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    ok then, never done this before but I've given up trying to find them on ebay. I can pay with a United States Postal Money Order, I do not have Pay Pal.

    I am looking for the following figures, They don't have to be MISB, or even MIB, they can be loose, in played with condition so long as they are complete and unbroken. if you have any of these, and Postal Money Orders are acceptable forms of payment, drop me a PM and let me know. Maybe we can work something out.

    Universe 2008 Ratchet*
    Universe 2008 Inferno
    Universe 2008 Brawn
    Universe 2008 Cosmos
    Universe 2008 Wheelie
    Universe 2008 Beachcomber
    Universe 2008 Bumblebee
    Universe 2008 Warpath
    Henkai legends Cliffjumper

    *in ratchets case he dosen't even have to have his gun since I hate that anyway.