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    Selling a lil bit of everything. Pls don't post on here, pm me only. usually go off ebay prices just like everybody else on here so pls dont pm me offering 5 bucks shipped for my titan metroplex bc you will be ignored. PayPal only.

    botcon megaplex kit
    prid megs galvatron Kit
    autobot swords and shields orange sold
    autobot swords and shields blue sold
    decepticon swords and shields green
    decepticon swords and shields purple
    hearts of steel red axe sold
    meow gun set
    hearts of steel black axe sold
    hearts of steel new orange axe sold
    hot rod guns black
    hot rod guns clear orange
    hubcap kit
    goldbug kit
    etc see pics
    20210817_101158_Burst01.jpg 20210817_100752.jpg 20210817_100731.jpg 20210817_100652.jpg 20210817_100637.jpg 20210817_100613.jpg 20210817_100555.jpg 20210817_100405.jpg 20210817_100115.jpg 20210817_100100.jpg 20210817_100025.jpg 20210817_100013.jpg 20210817_095840.jpg 20210817_095830.jpg 20210817_095723.jpg 20210817_095238.jpg 20210817_095018.jpg 20210817_094959.jpg 20210817_094841.jpg 20210817_094800.jpg 20210817_094612.jpg 20210817_025202.jpg 20210817_025149.jpg 20210817_025133_Burst01.jpg

    titans return:
    misfire loose with 3rd party stickers
    misfire new
    chaos on velocitron prime loose
    chaos on velocitron quickswitch loose
    chaos on velocitron rodimus head loose
    chaos on velocitron autobot clone loose
    chaos on velocitron box and paperwork
    megatron used
    galvatron used
    takara galvatron used

    dinobots new
    abominus bots new

    combiner wars:
    devastator used
    victorion new
    computron new
    liokaser new
    g2 superion used
    superion loose
    takara swindle loose
    takara brawl loose
    armada megatron loose
    megatron tank loose

    35th megs new or loose
    soundblaster new

    Transformers takara cloud exclusives
    starscream loose, no box or paperwork
    shockwave loose, no box or paperwork
    prime mib complete sold

    THS01 cybertron/galaxy force prime/convoy mib sold
    THS02 g1 style prime/convoy used
    THS02B ehobby 1st edition exclusive g1 style black/ nemesis prime/convoy sold


    -Botcon 2013 new in baggie

    (Wave 4)
    Alpha Trion
    Slipstrike (Slipstream)

    KO Kold
    Gold Starscream deluxe classics loose
    Gold Konvoy loose complete
    Krystal Clear White translucent Konvoy loose complete, legs broke by hip. Super glued together and transforms just fine
    Blue Konvoy used
    Double shattered glass Konvoy used
    rodimus/wildrider missing one spoiler

    Mega Commander upgrade for Botcon 2013 Megaplex comes with helmet, 2 faces, fusion cannon and rifle which can be combined like the original machine wars figure

    Galvatron kit new for prid megs
    Galvatron kit installed on custom prid voyager megs
    autobot and decepticon sword and shields different colors
    Heart of steel black axe

    3rd party figures and addons like from Fansprojects, crazydevy, etc:
    1. *fansproject shadow commander armor with loose sdcc nemesis prime with both perfect effect addon shadow warrior targetmaster weapons & backpack used
    2. *fansproject shadow commander armor with nemesis prime both used
    3. *fansproject TFCON powered commander armor used with classics prime
    4. *fansproject city commander armor with missle launchers used and upgrade: new head, hammer, flag, etc
    5. *fansproject warbot aka springer 1st release used
    6. *fansproject warbot aka springer 2nd release new
    7. *mania king both versions used
    8. *tfc hercules mib 1st release, all 6 complete g1 type constructicons with error parts replaced and rage of hercules add on
    9. *fansproject sidearm sold
    10. *MIB crystal clear protector armor sold
    11. *fansproject blesser
    fansproject shadow schyther used
    fp shadow schyther loose
    Fp explorer used
    Fp munitioner used
    Fp warcry used
    Fp Flameblast used
    crazydevy g1 predaking wings, feet, hands, cannons, swords, etc used

