Yong Bosch): A troubled young man, Cole is the step-son of the technology magnate Walt Reed. Cole was hit hard by his mother divorcing his real father, and was hit even harder by her death. As a result, he can seem aloof to others. The only person he's always nice to is his younger sister. He's often seen in the garage level of the high rise in Progress City their father owns, working on vehicles. He later opens up to Marina, and the two fall for each other.

    Marina Murakami (Trina Nishimura): A young Japanese-American woman, Marina tends to keep to herself. She keeps numerous anime and manga-based items in her room. Her favorite anime genres are mecha and magical girl shows, and she likes gaming as well. She usually tries to avoid contact with strangers, but after encountering the Autobots, she ends up under their protection alongside Cole. In her spare time, she likes to play music on her guitar. She and Cole enter a relationship mid-way through the series. Although she's very polite, she isn't afraid to stand up for herself.

    Lyra Reed (Hynden Walch): Lyra is a plucky and very naive human girl, she is Cole's younger half-sister. She's exceedingly polite, but has a tendency to ask awkward questions due to her sheltered upbringing. She's very friendly and open-minded, and is extremely brave. Even though she never knew her mother, she gets along swimmingly with her brother, and actively tries to get him and Marina together. She also immediately befriends the Autobots.


    Megatron (David Kaye): Megatron is one of the most feared of all Decepticon Emperors of Destruction. He converts into a Cold War-era missile truck, and is armed with a fusion cannon in his arm combined with a death-lock pincer. He's brilliant, cruel, and rather cultured. However, he's utterly ruthless, and has no sense of honor whatsoever. He has command over all Decepticons, but never thinks that he would have minions waiting in the wings to usurp him. He is by far the greatest threat to the galaxy since the long-forgotten cataclysm known only as the "Dark Horizon."

    Shockwave (Corey Burton): Shockwave is the second-in-command of Megatron's brigade. Although he acts loyal, Shockwave has only one master - logic. Thus, he has multiple contingency plans to usurp Megatron if he deems him a failure. A master tactician, his battleplans have won many battles for the Decepticons. Shockwave's deadliest weapon is his Astromagnum railgun. He converts into a ducted wing aircraft, similar to the G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk.

    Soundwave (Kevin Michael Richardson): Megatron's seemingly loyal communications officer and spy, Soundwave is always seen observing every battle in near silence. He is a mech of few words, preferring to let others do the talking. He's an expert on blackmail, and has dirt on ALL the other Decepticons on Megatron's team. His trademark weapons are his sonic blasters and his electrified tentacles. He turns into a stealth drone.

    Lugnut (Fred Tatasciore): Lugnut is by far the largest Decepticon, and converts into a retro-futuristic bomber. He's completely and undyingly loyal to Megatron, and believes "THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS MEGATRON" should lead the Decepticons forever. He's a hulking titan who has nuclear power coursing through his gigantic body! His deadliest weapon is his explosive punch. Despite his loyalty to Megatron, Lugnut is more misguided than actively malicious; he's merely too dumb to realize that he's just another pawn in Megatron's game.

    Starscream (Sam Riegel): A Decepticon swordsmech, Starscream is... Different. Although he's vicious and unyielding in combat, he's ruled by a code of honor. He views organics as "not worth the effort to fight," actively avoiding killing them because "killing something so weak would be dishonorable." However, the truth is that, deep down, Starscream is extremely conflicted. Ever since he was protoformed, he's been told that Decepticons are a noble resistance against the tyranny of the Autobots, but after seeing how Decepticons treat their enemies and non-Cybertronian life in general, he is beginning to have his doubts about the cause. He, of course, turns into a hypersonic fighter. He's also much younger than the other Decepticons.

    Flatline (Charlie Adler): The Decepticon "Medic," Flatline is monstrous. He has a sick obsession with vivisecting organics, and turns into a hearse. He's responsible for many of the Decepticons looking rather twisted thanks to his "improvements." He's got a passion for upgrading the form of Cybertronians, and has upgraded many of the Decepticons when they just went in for a patch-up after battle. He's unable to resist "improving" his patients. His main weapon is a chainsaw, and he converts into a hearse.

    Barricade (Keith David): Barricade is the head of the Decepticon Secret Police. He's cunning and duplicitious, and has forged deals with every other Decepticon on Megatron's team. However, he's only truly loyal to himself. He's one of the best hunters the Decepticons have, and when teamed with Bonecrusher, he almost always finds their target. He turns into a police car.

    Bonecrusher (John DiMaggio): Bonecrusher is the brawn behind Barricade's brains. Bonecrusher is the bigger and dumber one. Not only is he dumb, he's also angry. He hates EVERYTHING, and we mean EVERYTHING. The angrier he gets, the harder he is to take down thanks to his special "Juggernaut" coding. He transforms into a monster truck.

    Bludgeon (John DiMaggio): A mysterious Decepticon warrior, Bludgeon follows his own arcane code of honor. Unrelenting in combat, Autobots and Decepticons alike speak his name in feared whispers. It's said that he is deathless; long ago, he was on a Decepticon expedition to a planet near the center of the galaxy, but something caused all of his troops to perish, and left him as a skeletal shell of his former self, still fully conscious and just as, if not more, deadly than before. In robot mode, he uses his deadly Bleedblack blades. In all-terrain H-tank mode, he's terrifyingly fast for his size. His appearance is terrifyingly skeletal, and due to the strange energy that keeps him alive and the fact that his lower jaw was torn off by Bonecrusher in a fit of rage, he speaks in a raspy whisper.

    Cruellock (Steve Blum): A Decepticon deserter, Cruellock is one of the masters of Metallikato. He practiced alongside Bludgeon, but while Bludgeon turned to the dark arts, Cruellock studied on the ways of the ancient Predacons. They were the ancestors of the Decepticons who not only created Metallikato, but had a sense of honor. As such, he is a fierce warrior, and is unyielding in battle; however, he will only seek out opponents he deems worthy, and will never use dirty tricks. He passed this on to his student, Starscream. He turns into an excavator, but his weapon is a drill sword.

    Star Seekers: A third faction of Cybertronians, Maraudicons are neutral in regards to the Autobots and Decepticons. This is because they're space pirates who gladly plunder either side, and yet they're mostly harmless to organic species because they're extremely superstitious and believe organics are Cybertronian eaters. 'Tis a funny sight indeed to see a Star Seeker running in fear from a tiny human!

