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    ** Shipping to continental US only! **

    The time has come for me to sell off a majority of my collection to fund other collecting endeavors. Most of these have been in plastic bins for years and would be better served in others’ collections! I have prices in mind for some items, but feel free to send offers! I’m not necessarily looking to get eBay prices, but I would like to stick somewhat close to value.

    Pictures of MOST of what is for sale are included here…

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet



    All of the following figures are still sealed in their original packaging, all of which is in good to excellent condition. Inquire for specifics...

    • 25th Anniversary Soundwave (SDCC Ex.)
    • Animated Shockwave vs Bumblebee (Target Ex.)
    • Commemorative Edition Soundwave (TRU Ex.)
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Cybetronian Megatron
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Cybetronian Soundwave
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Scourge
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Thundercracker
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Warpath ***SOLD***
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Wheeljack
    • Generations (CHUG) Fall of Cybertron G2 Bruticus (Combiner, 5 Deluxes)
    • TF2007 Deep Space Starcream (Target Ex.)
    • TF2007 Evolution of a Hero (Bumblebee 2-pk)
    • TF2007 Voyager Megatron (Metallic Best Buy Ex.)
    • TF2007 Voyager Ratchet (Metallic Best Buy Ex.)
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Deluxe Big Daddy
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Deluxe Grindcore
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Deluxe Jolt
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher
    • Reveal the Shield (CHUG) Deluxe G2 Optimus Prime
    • Reveal the Shield (CHUG) Rodimus vs Cyclonus (Battle in Space)
    • ROTF Deluxe Recon Ravage
    • ROTF Human Alliance Leadfoot (Target Ex.)
    • ROTF Skywarp (Walmart Ex.)
    • ROTF The Fallen (Target Ex. Burning Repaint)
    • TLK Combiner Infernocus (Walmart Ex.)
    • TLK Deluxe Autobot Hot Rod (Walmart Ex.)
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Sideswipe

    Loose Figures

    A lot of these figures are complete, and many with instructions. As they’ve been living in bins for years, I may have to do some research and digging to identify the correct accessories for each, but I do have most everything. Inquire for specifics...

    • Classics (CHUG) Constructicon Devastator
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Bumblebee
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Cliffjumper
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Megatron (OP 2-pack)
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Ramjet
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Skywarp
    • Classics (CHUG) Deluxe Starscream
    • Classics (CHUG) Voyager Jetfire
    • Classics (CHUG) Voyager Megatron
    • Classics (CHUG) Voyager Ultra Magnus
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Drift ***SOLD***
    • Generations (CHUG) Deluxe Thrust
    • Generations (CHUG) Voyager Blitzwing
    • Transformers (CHUG) Deluxe Jazz
    • Transformers (CHUG) Voyager Sea Spray
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Cyclonus
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Hound
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Ironhide
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Prowl
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Starscream
    • Universe (CHUG) Deluxe Sunstreaker
    • Universe (CHUG) Ultra Countdown (TRU Ex.) ***SOLD***
    • Universe (CHUG) Ultra Hardhead (Walmart Ex.)
    • Universe (CHUG) Ultra Onslaught
    • Universe (CHUG) Ultra Silverbolt
    • Universe (CHUG) Voyager Inferno
    • TF2007 Deluxe Bumblebee (Classic Camaro) ***SOLD***
    • TF2007 Deluxe Jazz
    • TF2007 Deluxe Swindle
    • TF2007 Deluxe Wreckage
    • TF2007 Deluxe Dreadwing ***SOLD***
    • TF2007 Deluxe Dropkick
    • TF2007 Deluxe Longarm
    • TF2007 Megatron (Unleashed Statue)
    • TF2007 Scout Armorhide (Target Ex.)
    • TF2007 Voyager Ironhide
    • TF2007 Voyager Robo-Vision Optimus Prime (Target Ex.)
    • TF2007 Voyager Starscream
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Voyager Incinerator
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Voyager Evac
    • TF2007 / Allspark Power Deluxe Landmine
    • ROTF Deluxe Fearswoop (Walmart Ex.)
    • ROTF Deluxe Lockdown (Animated style) ***SOLD***
    • ROTF Scout Ransack
    • ROTF Deluxe Jolt
    • ROTF Deluxe Mudflap
    • ROTF Deluxe Rampage
    • ROTF Deluxe Ratchet
    • ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe
    • ROTF Deluxe Sideways
    • ROTF Deluxe Skids
    • ROTF Deluxe Skids/Mudflap (ice cream truck)
    • ROTF Human Alliance Arcee
    • ROTF Human Alliance Chromia
    • ROTF Legends Devastator ***SOLD***
    • ROTF Legends Ravage ***SOLD***
    • ROTF Supreme Devastator
    • ROTF Voyager Grindor
    • ROTF Voyager Megatron
    • ROTF Voyager Mindwipe ***SOLD***
    • ROTF Voyager Recon Ironhide ***SOLD***
    • ROTF Voyager Starscream ***SOLD***
    • DOTM Deluxe Crankcase
    • DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime (Walmart Ex.)
    • DOTM Deluxe Ratchet
    • DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster
    • DOTM Deluxe Starscream
    • DOTM Deluxe Topspin
    • DOTM Voyager Fireburst Optimus Prime
    • DOTM Voyager Megatron
    • AOE Deluxe Lockdown
    • AOE Deluxe Scorn
    • AOE Deluxe Slug
    • AOE Leader Grimlock
    • AOE Leader Optimus Prime (backpack removal mod)
    • AOE One-Step-Changer Lockdown
    • TLK Deluxe Barricade
    • TLK Deluxe Berzerker ***SOLD***
    • TLK Voyager Optimus Prime ***SOLD***
    • Generations Deluxe Optimus Prime (Target Ex., from Grimlock 2pk)
    • Generations (?) Deluxe Ironhide
    • Studio Series Deluxe Crowbar
    • (Unknown Bayverse) Deluxe Bumblebee
    • Titanium Series Rodimus Prime (Cybertron Heroes)
    • Animated Deluxe Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
    • Animated Leader Megatron
    • Animated Voyager Shockwave
    • Animated Voyager Starscream
    • Cybertron Deluxe Cannonball
    • Cybertron Deluxe Downshift (x2)
    • Cybertron Deluxe Excellion (x2)
    • Cybertron Deluxe Thundercracker
    • Cybertron Scout Shattorshot
    • Cybertron Voyager Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
    • Energon Voyager Shockblast (Shockwave)
    • Generations Deluxe Cybertronian Bumblebee ***SOLD***
    • Generations Deluxe Cybertronian Shockwave
    • Generations Voyager Cybertronian Grimlock
    • Generations Voyager Cybertronian Soundwave (FOC)
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    How much for WFC Soundwave?
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    Pm’d you on a couple of figures.