    Robot Masters:
    12. *Optimus Prime/Convoy used
    13. *Beast Wars Megatron used
    14. *smokesniper used
    15. *Gigantbomb used
    16. *Black Star Saber & Victory Leo 2 Pack
    17. *Black Beast Convoy opened but never taken out of insert, opened only to look at figure
    18. *optimus primal
    19&20. *Starscream new X2
    21. *Thundercracker & Skywarp new
    22. *Hook MIB missing gun
    23. *Lio Convoy MIB sold
    24. *Rebirth Megatron/Reverse Convoy sold

    25. *Ratchet loose
    26. *Megatron used
    27. *Optimus Prime used
    28. *Galvatron loose
    29. *Cyclonus loose
    30. *Prowl loose
    31. *Grimlock loose
    33. *Starscream Loose
    34. *Thundercracker new
    35. *Skywarp loose (sold)
    36. *Thrust new
    37. *Dirge loose
    38. *Ramjet loose
    39. *Crystal Clear convoy loose
    40&41. *Strafe x2 new
    42&43. Minibots set x2 *brawn, cliffjumper and beachcomber.*
    44. *Minibots set loose 5 figures. *wheelie, beachcomber, brawn, warpath and cosmos
    45. *sunstreaker loose
    46. sideswipe loose
    47. *bumblebee loose
    48. Henkei jetfire used
    49. Henkei dark black jetfire new
    Silverstreak/bluestreak new
    hot rod/rodimus loose
    red alert loose

    50&51. *Cliffjumper new
    52. *Optimus prime vs megatron tank 2 pack new
    53. *Optimus prime used
    54. Megatron used
    55. *Mirage loose
    56. *Devastator giftset new 100 obo
    57. *sunstreaker missing gun and car ends/knee pads
    58. *Ratchet loose
    59. Dinobot loose complete
    60. Cheetor loose complete
    61. *Rodimus loose
    62. Bumblebee loose
    63. *Hound loose
    64. *Astrotrain loose
    65. *Grimlock loose
    66. Octane loose
    67. *Octane missing sheild
    68. *Onslaught used
    69. *Starscream loose
    70. Starscream loose
    71. *Universe white starscream loose
    72. *Prowl loose
    73. *Prowl loose custom painted
    74. *Hound loose missing ravage and gun
    75. *sunstreaker loose
    76. *Powerglide used
    77. Silverbolt used
    78. *wreckgar
    79. *Skyfall new
    80. *Inferno new
    81. *Onslaught new
    82. *Hardhead new
    83. *Hardhead used
    84. *Target exclusive ratbat vs Springer, ratbat sold
    85. *Target exclusive roadbuster vs dirge
    86. *Target exclusive roadbuster loose with nanobot upgrade kit
    87. *Jetfire used
    SDCC nemesis prime used
    mirage new
    ultra magnus loose no weapons, great for city commander not to good looking to display alone
    tru exclusive darkwing and countdown
    Target exclusive springer vs loose complete
    Smokescreen new
    Silverstreak/bluestreak new
    smokescreen loose complete
    challenge at cybertron 3 pack rodimus, galvatron and cyclonus used

    88. *Inferno new
    legends wheelie new
    legends warpath new
    legends rodimus new but card unglued
    legends bumblebee new

    Reveal the shield:
    89. *Grapple new
    Wreck-Gar new x3
    Bumblebee new x3
    G2 prime new
    Axor new
    Tomahawk new
    Perceptor used
    Mindset new
    Tracks new
    Fallback new
    Hailstorm new
    Rescue ratchet new
    Sidearm sideswipe new
    Terradive new x2