    Cannonball (Robin Atkin Downes): Avast, ye hearties! The Dread Pirate Cannonball be the toughest mech in the seven star clusters! He's brave and cunning - Okay, maybe he's not THAT cunning, due to his habit of over-energizing on oil, but he's still an effective leader who's well-liked by his men due to one thing; he respects each and every one of them. He and his men chose to split from both sides simply because they wanted to explore the cosmos, seeking treasure - and stealing it from Autobot and Decepticon alike. He turns into an amphibious assault vehicle.

    Thunderblast (Meagan Hollingshead): The navigator of the Star Seekers, Thunderblast is more than just a pretty face. She's also one of the most skilled assassins in the galaxy! Armed with more weapons than you'd think her slender frame can hold, her only weakness is her vanity. She turns into a jetboat.

    Sky-Byte (Peter Spellos): The Swabby of the Star Seeker forces, within Sky-Byte beats the Spark of a poet. Although he's strong and has a tsunami blaster, Sky-Byte seeks approval. Thanks to his high-strung and rather flighty nature, it's probably that he'll never find it. Despite his inherent phobia of organics, Sky-Byte has a soft spot for "squishies," mainly because he finds them to be kindred spirits; after all, humans seek approval as much as he does, and they're artisans, just like him! He turns into a submersible styled after the Polar Sharc.

    The visual style would be very Gainax-ish, with influences from FLCL and Gurren Lagann, but also retain a lot of Derrick Wyatt's style. The show would be lighter in tone than Prime, more like Animated, but would maintain a TV-PG rating for the heavier themes of war it'll grow to deal with in later episodes. The animation would be hand-drawn, and the continuity would be all-new. The main focus would be on what the war has done to the Autobots and Decepticons - the 'Cons are overpowering the Autobots.
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    I know I've posted this about a week ago, but here it is again:

    Please note that this is incomplete.

    17,000 Years Ago: At the dusk of the Precursor Age, tens of thousands of years ago, the Quintessons conquered the Precursor civilizations using an ancient, nigh-magical, spheroid device known as the Quintesson Forge (or Reformatting Driver as they called it), which reformatted the Quintessons' slaves into powerful, hideous monsters that overran Cybertron. After their victory, the Quintessons used these "Forgespawn" to keep their slaves in fearful worship of the Quintessons, who styled themselves gods over the Transformers, to the point that some still believe them to be gods.

    Ten thousand years later, after the Quintesson empire was broken by the Prime of the time (Rodimus), the few Quintesson survivors went into hiding, taking the Forges with them; however, the post-Quintesson Transformers, calling themselves Autobots, spent centuries hunting the Quintessons, the Forgespawn, and the Forges, destroying them all, or so they believed.

    Antebellum Cybertron, 10 Years Ago: Sadly, one of the Forges eluded the Autobots, laying unused in some hidden Quintesson ruin until a team of archaeologists led by a former space marine named Optimus found it and brought it back to the Oculon Academy of Sciences. Optimus had assumed it to be too old to work properly, but he was dead wrong. The director of the Kaon secret police (dubbed "Decepticons" by the Kaonite people), Megatron, in hiding with his followers following the overthrow of Galvatron's insane regime, raided Oculon and took the Forge, massacring everyone there but Optimus, leaving him alive to deliver a message. No one other than those present knows for sure what happened at Oculon, only that the people there suffered hideously for a full night before the Decepticons left at dawn. For the most part, the Decepticons have forgotten, as one atrocity blended in with the many future crimes. Optimus isn't talking either.

    The Great War raged on for years between the Decepticons, who sought to reformat all of Cybertron (turning the unwilling reformatees into obedient, insane, horribly violent thralls) and the Autobots, the alliance of Cybertron's city-states (much like the Allies during WWII), who took up the name and sigil of the first Autobots because of what they stood for: freedom from tyranny and injustice. The Autobots managed to defeat the Decepticons through superior numbers and logistics. Though they paid a heavy price in lives and devastated territory, the Autobots had the Decepticons on the ropes and could have finished them.

    However, the Grand Council, the forum that the city-states participated in to air their grievances, signed a peace treaty with the Decepticons: the Tyrest Accord, drafted by First Councillor Tyrest, called for the exile of the Decepticons from Cybertronian space (but not independent TF planets) a cessation of hostilities, ordered a disbandment of the Autobot alliance in favor of the Grand Council's Accords Peacekeepers, granted the Decepticons a general amnesty, and guaranteed the exiled Decepticons freedom from assault or reprisal from the Cybertron Commonwealth. Essentially, they chose not to finish the Decepticons, instead opting to send them on their way and make them someone else's problem. The Autobots won the war, but the Grand Council lost the peace.

    Optimus understood that the Decepticons only talked peace so that they could reload for round two, but when he and the anti-Accords Councilors tried to rally the public to protest for the repeal of the Tyrest Accord (and to find and finish the Decepticons before they could return), the pro-Accords Councilors took advantage of the war-weariness of the populace to run a media smear campaign against him. They accuse him of taking credit for others' heroic deeds, which carries a stiff sentence, given that he received numerous awards for valor during the war. Optimus went to trial, and while the court of law proved him innocent, the court of public opinion convicted and sentenced him.

    Slandered as a glory-seeking, opportunistic fraud, Optimus faced a choice: either retire to the private sector and attempt to rebuild his shattered life, or try to stop the Decepticons from hurting anyone else the way they did on Cybertron. To Optimus, whose nightmares are filled with memories of Decepticon war crimes, and who blames himself for finding the Forge and inadvertently starting the war, the choice is clear.

    Continuity: Completely new continuity.

    Setting: Optimus tracked Megatron and his followers out to Earth, where Megatron is gathering resources, conducting experiments, and building up to collapse Earth's civilization and turn it into his breadbasket for future campaigns. Earth has several valuable resources: hidden Energon reserves, recently discovered by the humans; minerals that can be converted into protomatter, which makes up a Transformer’s body; and the humans, who would make a fantastic slave race, or an army, if Megatron’s experiments pan out.

