Minor/Repaint: Combiner Rising : Menasor (1/3)

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    Splitting this into three threads accross three days so it doesn't get too cluttered.

    This first one is a very small effort, I took Deadend+Breakdown+Dragstrip and gave them some more paint apps:

    - Repainted the arms to match the vehicle doors.
    - Some silver details and purple/yellow lights around the body.
    - Did not like his pipe weapon. Seemed ineffective as a melee weapon, and absolutely stupid as a gun(curved pipes do not shoot straight). So I made him a pair of Exhaust Pipe Grim Scythes (EPGS).
    Since I only had one pipe, I made the second out of resin, then I filled the backings on both with contour putty and drilled a barrel into them. The handle on the resin piece doesn't look great, but it certainly has no problems in either durability or being held(it's actually more secure than the plastic one).
    IMG_3879.png IMG_3884.png IMG_3883.png IMG_3886.png
    IMG_3880.png IMG_3881.png IMG_3917.png IMG_3918.png

    - Just some silver details mostly.
    - Also added a second colour of blue to this paintscheme to help break his palette up. Both more metallic and brighter, he is a "Stunt"icon afterall.
    - Repainted the front windshield to get rid of that "15RACING" logo on it(why hasbro?).
    IMG_3867.png IMG_3868.png IMG_3869.png IMG_3912.png IMG_3913.png IMG_3914.png

    - Silver/purple detailings.
    - Added a new shade of maroon accross the figure to break up all the yellow. This is LESS G1 accurate than the original toy was, but I'm not a fan of Dragstrip's G1 colorscheme.
    - Repainted the face. It really had a nice serial killer vibe to me, but the paint scheme was too bright and cheery.
    - Following that serial killer vibe, I decided to give his axe a very rusted and dirty blade with energon spills all over it. Repainted the edge silver afterwards, wouldn't want his murder toy to be dull afterall.
    - Since all the Stunticons had weapons that could be both a gun or a melee weapon, I gave Dragstrip an entirely new double chain cannon made out of two Alpha Bravo Guns(not a fan of those guns anyways since they're hollow on one side).
    IMG_3871.png IMG_3872.png IMG_3874.png IMG_3878.png
    IMG_3876.png IMG_3877.png IMG_3915.png IMG_3916.png

    Tomorrow I'll reveal the fourth member of the Stunticons...And it's not Offroad or Wild Rider.
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