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    (As i thought these worlds were perfect...I thought wrong,A person once said that there are two Entities in the world Primus & Unicron i presumably thought that all things were normal as usual....that was my First mistake But that was Before the war began) I was a Intelligence officer for the high command Thats where we were Then,that is how Rumors were speculating about a member Backstabbing Dogfight But as usual i was with my work in the Cybertronian High Command but yet i wonder that was this true i kept my Way by working thats untill i noticed that Optronix shouldn't be this far up so i told the highest athority about this weird jump for optronix and so he asked to see Optronix and then it happened Optronix was Dragged from high command and Thrown out on the streets vowing that he'll be back....,That was Years earlier,Now I defected to the Decepticons rather than being with the autobots or shall i say Scum.Not all things have been good since Optronix...I mean Optimus Prime Blasted Off in The ark with the decepticons and yet i wonder was Rodimus right? about Optimus Prime being Dead,I think that reason was that Megatron wanted to wait on cybertron while we were setting up here on Earth.Now that still boggles my mind and was the corruption in the command all Optimus Prime way to corrupt The Minds of Cybertron? i have yet to know....Heatwave,10-8-XX

    This story is about Heatwaves POV about Optimus Prime during the Command days.
    More to come

    Sorry for the Confusion & Mispellings in this story.