    Divisions/Factions: The divisions are still Autobots and Decepticons, good and evil, or should I say Autobot and Decepticons. Optimus is the only Autobot still actve; the Autobots as a whole have disbanded on the orders of the Grand Council, and nobody is willing to follow someone who they think is a fraud. The Decepticons are still cultish in their devotion to Megatron, though there is hidden dissent in the ranks: some folks feel like Megatron is losing his touch, chief among them Starscream, though he doesn't even speak about it to other Decepticons for fear of discovery. He does not want to be exposed, not to this version of Megatron.

    Visual Style: The overall animation should be like that of The Legend of Korra, especially the humans. The normal Transformers would be a mix of Nick Roche's MTME designs and Beast Wars's Season One robot modes, minus the organic kibble. The Decepticons should be as below in Special Powers.

    Target Audience: Adults; the Decepticons in this series don't hold back because of TV show ratings. They are monsters in every sense of the word.

    Story Structure/Purpose: Megatron originally came to Earth to harvest Energon and other materials, but when he discovered that refugees from the Great War were on Earth, he set out to enslave and reformat them, as part of his long-range plans. One major theme with this series is that the MacGuffin in question, that both sides are pursuing, isn't some magic device. Megatron already has that. This time, Megatron is after innocent people, people that he wants to drag into the darkness and remake into monsters.

    Special Powers: The only special power involved is Megatron's Quintesson Forge, which lets him reformat people (willingly or unwillingly) the way that Beast Machines Optimus did, creating things that look like a cross between the Bayverse Decepticons and the Transcendant Technomorphs; they were as horrifying as the former and as advanced and alien as the latter. The Forge works by reshaping the protomatter that makes up each Transformer, and can also scour the subject's mind, driving them incurably, violently insane and enslaving them to the wielder of the Forge.


    Optimus (Kevin Conroy): Optimus is a man of curious duality. To normal, upright folks, he’s an honorable, polite, courageous, serious man. He’s walked a long, hard road, and it shows in his quiet, sad demeanor. To the Decepticons, or anyone else who would hurt decent people, he’s a grim, furious, merciless crusader, a lightning-quick juggernaut who strode out of their worst nightmares to do to them what they‘ve done to so many others. He’s like DotM Optimus and Liam Neeson’s character from Taken rolled into one robot.What sets him apart is that he is the epitome of a Failure Knight (per TVTropes): he blames himself for finding the Forge and the resultant horror, and he has determined that what happened on Cybertron, what happened to his close friends at Oculon, will never happen again, not as long as he has the strength to fight. To that end, he set out to find the Decepticons and stop them from ever coming back; he knows the price of failure in this situation, and he will not let it happen.

    Megatron (David Kaye): He’s a ruthless, brutal, relentless malignant narcissist who projects the image of a visionary, telling of a Forgespawn Cybertron. When the Forge was discovered, Megatron was the one advocating that the Transformers reformat themselves, granting them great power and ushering in a glorious new age of conquest and expansion, as the Transformers impose their will on the galaxy. Of course, in his vision, he’s their god-king, the visionary who brought about this new age. In reality, he wants to accumulate as much personal power as possible, and he sees the Forge as the way to do it, by granting power to those willing to follow him (though no more than he himself would wield), and ravaging the minds of those who are unwillingly reformatted, making them into horribly, violently insane, utterly loyal thralls, psychically crushed into total servitude. In his mind, it is what they deserve for impeding his path to power.

    Starscream (Steve Blum): This version of Starscream is as ambitious as usual, though he originally joined the Decepticons because of a sincere belief in Megatron's goals. Now, though, he feels that Megatron is no longer fit to lead the Decepticons on a strategic level. Personally, Starscream is terrified of Megatron, and will not openly confront him alone. In order to rally support from other Decepticons, Starscream has decided to discredit Megatron by secretly giving information to Optimus, information that would point Optimus at various operations, all in the name of making Megatron look bad and convincing others that a new leader is needed. Enter Starscream. He resembles a cross between Transmetal Terrorsaur and Transtech Silverbolt, though he has Bayverse Starscream's legs.

    Marissa Faireborn: One of the few field agent for Sector Seven, Marissa is retired military; she transferred to the EDC after the Jasper Incident, where a metric crap-ton of refugees arrived in a massive ship from Cybertron. Marissa is as she was in G1 Season Three: bold, independent, determined, and fierce, though with a big heart. She comes from a long line of military personnel; she herself served in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the Ark crash-landed on Earth, Marissa was part of the initial onsite military, and afterwards, she quickly befriended a number of the refugees. Now, with the Decepticons threatening the lives of everyone on Earth, she will do whatever she has to in order to protect both the refugees and the humans, even if it means working closely with a complete unknown like Optimus.
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    - Cast of characters –
    Autobots: Optimus, sunstreaker, ratchet, prowl, bulkhead
    Decpticons: Megatron, starscream, tyrantus (think BW trantulas), barricade, lugnut

    Cast will expand each season

    - Setting – Earth season 1

    - Totally new continuity

    - Autobot/Decepticon but the autobots are the new faction rebelling against the old and powerful decepticon empire

    - Start of the civil war.

    - Visual Style, anime style

    - Target audience? Darker plot but not so much that kids couldn’t watch it.

    - One off episodes with little parts that add to the overall story with a few multipart episodes

    - No powers other than being a transformer.

    Story Optimus prime (prime is a rank like captain) his ship is a fuel transport in the glorious decepticon empire of which he a proud member, his ship is damaged and crashes on earth, he and his crew awaken years later to find they have been abandoned, Optimus decides to make do and start a new settlement on earth, starscream doesn’t want stay on this dirt ball and the two sides split but relatively peacefully with each side trying to talk others into coming over to theirs. The subtle peach falls apart when a member of the ruling family of the empire, Megatron, arrives wanting the fuel they were carrying, with his science officer tyrantus and his personal guard lugnut. This basically kicks starts a civil war with optimus founding the autobots as a rebel faction.
    Lot of big name TF show up as the empire grows more concerned about this rebel faction, all being sent to put optimus down for good, all fail, some even join him, shockwave is sent to keep an eye on megatron and his constant failings, both are put to death in the end for failing the empire. Ultra Magnus the empires top general is sent to finish the job
    I see the show ending with galvatron (head of the decepticon empire) falling in battle to Ultra Magnus (optimus brother), Magnus is also mortally wounded and passes his armor to optimus telling him to lead the new republic of cybertron.
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    I haven't been putting much thought into mine but I do have a few ideas.

