Minor/Repaint: Combiner Wars Crankcase

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    Here is a Crankcase I started on from an Ironhide figure. It’s not ideal since you’d want to start from a gray/black body but I didn’t want to buy an extra figure :p . I saw a cab on Shapeways I’d like to add so this guy is about 70% done. In my mind this mold was 100% meant for this character. I'll touch up the remaining red areas once I get the cab.

    Mostly painted by hand..airbrushed the face. As usual, with hand brushing..I use Tamiya paints(testors is no longer widely available). I use x-20 thinner (I sometime mix in Liquitex Slow Dri if I think i'll have a problem with brush strokes, but it can dull the finish a bit).

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