Combiner hand fingers (tutorial)

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    This tutorial will help you add individual fingers to Combiner Wars style hands, this is a Potp Novastar hand, so it works on any kind.

    First you'll nee a few things, a pin punch , jewelers saw, dremel with thin discs, small hammer, needle nose pliers.

    start by removing the thumbs, as they just get in the way.

    then attempt to find the scored end of the finger pin, it's usually not as far in as the other side . (see picture, protruding out of hand on left side.)


    you'll take the pin punch and press firmly until it clicks, that will pump the spring inside the punch and slowly pop the pin out. This takes time, but once you get the scored end out, use the needlenose pliers to pull the pin out.
    20181203_222436356_iOS.jpg 20181203_222453461_iOS.jpg 20181203_222517882_iOS.jpg

    Next take the dremel and jewelers saw and slowly cut each finger apart, be careful as there isn't much between the fingers and you could easily end up with a deformed finger or 2. I recommend trying this out on an extra hand first.
    20181203_222530275_iOS.jpg 20181203_222622315_iOS.jpg

    Once all the fingers are separated , push the pin back in adding 1 finger at a time.
    Make sure the scored end of the pin is last to go in, or this will be a lot harder to do.
    20181203_232523474_iOS.jpg 20181203_232530300_iOS.jpg
    Use the pin punch to push the scored end in to avoid damaging the hand
    I only added the 1 thumb as i hate the 2 thumb thing.
    This one is for @Vangelus
    Rock out and enjoy cheap articulation
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