    I want a series that has the characters and setting everyone knows but have characters grow. TFP is set in a post war era. Cybertron is destroyed and the Transformers are scattered. Despite this, Optimus is still learning how to be a leader. These are things I shall have to try to avoid.

    I have decided the first season should really concentrate on the beginning of the war. Cybertron is expanding its universal relationships. This brings them to Earth. They transmit their intentions of peace to make clear they aren't invading but are met with the response that they must wait so Earths rulers can set up the appropriate conditions as they don't believe the general public of earth is ready to be exposed to aliens.

    I haven't thought too much about the human story but was thinking about there being a revelation that the humans they met were terrorists and not the government. However I ran into the problem of how the terrorists stopped the government from picking up the transmission. I'm considering whether I should try to think up a reason or switch that part to a corrupt division of the government. Or perhaps drop it all together.

    On Cybertron there are battles with terrorists and rumors of an uprising against Optimus Prime who has only been in power for one year. By episode three, Megatron and thousands of others shall break off to join or the terrorist who become Decepticons or reveal they always have been part of them.

    Character I have thought about.

    Optimus Prime: In this series, one is born into the line of Primes. Optimus has be taught since a young age how to be a Prime. This shall give him the leadership skills he requires but as the war has only started, it leaves room for character development. Personality wise, I'm trying to create a character who is nice but ignorant to the needs of his people. Throughout the first season, he grows into the character everyone know, minus the war hardened part. Megatron often uses Optimus' inexperience to blame Optimus for his own actions. Optimus will realize Megatron is lying by the end of season one.

    Megatron: I'll make him either second in command or co ruler of the Decepticons. He starts the series off as a politician who's secretly part of the Decepticons. While some characters being Decepticons shall be a surprise, Megatron is revealed, to the audience, right at the start, to be a Decepticon.

    Sentinel Prime: The previous ruler of Cybertron, in episode three, he reveals he is the ruler or co ruler of the Decepticons. I haven't made up my mind on that. Nor have I decided if it should be known to the viewer or a secret that he is. He does not get along with Optimus or Megatron. BY the end of season one, he shall be killed by Megatron for total leadership of the Decepticons.

    Other than all that, I haven't put much thought into it. I have no clue where I would go with the series. When I thought it up, I was thinking more about what would be a good way to set up a series and not what would make a good whole series. I might just make it a war series with a different plot each season, like Animated.

    I have decided it shall be in Cell Animation due to my disliking of older CGI and the series having too many characters and locations for new and expensive CGI. The style of Animation would be a more realistic one than anime. Tone would be mature but child friendly.
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    The State of insanity.
    Gotta say I love this idea and I've had a three different ideas floating around in my head for quite some time now. I actually found this topic because I was looking for some place to post my most recent idea.

    Best rule ever. I don't know how well this will actually keep the trolls out but I can tell you put some serious thought into an attempt to detour them.

    Well that's good because that's what the fan fiction section is for. ;) 

    Well as I said before I have 3 different ideas. I'm going to submit these as 3 different posts so people don't get confused as to which set of ideas go together or why I might list the same character multiple times. That being said I'll start with the east one sense this is a story I've already started to write several years ago but never finished.

    First of all there's Donald James Hansen A.K.A. Saber Prime. If you haven't already read "Sword of Primus" Donald is a descendant of the Witwicky family. Daniel eventually grew up to have a daughter who had another daughter who had a son who had another son that explains why the last name is different. He becomes Saber Prime because as the title suggests he gains access to the Sword of Primus which unleashes several nanobots that form an Autobot body around Donald. As well as being Saber Prime he is also the inventor of the technology that turns the Autobots into Maximals. Of course he did have some help from a Time Traveling Optimus Primal who they call Primal Prime to make it less confusing with two Optimus' running around. Saber Prime is based of Energon Rodimus. He has Optimus Prime's head and blue flames. I actually made this guy before the movie Optimus Prime ended up having the same paint job.

    The Sword of Primus itself, though I never explained this in story, is actually made up of three Autobots who as you might have guessed are based on the Star Saber from Armada.

    Astrostar forms the hilt of the sword and serves as the team's medic.

    Requiem is the base of the blade of the sword or the middle part. None of them are really very big but for a small guy he really lives up to his name. Requiem is the only member of the team not equipped with any weapons because he doesn't need any weapons.

    Skyboom is the tip of the sword blade. He's called Skyboom because he's the fastest thing in the air.

    The last Autobot is a recent addition to the team who was not in Sword of Primus at all. His name is Kicker. He's based on the Generations Junkion mold with a different head. Kicker is a Cyber Ninja much like another motorcycle character. And yes I intentionally named him after Kicker from Energon.

    The Decepticons I've all based on characters who were human villains in Animated. None of them were in Sword of Primus as that story focuses on Nemesis Prime as the main villain who was kind of my own twist to an old character. I can't say who he ends up being because that's actually a major plot point. If I ever get around to writing part 2 of that story I don't want it ruined before you even read it. That aside, the new Decepticons are...

    Meltdown, the Decepticon leader. Meltdown is based on War Within The Fallen. I love both these characters and the whole idea for this came from them. My Decepticon version of Meltdown is basically exactly what he sounds like, all the most evil aspects of Meltdown and The Fallen rolled into one character.

    Colossus Rhodes, Meltdown's second in command. Rhodes is a rather unimpressive tiny Decepticon based on the Mini-con Rollout from Armada. Overload takes the form of just a suit of Colossus armor that was designed and built by Meltdown. Yeah the toy is a brick but he's a very detailed brick and Rollout is actually the best Mini-con toy ever. Plus the stacks on Overload's shoulders look just like the ones on Colossus Rhodes.

    Master Disaster which is another character I really liked even though he only appeared in one episode. I based his design on the Stunticons with Cohorda's head sculpt. Why Cohorda? Because Master Disaster had a cobra painted on his helmet and on the side of his truck. Why the Stunticons? Because the cars that raced in that episode and his truck were homages to them. Master Disaster himself is actually Motormaster. The other 4 Stunticons are drones that he controls and can merge with. Kind of my Decepticon twist of his powers in the show.

