Comics for the Week: 09/21

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    JSA: Classified #2-3: For some reason, my comic shop had them both up on the new releases rack this week. Having only recently found one, I snagged them both. Fun reads.

    New Avengers #10: The inevitable conclusion to The Sentry arc. Almost makes me want to buy the Sentry TP ... until I remember that's $25.

    Mister Miracle #1 (of 4): For those wondering who the hell Shiloh Hobel is, and why he's playing Mister Miracle, there are no answers here. However, there IS what seems to be the beginning of a possible New Gods reboot, with some intriging possibilities.

    Day of Vengeance #6 (of 6): So it's becoming more and more obvious that the conclusion to every one of the IC mini-series is going to be that the absolute worst thing happens. What that means in this case is probably not what you think. Also, Black Alice looks to be bailing on Shadowpact, for those of you who hate her.

    The Incredible Hulk #86: No, it's not new; I just never saw it on the rack. The conclusion to the House of M arc -- or as I call it, "The Hulk Smash Comedy Variety Hour". Hands down the best of the House of M tie-ins.

    Strangers in Paradise #76: (Re-)enter Freddie. Also, Terry Moore says that he's written "the final SiP story arc and will be working through it over the next year and a half". DOH!

    Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 (of 5):
    "There's something wrong with my ring. It's not working on yellow." "It's a rookie thing."

    Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005: Todd Nauck is back! Well, for a few pages, anyway. A lot more story and backup features than your typical Secret Files issue.

    Supergirl #2: Yawn. Jeph Loeb should know better -- or maybe he doesn't care now that he's jumped ship.