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    Hi Everyone!

    Instead of having a million threads I decided to make just this one for all my wants.

    Firstly there is a few things that must be mentioned before diving into my list.

    I am a Canadian, I live up north, I'm fully aware of the higher shipping costs associated with my country, I under stand I may or may not face taxes on my imports. This is no ones fault by my own gov, they suck but I deal with it and take it in stride.

    I really don't mind loose toys, they do not have to be in package unless other wise stated. It does keep the cost of shipping down which is nice. I'm currently only seeking complete intact figures.

    I will only pay threw paypal and I do not send money as a 'gift', this causes to many problems. I am however fine with covering the fees associated with going threw the 'goods and services' route.

    I even have a handy dandy link for calculating fees! The Fee Calculator - Calculate PayPal merchant fees for credit cards

    For really expensive items I would very much appreciate a payment plan so I do not murder my wallet. Wallet murder is not fun for anyone.

    Note: With the Canadian dollar having tanked so badly over the last few years I'm hoping that we can engage in a layaway program of sorts, one that is fair and equitable to both parties :D  Not everything mind you just anything with a bigger then average ticket price. Thank you for you're considerations in advance.

    All this can however be discussed in private messaging.

    My list of wants/needs will be in the second post :D 

    My big want will be found in the 3rd post with an image :D 

    4th post will have a record of all acquired toys :) 

    Thanks for reading everyone, much appreciated!
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    Black - Don't have these yet
    Green - Have these already
    Red - Priority
    Blue - low Priority

    NOTE: I'm only looking for complete and intact figures

    Currently Seeking

    Dr. Wu Kits & Other Upgrade Kits
    DW-TP03 Max Power: Silver version - x2
    DW-TP04 Destroyer - Optimus Prime swords
    DW-TP06 Sage - Blue version
    DW-TP07 Courageous - Blue version
    DW-TP01DE Thunderclap (Dark Energon Version)
    DW-TP10 - Full Gear Xmas Version - I have HAMMER! WANT GUN!!
    DW-P06 Partners Set of 2
    DW-P14 Rear Guard Arm Cannon Set of 3
    DW-P11 Energy Cube Pink & Purple only - Have the cards already
    DMY D-05 Pharaonic Add On Kit American Version
    DMY D-05 Pharaonic Add On Kit Japanese Version Limited Edition
    SXS-F01A - Jetpack Upgrade Kit - U.S.

    Shapeways Kits
    Fakebasker's Knockout kit With Shoulder Spalders - they are gone from the kit but I would like a pair if anyone has them.
    Soundwave Tentacles
    Starscream Kit + left blaster

    Generation 2

    Generation 2 Megatron - The ugly green tank. I lost mine to a fall a few years ago, looking to replace him.

    Tranformers Prime

    Hasbro First Edition Delux Megatron
    Cyberverse Commander Class Skyquake
    Cyberverse Commander Class Dreadwing
    Transformers Prime Cyberverse EZ-SP2 Decepticons Set
    Transformers Prime Cyberverse EZ-SP1 Autobot Team
    Takara First Edition Delux Starscream
    Takara First Edition Delux Megatron


    Transformers Arms Micron AM-34 Jet Vehicon General
    Transformers Arms Micron AM-16 Jet Vehicon
    Transformers Prime First Edition Vehicon
    BotCon 2014 Pounce
    BotCon 2014 Wingspan
    Transformers Prime Revealers / Deluxe Vehicon
    Transformers Arms Micron AM-14 Decepticon Vehicon (Car Type)
    Transformers Adventure TAV-28 Ground Vehicon General
    Transformers Prime Ace Vehicon
    Transformers Prime Air Vehicon (Legion Class)
    Transformers Arms Micron EG-12 Jet Vehicon (Legion Class)
    Transformers Prime Vehicon (Legion Class)
    Transformers Arms Micron EZ-SP2 Vehicon (from EZ-SP2 6-pack)

    Takara Arms Micron Series

    Arms Micron AM-01 Optimus Prime
    Arms Micron AM-02 Bumblebee
    Arms Micron AM-03 Cliffjumper
    Arms Micron AM-04 Ratchet
    Arms Micron AM-05 Megatron
    Arms Micron AM-06 Skywarp