    Nanosec who is based on RotF Sideswipe and Armada Blurr. I was originally only going to use Armada Blurr because the pipes on the sides of his head and his chest plate are very similar design aspects to Nanosec's costume in Animated. I took that part of him and stuck it on RotF Sideswipe because he has the exhaust pipes on his back and the wheel feet which are also very much like Nanosec's costume. I just couldn't pick between them.

    Slo-Mo is based on Cybertron Thunderblast. I used that mold because it was also used as Elita-One at one point who can also stop time. I remolded the chest to include Heinrad's clock in place of the Matrix looking thing, again another character with the same powers.

    Then I have Angry Archer who is based on two different version of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. He has the classics Hot Rod sculpt without the spoiler and Animated Rodimus Prime's bow. I even painted his left arm a different color to mimic the robotic left arm Angry Archer had in Animated but my explanation for it is that my Angry Archer has a personality more like Lockdown in that he ripped his arm off an Autobot he killed. The bow in vehicle mode actually replaces the missing spoiler and he can still mount it there in robot mode when not in use.

    And last we have Professor Princess/Powdered Sugar. She was meant to be one of the first Maximals but there was a defect Donald still hadn't worked out yet which delayed bringing her online. Meltdown and the other Decepticons stole her protoform knowing nothing of this. The defect being that when she came online her robot mode, Professor Princess, thought that her beast mode was a totally separate entity who she calls Powdered Sugar. She's basically a recolored G1 Arcee who transforms into a horse, Mach Kick style.

    I didn't do Headmaster because the Headmasters are kinda already Transformers, kinda takes the fun out of making robot versions of human characters. I have pictures of some of these characters, and more to come on another thread in the fan art section. If that doesn't say I put some thought into this nothing will.

    It takes place in the empty gap between G1 and Beast Wars. There's also some time travel involved so Optimus Primal and Megatron from Beast Machines in my story actually didn't die but end up in the past in new bodies. Primal looks more like Optimal Optimus again though with Optimus Prime's head design and color scheme. Megatron ends up looking like that toy that never got made that was based on the RID Megatron/Galvatron mold. They also end up needing to time travel to the future which I havn't written yet because I haven't exactly worked out how they're going to do it. But basically part of the story takes place after Beast Machines.

    The story with Meltdown would take place after Saber Prime has returned to his own time and would lead into telling why Megatron had to steal the Golden Disk to find the Earth in the first place.

    Yeah, I know, time travel makes this really confusing which is the main reason I've never gotten around to finishing the story even though I really want to.

    Well I think my talking about G1 and the Beast Era shows kinda answered that already, next.

    Several. Autobots who are now lead by a council rather than a single individual and that council is lead by Optimus Prime. There's a Council in the Japanese Beast Wars series and they all have Optimus' head design which is why in my story every member of the council becomes a Prime with his head sculpt.

    The Decepticons who are still lead by G1 Galvatron and freed for a short time by Beast Megatron and Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Prime was actually an Autobot member of the council who is, or was the only Decepticon that knows Saber Prime is human. He was there betraying the Autobots when Donald ended up grabbing the Sword of Primus.

    We have Maximals who in the past Primal Prime is literally the first Maximal though also isn't because he's from the future using technology that only exists in the prototype stages when the Autobots find him. In the future taking place after Beast Machines you of course have the Maximals being lead by Cheetor to stop a coming threat that will put a quick end to the new Technorganic Cybertron. Rattrap and Botanic take Cheetor to see Arcee per the Oracle's instructions. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia later join them there along with Nightscream. Arcee is the repaint of TM2 Blackarachnia.

    You have a new set of Vehicons which is another reason I haven't written part two because I have no idea who should work along side Nemesis Prime. I know Megatron will be a part of it but that's a bout it.

    You have another group of Autobots who work directly under Saber Prime and wear his unique faction symbol.

    And you have Meltdown's Decepticons who have their own faction Symbols.

    The point of part one which I have already written was just to introduce my fan character Saber Prime and to expand on an existing universe with a rather large hole in it.

    The Meltdown part is to put Saber Prime in a situation where his story isn't being washed out by all these well known characters around him. To actually give him focus while still existing in an established universe.

    Well I suppose it would be CGI just because I really like what mainframe did even with the limitations of CGI back then.

    Fans of the Beast Era sense I may have screwed up some of my facts for the G1 connections but I didn't have a lot of information to go out outside of the U.S. cartoon series. The Meltdown part of the story would be open to a wider audience sense it doesn't rely on the audience already knowing what the hell is going on. That part of the story is focused entirely on new characters so there's no need to rewatch the rest of the universe to understand what's going on.

    Well the way I wrote the first story it would more start off with a movie Trilogy that would lead into the series. The movies would all tie together into a larger plot but the series may include some one off episodes just to introduce the new plot and characters before leading into the bigger picture.

    Little bit of both.

    Anyway, I think you can see why I want to post my other two ideas as separate posts sense this one is confusing enough to explain on it's own without mixing in other ideas with it.
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    The State of insanity.
    Idea number 2 I called Transformers Prime, I'll have to come up with a different name because I thought of this before Transformers Prime ended up being a series. I'm going to answer your original questions out of order for this one because this is going to get confusing if I explain the characters first.

    This will be entirely set on Cybertron.

    Entirely new continuity.

    Autobots in this this series is just what all Cybertronians are called by default and is mostly used to mean "Civilians".

    Primes are basically a police force on Cybertron. Any Autobot who becomes a Prime is assigned a job title taken from the names of the original Primes who were the first Cybertronians created by Primus to fight Unicron's army.

    Decepticons are not an army at first but rather a small unorganized group of criminals who slowly get built up into an Army. Decepticon is actually just the Cybertronian word for Criminal.

    Maximals are a group of Autobots who left Cybertron on an exploration mission and came back with organic beast modes. As per Cybertronian law all long term away missions must have a Prime in the crew in case of sabotage on the mission.

    The Predacons are a small terrorist organization who split from the Decepticons to sabatage the Maximals. Like the Maximals they have organic beast modes.

    Both Maximals and Predacons have sustained some damage as a result of their organics sense Cybertronians in this universe were never designed to have organic beast modes. They all suffer some memory loss and personality changes.

    Herolds of Unicron are some of the first Cybertronians created by Unicron. Most Decepticons take their names from them, except for Fallen Prime they don't actually have much influence on the present day story.

