2D Artwork: Conquest - Commission

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    NAME: Conquest
    FACTION: Decepticon
    FUNCTION: Sniper

    MOTTO: “Some people are put in this universe for your amusement.”

    Strength: 6
    Intelligence: 10
    Speed: 8
    Endurance: 9
    Rank: 9
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 8
    Skill: 8


    Simply put, Conquest is sick and twisted. She derives much sadistic pleasure in playing mind games with others. She is excellent at debate and the art of verbal warfare, hanging others with their own arguments and beliefs. Situation depending, Conquest will sometimes feign a serious attitude, as if she isn’t debating simply for her own amusement or trying to discern her opponent’s thumbscrew. Other times, the taunting smirk on her face makes it plainly clear that she’s just messing with people and they can’t do anything about it. Unlike her brother, Tyrannus, Conquest is evasive and ambiguous. Aside of her family and her loyalty to the Decepticon Empire, she makes it extremely difficult for others to tell where they stand with her. She enjoys keeping others guessing and is unpredictable.

    Conquest’s work is also a source of entertainment for her. She enjoys setting up lengthy and elaborate gauntlets for her unsuspecting prey to negotiate only to find themselves in a trap or dead end, where she finally slags them. She watches her victim with her trademark amusement all the while lying in wait for them at the end.

    Despite extreme differences in personality, Conquest and her brother, Tyrannus are close and can work well together.


    Conquest is extremely intelligent and can think quickly on her feet. She is very observant, especially when it comes to interacting with others; and she can quickly determine what makes someone tick and what their thumbscrews are, giving her power over them. She is also creative and not afraid to experiment.

    Because she likes to play games with her prey, Conquest is either not very skilled at using her time efficiently or simply chooses not to. This can be something of an annoyance to her comrades who would rather complete the mission and get it over with. Also, not sniping her victim at the earliest opportunity increases the possibility of the prey escaping or something being fouled up.