    90. *Rumble and Frenzy new
    91. *Ultra magnus used
    92. *Scourge new
    93. *Wreckgar new
    94. *Wreckgar new
    95. *Purple Megatron tank used
    96. *Warpath new
    97. *Tokyo Show Exclusive United Voyager black convoy used in box, classics nemesis prime repaint with red windows version
    98. *Tracks new
    99. *Grapple nee
    100. *Ehobby Autobot set Crystal clear sideburn/hot rod/rodimus, battle damaged kup but no junkion scrapheap.
    101. *Ehobby decepticons set of 3 crystal clear galvatron. Cyclonus and scourge
    102. jazz used
    103. *Ehobby crystal clear sons of cybertron set optimus prime and Rodimus
    perceptor loose
    megatron used
    wfc/foc tokyo exclusive black prime vs megs loose
    unicron loose complete
    wipeout from 2 pack only windcharger not included
    Stepper used
    artfire new

    Scourge new x5
    leader jetfire loose
    roadbuster used
    sandstorm new
    megatron tank leader used
    kup new
    waspinator x2 new
    rhinox loose complete
    blitzwing used
    blitzwing loose missing gun
    double dealer new
    tankor x2 nee
    rattrap new
    armada starscream new and loose
    jhaxus new
    skids loose complete
    crosscutt new
    wingblade loose complete, head weapon broke off
    windblade loose
    windblade new
    arcee loose
    chromia loose

    104. *2012 SG red tracks
    105. 2012 boxset box only with foam, no figures pin or paperwork
    106. 2014 wingspan and pounce white repaint of tfp vehicons loose
    107. botcon 2013 megaplex with renderform upgrade head, cannon and gun

    Botcon 2007 Games of Deception, Springer loose with 2 swords, missing cyberkey and paperwork

    botcon 2005 Descent into Evil botset complete with all weapons, instructions, bio cards, figures, box, foam, comic and pin only. No Certificate of Authenticity! (Ironhide, Chromia, Fallback, ricochet, buzzclaw, dirge and Deathsaraus)

    botcon 2007 Games of Deception boxset complete with all figures, weapons, instructions, bio cards, box, foam, comic and certificate of authenticity (Bugbite, Dreadwing, Thrust, Dirge and Thundercracker)

    botcon 2008 Shattered Glass (blurr, minicon divebomb & sideswipe new in bag) and (ricochet new) sold

    botcon 2009 wings of honor boxset complete with comic, certificate of authenticity, pin, box, styrofoam, instructions, bio cards, weapons and all figures(Elite Guard Commander Thunderclash, Elite Guard Flak, Elite Guard Landshark, Elite Guard Kup and decepticon scourge) and all addons (Razorclaw and Elita-1), (Bonzaitron and Skyquake) and Sweeps 3 pack(2 are loose and complete, the other is new in baggie)

    botcon 2010 Generation 2 Redux boxset complete (Spark, Breakdown, Streetstar, Clench and Sky-byte)with all addons only slicer is loose but complete and sharkticons(have 1 new, 3 loose complete and 1 loose with no accessories no paperwork) all other are new in baggies (Double Punch and Scorch with shattered glass ravage) and (Rapido and Cindersaur)

    botcon 2011 animated stunicon job all figures new in baggies, no boxset box. stuniticons(dead end, dragstrip, breakdown, motormaster and wildrider), (auto troopers 3 pack), (shattered glass thundercracker and galvatron) and (fisitron) sold

    botcon 2013 machine wars termination boxset and all addons, box missing pin, has everything else. All figures new in baggies: (Hoist, Megaplex, Skywarp, Strika and Obsidian), (Starscream), Rainmakers(Bitstream, Sunstorm and Hotlink), (Blastcharge), Souvenir Set#1 (Thundercracker and Mirage), Souvenir set #2(Sandstorm and Electron)

    botcon 2014 pirates vs knights boxset missing scorpinok and his accessories only. This is what you get: foam, comic, cerificate of authenticity and (Decepticon Pirates Cannonball, Ferak with Targetmaster Tornado, and Cybertronian Knights Devcon and Ginrai)and addons new in baggies (alpha trizer), (flareup), (hunter shokaract), (brimestone), (flamewar loose), (pirate clones = wingspan and pounce loose) sold

    botcon 2014 pirate clones/drones aka vehicon army wingspan and pounce used

    108. *Threadshot mib sold
    109. *Megazarak used
    110. *Circuit mib sold
    111. *2014 thrustinator mib sold
    112. *2014 slipstream mib sold
    Roulette and shadow striker used in box
    SG drift used
    Piranacon giftset mib sold
    Scourge mib sold
    Animated Cheetor mib sold
    Breakdown misb sold
    Runabout and Runmuck used
    dion loose
    jackpot misb sold

