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    Just putting an idea out there, I wanted to gather community thoughts on this.

    Personally, and some of you may find this blasphemous, but what if there were color-matched autobot/decepticon logos/decals/transfers/stickers that one could use to place on their figures that would result in a more stealth proclamation of their faction allegiance?

    I've always kind of thought that this whole "robots in disguise" thing doesn't work so much with a huge visible crest on a car's hood, or plane wings, etc.

    • What if there was a sleek black autobot logo, with no outlines to place on trailbreaker's hood? Or a yellow one for TigerTrack?
    • Or perhaps a blue decepticon logo for Thundercracker's wings?

    This could provide a more ghosted faction look, yet still show their affiliation just in a more stealth way, (as if actually in disguise). It would also potentially look fairly slick.

    Thoughts? No? Good idea? You want some, right?
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    I'd be into seeing them give it a try first with something of fairly minor importance, like a new minicon group in RID perhaps, to gauge reaction first.

    Match the color and make the insignias out of that heat-activated colored paint! Put your finger on it and it goes from the matched (stealthy) color to a different, very noticeable color!