    Arms Micron AM-07 Starscream
    Arms Micron AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper
    Arms Micron AM-09 Soundwave
    Arms Micron AM-10 Bulkhead
    Arms Micron AM-11 Arcee
    Arms Micron AM-12 War Breakdown
    Arms Micron AM-13 Medic Knockout
    Arms Micron AM-14 Vehicon
    Arms Micron AM-15 Darkness Megatron
    Arms Micron AM-16 Jet Vehicon
    Arms Micron AM-17 Swerve
    Arms Micron AM-18 Airachnid
    Arms Micron AM-19 Gaia Unicron
    Arms Micron AM-19 Nightmare Unicron
    Arms Micron AM-20 Ironhide
    Arms Micron AM-21 Arms Master Optimus Prime
    Arms Micron AM-22 Dreadwing
    Arms Micron AM-23 Wheeljack
    Arms Micron AM-24 Silas Breakdown
    Arms Micron AM-25 Nemesis Prime
    Arms Micron AM-26 Smokescreen
    Arms Micron AM-27 Ultra Magnus
    Arms Micron AM-28 Leo Prime
    Arms Micron AM-29 Shockwave
    Arms Micron AM-30 Rumble
    Arms Micron AM-31 Frenzy
    Arms Micron AM-32 Stunt Wild Rider
    Arms Micron AM-33 Final Battle Megatron
    Arms Micron AM-34 Jet Vehicon General

    Other Arms Micron Toys

    Battle Shield Optimus - Japanese Toys R' Us Exclusive
    Terrorcon Bumblebee -AEON Exclusive
    Gatling Bumblebee
    Arms Micron Delux Thundercracker - Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Electronics and EIDON group stores Exclusive
    Arms Micron AM-EX Orion Pax - Bic Camera and Joshin Kids' Land Exclusive

    Arms Microns Singles

    Arms Micron - Aimless
    Arms Micron - Blowpipe
    Arms Micron - Peaceman
    Arms Micron - Autobot Firebolt Clear Yellow Version
    Arms Micron - Vector Oracle
    Arms Micron - Autobot Firebolt
    Arms Micron - Shadow Balo
    Arms Micron - Shadow C.L.
    Arms Micron - Shadow Gora
    Arms Micron - Shadow R.A.
    Arms Micron - Shining B.2
    Arms Micron - Shining O.P.
    Arms Micron - Hellflame Gul
    Arms Micron - Hellflame Jida
    Arms Micron - Hellflame Noji
    Arms Micron - Hellflame Zamu
    Arms Micron - Optimus Prime Blaster (Red Versions)
    Arms Micron - Shining R.A. GR
    Arms Micron - Shining R.A. P
    Arms Micron - Shining R.A. R
    Arms Micron - Shining R.A. Y

    Arms Micron - Pure Energon B.2
    Arms Micron - Golden O.P.
    Arms Micron - Golden Hades
    Arms Micron - Pure Energon O.P.

    Gacha Arms Microns

    Special Edition Sets - Clear Purple and Clear Blue
    Optimus Prime Blaster
    Bumblebee Sword

    Zad - Black
    Zad - Pink
    Gob - Black
    Gob - Black
    Arcee Blade
    Bulkhead Knuckle
    Megatron Cannon

    Dado - Orange Body
    Dado - Grey Body
    Ratchet Spanner
    Wheeljack Kunai
    Starscream Boomerang

    Dobo - Dark Green Body
    Dobo - Red Body

    Arms Micron Weapon series

    AMW-01 Gabu
    AMW-02 Baru
    AMW-03 Dai
    AMW-04 C.L. GR
    AMW-05 Balo G
    AMW-06 Jida R
    AMW-07 Pral
    AMW-08 Sais
    AMW-09 Jayz
    AMW-10 Zori M
    AMW-11 B.H. B
    AMW-12 Arc S

    AMW-13 Arms Micron Ultimate 5 Piece Set Advanced Star Saber
    AMW-14 Arms Micron Ultimate 5 Piece Set Gravity Planet Bowgun


    Shining Optimus Prime Blaster (Light clear Blue version)
    Ex - Clear Red
    Geki - Clear Blue
    Go - Clear Green
    Sen - Clear Purple
    Shou - Clear Orange

    TRU Thundercracker
    MP-03G Starscream Ghost
    MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock Reissue w/ Crown in Coin-Shaped Holder & Flame Sword
    MP-10 Optimus Prime w/ trailer

    Diorama/Scene Setting Fun Things
    Light up Energon Cubes!
    Energon cubes in general

    Not Transformers Things!
    Final Fantasy X-2 - Yuna - ARTFX Statue - 1/6 - Her box got dropped during a recent move and her skirt broke, got glued poorly, looking for replacment.

    Final Fantasy VII Play Arts VOL.2 Sephiroth - missing his spare hand would like to buy one from someone.
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    Major Wants

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    Log of Items Acquired From My Fellow Board Members

    A special thanks goes out to everyone that has ever sold to me :D 

    Perfect Effect Aranea - ss4steve
    Henkei Voyager Dark Skyfire - transformer8448
    Walmart Masterpiece Skywarp - Big Filipino
    Transformers Prime AM- 12 War Breakdown - Big Filipino
    Transformers Prime Skyquake - Big Filipino
    Transformers Prime AM-05 Megatron - PredaconTheKing
    Transformers Prime AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper - PredaconTheKing
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    Pm sent
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