    113. *NYCC Pink Arcee & Bumblee with Jack and Ralph 2 pack used
    114. SDCC Terrorcon Cliffjumper MISB sold
    115. *SDCC Matrix package Deluxe Optimus Prime used
    116. *rid knockout loose
    117. *takara knockout new
    118. *FE takara bulkhead misb(sold)
    119. *FE takara Starscream new
    120. *FE hasbro starscream loose
    121. *FE hasbro bumblebee misb(sold)
    122. *FE hasbro arcee loose
    123. *FE takara cliffjumper loose
    124. *FE hasbro cliffjumper loose
    125. *FE prime and megatron 2 pack with jack, miko and ralph used
    126. *rid hasbro ratchet loose
    127&128. *FE takara vehicon X3 new
    129. *FE takara vehicon loose x3 one missing weapon
    130. *RID hasbro vehicon new
    131. *RID hasbro Arcee loose complete x2
    132. *RID hasbro Bumblebee shadow version loose
    133. *RID hasbro Ratchet new
    134. *RID hasbro Soundwave new
    135. *RID hasbro Wheeljack loose
    136&137. *takara jet vehicon loose figure no weapons paperwork boxes or stickers (sold 1, 1 left)
    138. *takara AM Megatron MIB minicon weapon assembled sold
    139. *takara AM Skywarp MIB minicon weapon not assembled sold
    140. *takara AM Terrorcon Cliffjumper minicon weapon not assembled used
    141. *Takara Voyager Megatron minicon dark saber version used
    142. *Takara Voyager Megatron shiny silver version - cannon minicon assembled for display used
    143. *Takara Voyager Nemesis Prime loose
    144. *Takara Voyager Silas Breakdown MISB sold
    145. *Takara Voyager Dreadwing loose
    Takara AM vehicon loose
    Takara grey jet vehicon general new
    takara fe voyager optimus prime used
    takara rid vehicon loose stickers need to be replaced and no instructions comes with minicon gun
    Rid vehicon loose
    takara voyager darkness megatron loose complete with dmy studio upgrade kit installed
    takara voyager final battle megatron loose complete
    beast hunters voyager megatron loose complete x2
    beast hunter voyager megatron misb x2
    PRID voyager megatron loose with dmy studio upgrade kit installed and dark star saber
    PRID voyager megatron with shapeways upgrade cannon and sword used
    Dark energon voyager megatron and loose complete with dmy studio upgrade kit installed and dark star saber
    beast hunters voyager optimus prime 2nd version with big shield new
    beast hunters voyager grimwing new

    146. *SDCC Ultimate Prime new
    147. *Sentinel Prime voyager new haveshapeways.comcustom hands for leader and custom blade for voyager
    148. *starscream loose
    149. *bumblebee new
    150. *megatron used
    151. *shockwave used
    152. *ironhide leader used
    153. *red voyager ironhide new
    154. *voyager prime used
    155. *voyager prime axe weapon version
    156. *target exclusive voyager starscream
    leadfoot human alliance new
    roadbuster dlx orange and green
    soundwave legends figure new
    ultimate prime new

    voyager battle blades optimus used
    recon ironhide loose
    lockdown loose
    mindwipe with skystalker used
    battle blades bumblebee deluxe loose
    voyager megatron loose
    leader starscream used in box, piece in back by cockpit cracked
    deep desert brawl deluxe

    157. *megatron ldr used
    prime voyager used
    158. *kmart starscream new
    159 - 164. *target fallen new
    165. *jetfire used
    166. *prime ldr used
    167. *megs voyager used
    168. *gathering at the nemesis decepticon 3 pack tru exclusive megatron, soundwave and the fallen sold