    Spawn of Unicron. Created from organic material Spawn's of Unicron are created from the same mold as all the original Cybertronials but their bodies are organic making them much weaker. Primus also tried his hand at this creating only the original Primal Prime.

    In modern times no one actually believes the original Primes ever actually existed but they believe in what the stories stood for, the fight for good. The stories are real history of Cybertron though some parts are missing and history repeats itself when many of their present day name sakes repeat their actions.

    The main purpose of this story is because I wanted to do something entirely set on Cybertron that doesn't immediately portray Megatron as the big bad guy. Instead Megatron is actually a good guy in the beginning and we slowly get to see his rise to power. I'll explain more about that when I get into the characters.

    To be honest I don't really care, what ever is the best way to show a populated Cybertron because this series would focus on a few main characters but would also show several background characters who would probably all be homages to characters from other continuities.

    Everyone who has ever wanted a series set entirely on Cybertron and hell it's a new universe so you don't have to know anything about Transformers to enjoy this series. The themes might be a little mature, like the current Prime series when a character dies they stay dead. Unlike the current Prime series there are no magic fix all plot devices. Just good characters and the occasional talk of a battle between Gods that no one seriously believes in but actually happened.

    At first they will be one off episodes because as I said at first the Decepticons are not an organized group but just the Cybertronian word for Criminals. As the Decepticons start banning together and it follows Megatron's story in his rise to power then there start being some tie in stories.

    Well the Primes do have two names but not really any powers to speak of.

    Orion Pax is the leader of the Primes under the title Optimus Prime. He transforms into a Cybertronian armored truck.

    Hot Rod is a young Prime who is the newest member, at least till another Autobot graduates the academy. Few actually do. He was given the title Rodimus Prime and transforms into a Cybertronian hovor car. Basically his normal car mode but without the wheels.

    Primal Prime was the Prime assigned to the exploration mission. He doesn't remember his real name anymore and thinks that he is actually Primal Prime from the book of Primus. He transforms into a technorganic gorilla.

    Leobreaker is a technorganic lion with shoulder mounted cannons. Another Maximal who can't remember his real name. He seems sure that it was something breaker but unable to piece together anything more he added the Leo part. Leobreaker tends to growl and/or roar when angry, obviously one of his personality glitches.

    Ironhide is perhaps the only Maximal to remember his real name but he has no idea who the rest of the crew are. He transforms into a technorganic mammoth. Ironhide was originally described as a tough guy and he still is on the outside but he now has a tendency to be easy scared by things smaller than himself.

    Ultra Magnus transforms into a Cybertronian car carrier. Him and Orion went to the academy together and both graduated the same year. His job title is Omega Prime.

    Alpha Trion is a retired Prime who would later be pulled out of retirement when he's needed the most. His job title was Vector Prime and he transforms into a Cybertronian jet.

    Metroplex is the city most episodes would take place in though Metroplex shows up as an actual character when he decides he wants to transform after a long stasis.

    Override is a female Cybertronian hover car. She was in the academy with Hot Rod but didn't graduate.

    Evac is a Cybertronian Helicopter. His brothers who share a similar mold are Decepticons.

    Primus who transforms into planet Cybertron. He agreed to serve as the battle ground for the war that would be carried out by their creations. He can't transform into robot mode until all fighting on Cybertron has ended. However he only agreed to this if Unicron also had to become a planet.

    Minor Magnus is Ultra Magnus' younger brother. He is a Cybertronian bulldozer. His job title is Sentinel Prime which specifically means that he gets to train potential new Primes at the academy. He's not evil but he hates organics. he was in the academy with Primal Prime and they were friends until Primal Prime came back to Cybertron half organic. Even though he knows Primal prime's real name he refuses to use it instead wanting to believe that the real Primal Prime is dead.

    Bumblebee, one of the current students at the academy. He's a small Cybertronian plane.

    Ratchet is not a Prime but is employed by the Primes as a Medic at the academy should any of the recruits like Override become too injured to graduate.

    Arcee is another student currently enrolled at the academy and has a major crush on Rodimus Prime though doesn't know his real name. She's well on her way to graduating and there's talk of her becomming Solus Prime but that is not yet confirmed till she graduates. Like the original Arcee she's a Cybertronian car.

    Bulkhead is a Cybertronian jeep and best friend to Bumblebee. He's kinda clumsy and may end up preventing both from graduating the academy.

    Cliffjumper is Bumblebee's twin brother... that's all I really have for him... let's just say he'll probably end up dead.

    Megatron Prime graduated from the academy with Orion Pax and Ultra Magnus however unlike them he totally immersed himself in his job. He knows he's not really Megatron Prime but that's the only name he responds to. Megatron just like the original Megatron feels like the Primes are at times unwilling to do whatever it takes to protect the people of Cybertron and would eventually change his name to Galvatron as he ends up leader of the Decepticons in season 3. No one knows that the original Megatron and Galvatron in the book of Primus are the same person, it's just coincidence that he happens to choose that name after being appointed Megatron Prime. It's important to note here that Galvatron is not an upgrade or repaint of any kind, it's just a name. He's a Cybertronian jet with design elements from both Animated Megatron and Energon Galvatron.

    Sideways is a Cybertronian motorcycle. Basically BM Thrust with Armada Sideways' neutral head. His real name is unknown, Sideways was taken from one of the Herolds of Unicron. The original Sideways betrayed Unicron and joined the original Primes. They changed his name to Nemesis Prime being that he was the first to betray Unicron and they didn't trust him. The name Nemesis was a mark of their distrust. Sideways didn't know this when he chose the name but he would repeat the actions of the original.

    Shockwave graduated the Academy a year after Megatron, joining at Megatron's request. Shockwave's brother is the Decepticon Soundwave and he had hoped to be able to free his brother by becoming a Prime. Shockwave is a Cybertronian crane and his job title is Longarm Prime. He's probably the only present day character not to be anything like the character from the book of Primus that he's named after. The original Longarm Prime was not a traitor who would later join the Decepticons.

    Fallen Prime is the leader of the Decepticons in season 2. He's the one who starts to turn the unorganized group into an army. He also notices several shared personality traits who would name themselves after the original Primes and Herolds of Unicron and seeks to prevent certain Decepticons like Sideways from switching sides while trying to talk Autobots like Megatron Prime into joining him.

