Minor/Repaint: Combiner Wars Bluestreak/Silverstreak

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    So I know a few other people have done this idea already, but there was something I really disagreed with and that was the mold choice. Most of the customs I found were repainting Prowl's mold, but I think Deadend's vehicle matched Bluestreak MUCH better. I also didn't want him to have exactly Prowl's head either, a shorter crest was definitely needed.

    But instead of simply using a CW Prowl head, I made a mold of it and made a new head out of clear resin. This way I got to give the head some nice blue light-piping when painted with a single coat of Testor's blue metallic flake. I also tried my hand at making a resin copy of CW Fireflight's gun...with mixed results honestly. The shoulder rockets were actually just a pair of spare guns I had lying around. I originally custom-made shoulder rockets out of a junker CW hand, but they were awkwardly small once actually put on the shoulders.

    Strangely the black I spray-painted would not take the varnish. I ended up having to settle for a silver circle ontop of the car since any black paint would rub off anyways. Testor's Silver holds beautifully, Testor's black appearently not so much.

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