Minor/Repaint: Combiner wars: Blast off head swap tutorial(pic heavy)

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    • Not sure if this has already been done! Not really a tutorial, but you can use it to be if you want to do so as well!
    • So I was always bothered by blast offs head of the combiner wars series, considering the blast off was a straight repaint of a superion figure.
      With the head masters, I loved that the apeface mini figure pack, had a face that looked like blast offs.
      That is where this project comes in. It will not be close or any where near as accurate as the unite warriors blast off, of course.
    I started with the normal figure

    For the apeface gun and head, I removed the legs via pin push technique.

    a little side by side of the heads.

    I started by taking the figure apart, and clipping the ball joint off with pliers. With the head off of course. I just popped it back in there.

    If you notice, it is a thick piece of plastic. Not hollow at all.

    This is where the dremel came in. Using the small grinder head, I made a nice sized hole.

    To make the shape for the new head, I used an xacto to carve the square shape into the plastic, and dremel to dig into the lower parts to get space.

    and test fit, it goes in like a glove.


    I freaking love it. Way better than the other head, thats for sure.
    before: 9.jpg
    after: 10.jpg 11.jpg

    best part, you are able to swap it with other heads now of the head masters line.


    for those curious, yes it still is able to transform just fine.

    The little hands on the back of the head gives it a cool effect when lowered.

    For arm mode:
    Considering you cannot make this head look up like you do for the old head, it is some sort of an issue.
    I solved that by moving the hands on the new head. Like so. That way, just the face plate part fits into the jet head.




    Leg mode is somewhat different. unless you push the head into the hip, its some what a small fuss to get it in. I avoid that by removing the head. Since, it is now a headmaster. haha

    Group shot is required of course.

    Lastly is if i decide to paint it brown for screen accuracy. Funny the purple fits right in.
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