    Starscream is the not very good leader of the Decepticons in season 1. He calls himself Cyclonus during his time as leader and wears a crown which Megatron would later wear as Galvatron. I say not very good leader because the Decepticons are not an organized group at this time. He has a small team under his leadership while other Decepticons are acting entirely on their own.

    Thundercracker is one of the other Decepticons working under Starscream and is one of the few Decepticons not to take a name from one of the Herolds of Unicron.

    Skywarp is another Decepticon under Starscreams commands. Like Thundercracker he didn't have a Herold of Unicron name.

    Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are all brothers and share the same Cybertronian jet mode.

    Bombshell is Starscream's second in command. He uses the name Scourge taken from the Herold of Unicron.

    Shrapnel is another Decepticon under Starscream's command though he doesn't actually take orders from Starscream directly. He takes orders from Bombshell. Shrapnel doesn't have a Herold of Unicron name.

    Kickback is the last Decepticon under Starscream's command. He doesn't actually have legs but is instead called Kickback because he's freaking lazy as hell.

    Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback are all brothers to Evac who I mentioned earlier. As such they all share the same Cybertronian Helicopter mode. Though Evac is the only one who doesn't have missile launchers where his hands should be, he actually has legs, and he has a different color scheme. All 4 of them have different head sculpts.

    Unicron in the book of Primus it's said that he tricked Primus into leaving the Universe unguarded by convincing him to transform into Cybertron. Primus only agreed to this if Unicron also transformed into a planet but never said he had to act like a planet so Unicron was still able to move freely threw out the universe eating planets. Whenever he senses the fighting on Cybertron may end he uses raw materials from the planets he eats to create new Herolds of Unicron.

    Tarantulas is the leader of the Predacons. He acts as his own group in season 1. Fallen Prime tries to recruit his team in season two and he refuses which results in some in fighting among the bad guys. He's of course a technorganic spider. Like other Maximals he has no memory of who he was and he's crazy thinking he's the original Spawn of Unicron Tarantulas. Ironically he thinks Fallen Prime is crazy even though he really is the original Fallen Prime.

    Cicadacon is one of the Predacons under Tarantulas' command. He speaks with a speech impediment that cases him to replace the letter "S" with the letter "Z" much like how Waspinator speaks. Cicadacon is a technorganic wasp. He also forms the torso of Tripredacus.

    Ramhorn is a technorganic rhino with a short temper. He's highly intelligent when he's not pissed off. His short temper is a side effect of his organics. He's a Predacon medic. He also forms the arms of Tripredacus.

    Seaclamp is a Predacon technorganic lobster. Forming the legs of Tripredacus Seaclamp is a cool headed stealth attacker. He doesn't seem to talk much seemingly because he can't talk. He does let out some high pitched shrieks when injured though.

    Tripredacus thinks he is an original Spawn of Unicron by the same name. While his component parts all still used their original names none of them seem to know anything about what their combined form was originally called. Tripredacus thinks he can transform into a cybertronian tank because that's what all the original Cybertronians transformed into but when he tries he just ends up splitting back into his component parts. The real Tripredacus was not a gestault.

    Soundwave is a Decepticon mental patient. Unlike other Cybertronians who have problems because they're partly organic no one can figure out what's wrong with Soundwave. The original Soundwave was a Herold of Unicron who this Soundwave claims to hear voices from. He ends up finding Fallen Prime still alive because the original Soundwave said he'd be there but even Fallen Prime claims that the original Soundwave died millions of years ago. Is it possible that the present day Soundwave is just able to pick up million year old sound vibrations? I don't know I haven't quite worked out the finer details yet.
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    OK this last one I just came up with yesterday so I haven't worked out some of the finer details yet.

    Orion Pax/Optimus Prime/Optimus Primal, this would basically take all the best aspects of every incarnation of Optimus and put them all into one character. We'd also get to see more of what he's like when he's not a Prime.

    Arcee, again I'm taking the best aspects of every one of her incarnations so she'd mostly take from Prime Arcee. I mostly included her because of Prime Arcee.

    Bumblebee/Goldbug/Cliffjumper, I figured Cliffjumper is mostly just a Bumblebee repaint anyway that never really gets much attention, I might as well make them the same character. This new character would take the best aspects of both characters and combine them into this new character.

    Prowl, again, best aspects of every incarnation of Prowl. Mostly I think that means Animated Prowl and maybe RID Prowl.

    Ultra Magnus, I think like Animated he would be the leader of the Autobots, at least till Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime. ;) 

    Jazz... well all Jazz incarnations kinda are the same, except movie Jazz who only existed to die.

    Blurr who I mostly only included because I like Armada Blurr. The designs of G1 and Animated would still be used but not the talk so fast you can't understand him speech pattern.

    Someone is going to shoot me for this next one but.

    Tracks/Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime/Cheetor/Side Burn/Hot Shot, that is the longest list of name changes ever for a single character but here me out here. Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime already are the same character. Hot Shot I threw in because Armada's Powerlinx colors as well as the Red Exceleon version of his Cybertron mold are based on Hot Rod's colors. There's a character called Hot Shot in WfC who is obviously Hot Rod. They're practically the same character already. Powerlinx Sideburn also is based on Hot Rod's colors and his normal color scheme looks like Tracks so that's how they got in there. Cheetor I threw in because like Rodimus Prime in G1 and Hot Shot in Armada Cheetor lead the Maximals when Optimus wasn't around. Plus Cheetor's head sculpt seems heavily influenced by Rodimus Prime. So this character would have the best personality traits of all 5 characters.

    Omega Supreme, this is kind of an easy one sense all versions of him are kinda the same anyway.

    Rattrap/Rattletrap, he'd be pretty much Beast Era Rattrap with just a little bit of Animated Rattletrap thrown in. ;) 

    Sideswipe, again best personality traits of all the different incarnations of Sideswipe. Mostly the movie version because that's the only reason I even put him on this list.

    Wheeljack/Downshift, he'd have the best parts of every Wheeljack's personality including Energon Downshift because he looks like Wheeljack. Not Que though because he looks nothing like Wheeljack and he's never called Wheeljack. It would include his skills as a medic and inventor from G1, his friendship with bot of many names, one of which includes Hot Shot from Armada, and his combat skills from the recent Prime series. Prime is the main reason I added him to the list.