    169. *Optimus Prime no instructions used
    170. *Nightwatchh prime used
    171. *premium voyager best buy exclusive megatron new
    172. *Premium voyager best buy exclusive ratchet new
    173. premium ldr prime used
    174. target exclusive robovision prime used
    175. starscream loose
    176. *Megatron new
    177. *Megatron used
    178. *Premium Megatron used no instructions
    179. *Brawl used and broken foot
    deep desert attack tru exclusive 2 pack blackout and scorponok used

    180. *takara MP01 Optimus prime mib with custom igear head and cape used
    181. *takara MP01B Optimus Prime/ Convoy Black japan version loose
    182. *takara MP03G Ghost starscream with both phantom of screamer kits, coronation kit and weapons upgrade includes non-transformable shockwave blaster used
    183. *takara MP05 megatron with upgrade silencer missing pellets used
    184. *20th anniversary optimus prime used
    185. *20th anniversary prime just toys prime trailer used
    186. *Walmart exclusive starscream comes with coronation upgrade used
    187. *Walmart exclusive skywarp used
    188. Mp 5 megatron with cosmic rust feet
    189. 3rd party megs appollyon mib sold

    190. *Wreckgar MISB sold
    191. *wreckgar loose
    192. *starscream used
    193. *takara wing armored prime used
    194. *takara aqua dive bumblebee
    195. *optimus prime new
    196. *prime used
    197. *takara megatron voyager new
    198. *black convoy loose complete sold
    199. *black convoy sold
    200. *elite guard prime loose
    201. *elite guard bumblebee loose
    202. *bumblebee loose
    203. *blurr new
    204. *waspinator new
    205. *prime vs black arachnia 2 pack nrw
    prime vs megatron used
    206. *prowl used
    208. *samuri prowl used
    209. *swoop new
    210. *grimlock loose
    211. *starscream new
    212. *starscream used
    213. *skywarp new
    214. *target sunstorm new
    215. *target ratchet new
    216. *target lockdown new
    217. *target purple shockwave new
    218. *grey shockwave/ longarm used
    219. *atomic lugnut new
    220. *lugnut used
    221. *blitzwing used
    222&223. *voyager and leader megatron misb
    224. *shadow blade megatron used
    225. *roadbuster ultra magnus sold
    226. *ultra magnus used

    activators: all new
    fireblast grimmy


    Cybertron/Galaxy force:
    227. *megatron loose
    228. *galvatron loose complete no box or instructions
    229. *takara Noisemaze mass production type dvd grey version, no dvd used
    230. *takara exclusive white chromia sold
    231. *takara exclusive red exillion with dvd misb sold
    232. *takara Flame convoy used
    234. *cryoscrourge new
    235. *scourge used
    236. *Hot shot loose
    237. *Scattorshot new
    238. *Red alert new
    239. *Cybertron defense hot shot loose
    240. *Cybertron defense red alert used
    241. *Cybertron defense Scattorshot used
    242. *Dark crumple zone used
    243. *Crumplezone used
    244. *Sideways loose
    245. *Leo Breaker used
    246. *Optimus prime sold
    247. *Hasbro galaxy force prime sold
    248. *Override new
    249. *Hasbro galaxy force Vector prime new
    250. *Toys r us exclusive starscream vs Vector Prime used
    251. *Vector Prime used
    252. *Nemesis Breaker loose
    253. *Dark scorpinok sold
    254. *Metroplex loose
    255. *Menasor loose no minicon
    256. *Quick mix mib sold
    257. *Minicon team loose
    258. *Red exillion new
    259. *Red exillion loose
    260. *Landmine loose
    261. *Mudflap used
    262. *Wing saber sold
    263. *Wing saber sold
    264. *Soundwave used
    265. *Ransack new
    266. *Jetfire (sold)
    267. *Sky shadow sold
    268. *Sky shadow loose sold
    costco exclusive 2 pack prime & wingsaber
    takara yellow scrapmetal new
    red scrapmetal new

    legends: all new
    vector prime
    hot shot
    Red alert
    starscream new
    thundercracker sold

