Corona Virus Poll, Covid19...mtmte?, & #filmyourhospital

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So for the poll question...DO YOU know someone PERSONALLY that has the corona/covid2019 virus?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    So for the poll question...DO YOU know someone PERSONALLY that has the corona/covid2019 virus? Not a friend of a friend, someone personally. Yes or no...

    Hi fellow locked down fan guys & gals,
    What with all this time I now have on my hands I have been noticing some interesting patterns. Wanted to see what you out there are seeing too since I don't live everywhere.

    C is carbon/man
    Ovid means sheep...
    C+ovid=man sheep...weird.

    Look up on youtube #filmyourhospital. It is on twitter too. Veddy interestink!

    Lockdown (not the Con or bounty hunter either!)
    My family & I are somewhere in the middle of USA. Been in talks with those in the states that are locked down...we are all the same. Even though, to date, (New York, California, Washington state, Illinois, & whoever else I am forgetting...) are all talking the same thing as what we are experiencing here.

    For little to no air travel the aerial activity is just as much around here, & we don't live near an airport.

    Why are we talking about getting rid of money when the mail & trucks are still running? What is the difference? Paper, cardboard, metal...?

    Toilet paper
    Is it me or are they not restocking this on store shelves? My walmart has put easter baskets there instead...2-3 weeks now. Those jokes are becoming less funny...

    Anybody noticed how no one, & I mean NO ONE, can tell you what to expect with this virus? Other than you can't breathe. With ebola, swine flu, sars, mers...they knew/know what to look for. They say you lose sense of taste/smell with covid. That also happens with the average cold. I lost half my sense of smell/taste because of oral surgery so.... Found out also that 5g symptoms are the same as the vague covid19 symptoms....

    10ft drop but only 6ft social
    Ever watched your wife use an perfume atomizer? Some of the wet globules drop fairly fast because they contain more wet matter, others float for a while longer. Before long the whole room smells like the! Same for sneezes, but the strength of the smell/germs lowers, parts per billion & stuff like that. They claim it takes 10 ft for this to occur (which if you apply science is wrong) then why are they telling us 6 ft is ok?

    Global pandemic
    How many years & viruses are we up to now? Swine flu, ebola, sars, mers, & probably others. Now they get what they want, a global pandemic, in 2020, the year of hindsight...I don't believe in coincidences.

    Real or Decepticon...I mean deception...or just fake?
    Do you have or know someone who has the covid19 virus? Just not sure what to believe....I don't know.

    The planet is a big place, & the best way to control folks is to have them spooked. If they are spooked most folks are willing to do whatever they are told to remain well/alive. Even Megatron understands that "fear is a powerful motivator".

    I am only saying all this because I don't think we are looking at motives very closely. Let's say you are in the Autobot army & Optimus tells you to jump off a cliff as the Decepticons are bearing down on you. Knowing him, you jump & are caught by Powerglide because Optimus's motive is to protect. If you were in the Decepticon army & Megatron told you to jump off the cliff because Autobots were'd probably end up dead. What is the motive of those who are telling you these things? What do they have to gain? Would you go to a computer techie wiz for a health diagnosis or to get cured? No! You'd go to a doctor or do your own research, of course.

    With all the above said I am still going out with a mask & gloves on, but something to chew on while you sit at home unable to go & do what is normal/required.

    Have a blessed day/weekend vode!

    Now, anyone with half a brain should understand the following stimulus plan info. (I heard someone explaining it & I got it). I mean, I only have a quarter of a brain--brain rust is really sad by the way!

    "Let's say you (We the people) hire Joe (the government) to work for you (the people). One day Joe (the government) comes to you and says, "I just took out a loan IN YOUR NAME (the people) for $5,000". Joe (the government) continues to tell you that he is going to give his brother (Kennedy Center) $1,000; his sister (Post Office debt) $1,000; and his mom and dad (& whatever else was included in the 1,100+ page bill) $2,000 and oh yes, Joe is going to benevolently give you (the people/small businesses/hospitals) the last $1,000 (the check people are eagerly waiting to get).

    That is what the government just did to "we the people" the only difference is that the loan in "we the people's" name is for $2,200,000,000,000. And all the sheeple who thought they were getting free money said, WHAT!!! That's right, people. Get a clue! The government can't pull money out of a hat like a magician without sheeple who are willing to pay more taxes to cover it.

    People! You do know the government is supposed to work for us--not the other way around, right?" (End quote)

    So speaking as a 1/4 brainer to all you 1/2 on up to whole brainers...I am sure you guys/gals already got all that though. Maybe an 1/8 brainer will read it on here!..oh, wait, that might actually be me...mmmmmm.
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    Welp....there really isn't a need for this as the coronavirus is already being discussed here:

    The CoronaVirus (COVID-19): How concerned are you?

    I know this is a different poll, but this thread in and of itself would just lead to another thread discussing the same thing we already have a thread for. :locked2: 

    Tell, ya what though...if the OP of the other thread wouldn't mind, I'll change the poll in that thread to this one. But I can't make any promises or guarantees this will happen.
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