    Starscream/Scourge/Waspinator/Thrust/Thundercracker/Wasp, another long list of name changes. I may not actually use every name listed just so you know because that would be crazy. This character would have the best personality traits of all the Seekers, and Waspinators, and Scourges so mostly he's be a schemer who blows up and survives. I basically decided to make all the G1 Seekers the same character sense in recent series they're just Starscreams clones anyway. Waspinator not only gets possessed by Starscream but turns into a Vehicon with the same name of another Seeker. Plus Movie Starscream looks like Waspinator. G1 Scourge is actually Thundercracker in the animation even though he still manages to show up after the upgrade as if they were separate characters.

    Ariel/Elita-One/Blackarachnia/Thunderblast/Airachnid, explaining the madness behind this bunch of name changes. Ariel and Elita-One are already the same character in G1. Elita-One and Blackarachnia are the same character in Animated. Thunderblast I added because her mold was used to make an Elita-One toy. And Airachnid I added just because I like her Prime even though she's practically like Blackarachnia and Lockdown's secret love child. And this new character would have the best personality traits of all of them. On and in case you haven't figured it out yet best doesn't always mean good, when it's a villain it can also mean their most evil personality traits. Basically just things the majority of fans seem to like and more importantly I liked well enough to include them in the list.

    Grimlock/Dinobot/Cruellock, I put these 3 together because all these -lock characters are based on the same guy. This new character would mostly be based on BW Dinobot with RID Grimlock's intelligence, and Cruellock's ability to mine raw energon without overloading. I'm not sure what people like about G1 Grimlock other than he's a dinosaur but you find your own way to fit that it. I hate that "Me Grimlock" speech pattern.

    Sky Fire/Jetfire, there's a lot of different personalities here but I'm definantly keeping the idea from Animated about his brother...

    Silverbolt/Jetstorm/Storm Jet, unfortunately not a combiner so not all the best aspects sense I couldn't figure out how to work in the other Aerialbots he combines with. Though he will combine with Jetfire.

    And now for another one someone is going to shoot me for...

    Shockwave/Rhinox/Tankor/Shockblast/Longarm Prime, let me get this one out of the way for you. "Why the hell are you making Shockwave and Rhinox the same character?" Well because Rhinox and Tankor are the same character. Tankor's Mega toy seems to have a slight homage to Shockwave. The barrow of his cannon is shaped the same as Shockwave's barrow and his head. Tankor also only has one eye though he does actually have a mouth. Shockwave and Rhinox are both really brilliant scientists as well. Plus this is a new character loosely based on them not suggesting that the original characters were the same.

    Wreck-Gar who's slightly insane like Animated and talks TV like G1. I had to include him because I love both versions of Wreck-Gar.

    Sideways/Nemesis Prime, like all versions of this character would end up dieing. He'd be a faction switching like Armada and Cybertron. But he wouldn't have that annoying confusion of suddenly being Unicron like what happen in Armada. He's also share some personality traits of Silas who controls the Prime version of Nemesis Prime.

    Mirage/Tidal Wave, G1 Mirage's ability to turn invisible plus actually becoming a Decepticon so the Autobots have a legit reason not to trust him. They did that "lets not trust Mirage" plot in both G1 and RID.

    Megatron/Galvatron/Megatronus, this is where I really like the idea of combining aspects of different incarnations all into one new character because that way this new Decepticon leader can have personality traits of Animated and Beast Wars.

    Soundwave, would have all the best personality traits of every Soundwave. The creepiness of Prime and the movies, the ability to mimic the sound of any character's voice like Cybertron, the Ability to regenerate himself like Animated, and all with his G1 voice. (when he talks normally that is.)

    Bombshell/Cyclonus/Snow Cat/Insecticon, Well Bombshell is an Insecticon, he becomes Cyclonus in the animation even though he still appears in season 3, and Energon Cyclonus becomes Snow Cat. I kinda picture him being more creepy like the Prime version but also being able to clone himself and take over minds like G1.

    Unicron, who'd be a planet eater like the original, would encourage war like Armada, and would be able to make tiny copies of himself like Prime.

    Blitzwing who would have multiple personality disorder like Animated. He's the main reason I included Blitzwing on this list because I don't really think G1 Blitzwing was that memorable a character.

    Scorpinok who would mostly have personality traits from BW and Energon because G1 was canceled before anyone was really able to know that character and movie never actually talked.

    And finally Ravage who is the only cassette on this list because he's the only one I really liked well enough to add. Mostly because of BW Ravage. I almost added others but I took them off to keep the list down to exactly 28 characters. The others I deleted who almost made the list were Frenzy, Laserbeak, and Ratbat. Also considered Ram Horn and Steeljaw but couldn't think of a good excuse to put Blaster on the list so they never even got added.

    Cybertron, Earth and maybe other planets as well.

    I think I said this before but entirely new continuity though it would pull a lot of designs from previous continuities. Part of the idea was not only to combine their personality traits but also to make it so threw out the series the characters would be upgraded into their different incarnations (skipping repaints) like my own Transformers universe. That way I could have like Animated Megatron and Energon Galvatron be the same character even though it's a new character from both of them.

    Autobots/Maximals, explorers from Cybertron who set out to learn about new worlds.

    Decepticons/Predacons who seek only to destroy other worlds and take over Cybertron.

    Autobots and Decepticons are always vehicular transformers while Maximals and Predacons are always beastformers. No size difference.

    Mostly just because part of me wants to see a small cast of characters like this who span every series just to see designs of different universes interact with each other.

    In story, havn't quite thought that much into this one.

    To be honest... I'm kinda thinking stop motion. To sort of inspire Hasbro to make toys of versions of these characters that haven't already been made and to make better toys of the ones who have. Basically the cartoon itself would be made using the toys for the series. Higher production value than a YouTube series plus the highly articulated toys we'd get out of it would make it worth while considering there aren't any new designs for the characters.

    Well it would literally be a toy commercial to kids who have never seen Transformers before and to adult collectors.

    Right now I'm thinking one-off episodes because I can't think of what the plot in the large scheme of things would be.

    Well they won't be super heroes but some characters like Mirage will have powers suited to their names.

    BTW I'm hoping every single character in this list ends up in the hall of fame if it isn't already.