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    I'm fine with having any of these MIB or loose, as long as they're in good condition and they're not missing anything. I actually prefer figures to be lose, since I don't keep the packaging.

    Transformers (2007 Movie)

    *Autobot Jazz
    Note: I would prefer the Premium version, but if you have a regular one you'd be willing to sell for under $15, I might be interested. But not the Battle Damaged one.


    Revenge of The Fallen

    *Hoist (Longarm repaint)
    *Bludgeon (Wreckage repaint)

    Hunt for The Decepticons


    Dark of The Moon

    Note: If this one doesn't have the gun it's less of an issue than the others
    *Takara Skywarp

    Transformers Prime

    *RID Vehicon

    Age of Extinction

    *Takara Starscream (no tattos)
    *Dinobot Strafe

    Also if you send me a pm or message, let me know what you're willing to sell your figure/s for.

    Stuff marked in red means that I've obtained it since I started this.
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    I have like 10 of the figures ur looking for, just need to confirm which one. All misb