Customs: Commission for Alternator Repaint w/ slight mods

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Coltello, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Hey there, I'm looking for a quote for the projects below before I want any of these customized. Please provide prices for each project, thank you.

    Alternator Meister -> G1 Cartoon accurate Jazz
    - Slight repaint with custom stripe decals application
    - Maybe a slight mod to add a spoiler
    - Some G1 toy homages added (sponsor decals, etc.)

    Alternator Ricochet -> G1 Cartoon accurate Prowl
    - Repaint into Prowl with custom decals application
    - Spoiler removal & addition of a lightbar on top

    Alternator Silverstreak -> G1 Cartoon accurate Bluestreak
    - Repaint hood, roof, window moldings, trunk, etc. into black
    - Custom decal application

    Alternator Ricochet -> G1 Cartoon accurate Smokescreen
    - Repaint with custom decal application
    - Possible spoiler replacement

    May add more details, but those are the basics. I will provide the figures. After a deal is reached, I want the project to be done and shipped in no longer than 3 weeks. Want to deal with US customizers only to save money. Please let me know your prices or any questions you may have down below. Thank you!