Minor/Repaint: Classics Cliffjumper Graffiti Graphics paint removal

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Grneclipse9902, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Ok here's what I've been up to today: I've been reading online about different ways to clean up Classic CJ's graffiti graphics, and experimented with "Tea Tree Oil" (which was suggested by sdtessman of TFCC customizing classes in earlier discussions here on TFW). It's an medicinal ointment, but was said to work wonders on paint removal.
    Here's what I discovered:
    1) yes, it works
    2) has that strong Ben-Gay smell to it
    3) rinse, but do not use soap after paint removal.
    4) LOTS of elbow grease/patience (it takes some effort)
    5) It WILL remove all paint it touches
    6) Does not dull plastic as much as a nail polish remover/acetone product.
    7) Do not use a Gundam Marker paint remover for anything other than spot removal. (No entire sections)
    8) After removing the silver paint from the roof, you will have to pretty much repaint the entire roof because it is clear plastic underneath.
    9) not perfect results, but gets the job done without repainting the entire figure.
    10) Tea Tree Oil is found in the first-aid section of the Walmart pharmacy, and cost $8.88

    This is still a work in progress, but you can pretty much see how it'll look(Has MGS-04 upgrade pieces for the rear spoiler and front bumper. Paint was removed from bumper also).

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    That's pretty awesome. Never heard of this as a paint remover. But, now I know. Thanks for the tip. :)