Cobra's Toy's G1 Trade/Want lists

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    Here's My Updated Trade List:

    Pics available upon request

    Have For trade:

    Classics: Bumblebee good for parts has crack in windshield no trailer


    Dirge: missing missles and instructions

    Everything else i have 4 trade is original G1

    G1 Parts pieces:

    Prowl: Instruction book with complete weapon set gun, launchers, 2 missles and 1 missle on tree

    Smokescreen: weapon set, gun, launchers, 3 missles moderate crome wear

    Hotspot/defensor: large black gun
    Red Alert: missle x2, gun, launcher
    Dragstrip: gun
    Motormaster: Sword some crome wear, cyclone gun
    Bruticus/onslaught: Large double barrel cannon, left and right fists, waist belt
    Omega Supream: left and right hands both form rocket
    Jetfire:gun clip
    Swoop: missle x2
    Slag: missle
    Snarl: missle
    Rodimus Prime: gun guard
    Cyclonus: rifle
    Galvatron: rifle
    Ultra Magnus waist
    Predaking: left fist
    Thundercracker right wing, horizontal left wing
    Starscream: small rocket
    Devastator: large rifle
    Blitzwing: small rocket x2
    Ratchet: red connector
    Grimlock: rifle
    Smokescreen weapon set gun, launchers, 3 missles moderate crome wear
    Rumble/Frenzy crome gun set very light wear
    Rumble/Frenzy gold crome gun set excellent
    Bombshell: rifle excellent crome


    Peacemaker for pointblank
    Pinpointer for crosshairs
    Blowpipe for Triggerhappy (no barrel)

    Bots for Trade:

    Cromedome: c8 complete unbroken worn stickers includes reproduction set

    Thundercracker c9.5 complete no book, tec or stickers (factory stickers only) no stickers applied Flawless Excellent for loose grade

    Octane: complete c8.5 light cromewear

    Optimus Prime Complete trailer just need cab otherwise everything is there for complete optimus prime

    Darkwing: c8 unbroken but bot only reproduction stickers