    Armada/ Micron Legends:
    269. *starscream new sold
    270. *skywarp new
    271. *thundercracker new
    272. *ramjet new
    273. *prime used
    274. *megatron loose sold
    275. *jetfire used
    276. *jetfire used
    277. *tidal wave loose no accessories
    278. *takara starscream used
    279. takara megatron 1 used 1 new
    280. *takara galvatron (traded)
    281. *takara convoy/ optimus prime sold
    282. *takara tidal wave sold
    takara hot shot
    takara megatron new

    Energon/ Superlink:
    283. *Megatron new
    284. *Megatron used
    285. *takara convoy/ optimus prime sold
    286. *optimus prime used
    287. *omega supreme used
    288. *omega sentinel used
    289. *black unicron loose
    290. *tidal wave loose missing ramjet
    291. *Takara shadow hawk new
    292. *Divebomb new
    293. *Wing saber used
    294. *Blue Ironhide used
    295. *Green ironhide used
    296. *Dreadwing used
    298. *Mirage used
    299. Blue ironhide new
    300. *G1 starscream new
    301. *Starscream loose
    302. *Megatron vs prime tru exclusive 125
    303. Kmart exclusive prowl & Rodimus sold
    304. *Prowl and Rodimus 2 pack new
    305. *Sixshot new sold
    306. *Shockblast used sold
    307. *Arcee new
    308. *Ravage new
    309. Insecticon new
    310. *Cruellock new
    311. *Doomlock new
    312. *Roadblock loose
    313. *Inferno loose
    314. *Beachcomber sold
    315. *Beachcomber loose sold
    316. *Cliffjumper new
    317. *Cliffjumper loose
    318. *Red Jetfire used
    319. *Blue powerlinks jetfire used
    320. *Landmine sold
    321. *Demolisher kb toys exclusive new
    322. *Cyclonus kb toys exclusive new
    323. *Snowcat new
    324. *Demolisher new
    325. *Dark black snowcat kb toys exclusive
    326. *Snarl new
    ultra magnus mib (sold)
    grimlock and swoop box only

    327. *Omega prime 2 pack used
    328. *galvatron loose sold
    329. *megatron loose
    330. *skybite used
    331&332. *scourge takara and hasbro versions both sold
    333. *sams club exclusive yellow prime sold
    megatron new in box but torn in corner

    334. *Windbreaker loose
    335. *Skram loose
    336. *Rapido loose
    337. *Terradive new
    338. *devastator loose missing most of all weapons and scrapper missing his canopy roof and wheel broke off one his arms
    339. *superion loose missing all small jet black guns, comes with 3 broke slingshots
    340. *Afterburner new
    341. *Afterburner loose
    342. *reissue laser prime new
    343&344. *bonecrusher sold
    345&346. *beachcomber new
    347. *bumblebee sold
    348. *deluge sold
    349. *Eagle eye 1 new and 1 used
    350. *Sideswipe used
    351. *Inferno new sold
    352. *Inferno loose
    G2 megatron tank loose
    G2 dreadwing and smokescreen sold Dreadwing has broken arm guard

    have all*tru*reissues most used
    353. *Powermaster optimus prime misb(sold)
    354. *Optimus Prime misb $160 (sold on ebay)
    355. *Ultra magnus misb sold
    356. *rodimus mib sold
    357. *soundwave new
    358. *soudwave mib (sold)
    359. *astrotrain mib
    360. *insecticons misb
    361. *perceptor misb
    362. *grapple mib
    363. *inferno mib
    364. *prowl mib (sold)
    365. *bluestreak mib
    366. *silverstreak mib (sold)
    367. *ricochet mib
    368. *ricochet misb
    369. *jazz mib
    370. *smokescreen mib (sold)
    371. *red alert mib (sold)
    372. *tracks mib
    373. *sideswipe mib
    374&375. *sideswipe misb X2
    376. *skids misb
    378. *hoist mib
    379. *starscream misb
    380. *Dirge mib
    381. *skywarp mib

    takara/tomy reissues:
    382. *#13 targetmaster hot rod misb
    383. *#16 insecticons misb (sold)
    384. *#9 starscream mib with exclusive megatron gun stickers unapplied sold

