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    Howdy folks in the U S of A, I've decided to cross-post my sales stuff here over from because Canadians just aren't in a buying mood currently I guess. Or I've got a bad selection.

    I am selling the following items loose complete, all prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping costs not included, calculations will be made based on postal codes of purchasing parties. Serious buyers only please, and please be aware that due to my job I can only get to the post office on Weekends for shipping and shipment quotes.

    Now, on to the stuff.

    Transformers Movie Series Lot 140$:
    Movie 1 Autobot Jazz
    Movie 1 Bonecrusher
    Movie 1 Stockade
    HftD Ironhide
    HftD Insecticon
    HftD Backfire
    RotF Sideswipe
    RotF Dirge
    RotF Scattorshot
    RotF Ransack
    RotF Scalpel
    RotF Stalker Scorponok
    RotF Rampage
    RotF Autobot Skids
    RotF Recon Ravage
    RotF Sonar
    DotM Major Sparkplug/Autobot Whirl
    DotM Private Dedcliff/Sandstorm
    DotM Autobot Skids
    DotM Mudflap
    DotM Darksteel

    Dark of the Moon Shockwave Loose Complete w/Box/Instructions 35$

    Transformers Animated:
    Wreck-Gar 25$

    Miscellaneous Transformers:
    World's Smallest Transformers wave 2.5 Thrust with box 10$
    Cybertron Longrack 20$
    Cybertron Brimstone 20$
    Energon Doom-Lock 5$
    Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime 20$
    Classics Bumblebee 20$
    Classics Optimus Prime/Megatron Deluxe 2-Pack 30$
    Generations Red Alert 20$
    Generations Scourge 20$
    Universe Silverstreak 20$
    Universe Cyclonus/Nightstick 20$

    All of the figures are loose complete with instructions and bio cards, condition unless otherwise mentioned is roughly C8.5-9 as they were mostly used for display.

    Thank you for your time.