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    I think I posted this earlier in the wrong forum. I hope the fact that there is a toy component of this question is not offensive. :) 

    Some Constructicon questions:

    1) Names: So far the movie names seem to be the same as G1 with only a couple of exceptions. Are these correct?

    G1 Bonecrusher = Movie Rampage
    G1 Hook = Movie Hightower
    G1 Scrapper = Movie Scrapper
    G1 Scavenger = Movie Demolishor (Is this the big wheel bot from the previews?)
    G1 Long Haul = Movie Long Haul
    G1 Mixmaster = Movie Mixmaster

    2) Movie toys: So far we've seen individual toys for Mixmaster, Rampage, Long Haul, and Demolishor but not for Scrapper and Hightower (excluding the legends class). Who is the seventh toy in the legends class Devastator?

    3) Do we know for sure that rolling wheel bot Demolishor is in fact part of Devastator?

    Thanks. I'm a little confused about all the different characters and versions of these figures.
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    demolisher is not a component of devy but his twin scavenger is. overload is the speculated name of the seventh constructicon.