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    just been doing some thinking, and yes like the title says just a bit of speculation.

    But what's everyone's thinking on that following the rants of Sam in ROTF regarding inter dimensional travels, the disastrous failure of sentinels plan in DOTM, coupled with the introduction to the movieverse of Optimus and megatrons histories for the first time....could this be a sort of shattered glass based film and that is some sort of shattered glass Optimus ( I've heard this mentioned on these forums before because of his purple/pink eyes) also as a possibility what if the structure him and bee is fighting on and TRF is a branch of cobra that structure could be the terrordrome!? If it's not SG Optimus then it could be cobra/TRF or even a Isaac sumdac SG type character fitting control collars onto transformers that TRF have captured, and maybe Optimus crashes back to earth or something....

    Anyway pure speculation and me maybe making a bit of a stretch here, But so what, what do you think folks....