Customs: Commission CHALLENGE! - Legends/Scout Cliffjumper.

Discussion in 'Requests' started by destrongerlupus, May 31, 2009.

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    So, I'm on a commission binge, and have figured out how I want to get one of my top-priority projects done-

    I want a Legends/Scout Scale Cliffjumper.

    Thing is I have a MAJOR pet peeve about CJs being BB repaints. Yes they shared a transformation-scheme in G1, but Cliffy's a Porsche, and BB's a Bug, they should not be mold-mates, unless there's some major re-tooling.

    So these are the rules:

    Legends or Scout scale
    NO BumbleBee's can be involved
    "Classics/Universe" style

    Interested parties should pitch me their design plans, reference-photos(links), and their estimated costs (No reasonable prices will be refused). First one that seems like a good formula gets their asking price.

    My last planned-bash was going to be from Legends HotRod (Vehicle mode was pretty close...) but something more Porsche'y and closer to his traditional Tf-scheme would be better still (Heavily modded Legend-Jazz of some flavor?).

    Please PM me, or feel free to post pitches in the thread, and we can discuss details over PM, I'm easy to work with :)