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    I'm just starting to get back to collecting comics again after a couple years away due to finances. One of the first things I did was to open up Comic Collector Live to review what all I was missing. However, I discovered that it would not show any comics beyond what was already in my database from a couple years ago unless I purchase an annual subscription. I thought I remembered the software being free, so I was a little discouraged at that point. I decided to take the opportunity to review my options, and was hoping for some feedback.

    There seem to be three main options: ComicBase, Comic Collector, and Comic Collector Live. CCL has the advantage that I wouldn't have to re-enter most of my collection, but I'm not crazy about the annual subscription cost for the features provided when I last used it. ComicBase sounds like the most powerful of the three, but seems to restrict many features to higher-cost subscription versions. The low-end versions don't seem to stack up to the competition, while the higher-end versions seem like too-expensive overkill.'s software seems to have all the main features I want, including an Android app, apparently no subscription fee, and supposedly lifetime free updates for purchasing the pro edition according to an old review I read. However, it appears to be a generic collecting software with a comic edition rather than a dedicated comics program, so I wonder how it really stacks up to the dedicated options. I also don't see any mention of update costs on the actual web site, so I don't know if that lifetime free update option still exists.

    Do any of you have any experience with any of these, or any other options I may have missed? If so, I'd really appreciate any advice you may have.