    Beast Wars:
    390. *primal vs megatron*tru*exclusive 2 pack mib sold
    391. *transmetal megatron loose sold
    392. *transmetal 2 megatron mib sold
    393. *transmetal primal loose
    394. *transmetal 2 optimal optimus sold
    395. *rid transmetal red optimal optimus mib sold
    396. *Big convoy mib
    397. *target exclusive nemesis prime black big convoy loose sold
    398. *tigerhawk mib sold
    399. *takara rampage mib

    titanium: all sold
    400. *ultra magnus mib
    401. *rodimus mib
    402. *scourge mib
    403. *soundwave mib
    404. *thrust misb target exclusive
    405. *sunstorm misb
    406. *thundercracker misb
    407. *skywarp misb
    408. *sdcc exclusive prowl misb*tru*exclusive
    409. *grimlock mib*tru*exclusive
    410. *hotspot misb target exclusive
    411. *war within ultra magnus misb
    412. *war within prime vs megatron*tru*exclusive mib
    412. *fallen misb
    413. *fallen mib
    414. *cheetor misb

    Alternators all sold
    415. *Optimus Prime
    416. *Wheeljack
    417. Grimlock
    418. *Sideswipe MIB
    419. *Smokescreen
    420. *Tracks
    421. *Sunstreaker
    422. *Skids
    423. *Rollbar
    424. *Hound
    425. *Prowl
    426. *Rumble
    427. *Ravage
    428. *SDCC Nemesis Prime
    429. *SDCC Rodimus Prime

    Dc universe classics:

    NEW 52 Darkseid used 13 inches tall

    Wave 13 all misb
    430. *Superboy
    431. *Donna Troy
    432. *Cheetah
    433. *Blue Beetle

    Wave 12
    434. *eclipso mib
    435. *dr. mid-nite mib
    436. *copperhead mib
    iron mib
    mary batson red version mib
    mary batson white verison misb
    the spectre glow in the dark verson misb
    the spectre mib
    BAF darkseid

    Wave 11
    BAF kilowog loose
    katma tui mib
    shark mib
    deadman mib
    steppenwolf red version mib
    steppenwolf red version misb X2
    steppenwolf green version mib
    steppenwolf green version misb
    cyborg superman mib
    cyborg superman misb
    the question mib
    john stewart mib

    Wave 10 all mib
    beast boy
    power girl
    BAF imperiex loose

    Wave 9 misb
    green arrow

    Wave 7
    baf atom smasher
    ocean warrior aquaman mib
    kid flash misb
    flash misb
    blue beetle mib
    boster gold mib
    big barda variant misb X2
    big barda mib
    captain cold mib

    Wave 6
    killer moth mib
    black suit superman misb
    reg. superman misb
    shazam mib
    mr. miracle mib
    dr. impossible misb

    Wave 4
    Gold Captain Atom

    Wave 2
    red superman mib

    Superman/Batman Public Enemies
    Superman mib non glossy
    Superman loose glossy
    Batman misb

    Death of Superman 2 pack exclusive figure
    Doomsday loose with stand

    Superman 75th ann. misb
    Power Girl 75th ann. misb
    Red and brown Nightwing 75th ann. misb
    Green lantern 75th ann. misb
    TRU*excluisive glossy Green Lantern 75th ann. misb
    worlds greatest superheroes wonderwoman misb
    worlds greatest superheroes firestorm mib

    MOTU Classics:
    filmation 2.0 heman new
    filmation 2.0 skeletor new
    filmation beastman loose
    filmation clawful new
    intergalactic skeletor new
    flogg new
    plundor new
    lizardman new
    optik new
    triclops used
    spikor used
    clawful used
    count marzo used
    king hiss vs heman used
    ultimates ram man used
    ultimates faker used
    faker loose
    goddess new
    Wind Raider MISB
    Battle Cat MISB sold
    Swiftwind MISB sold
    He-Man new sold
    Skeletor new sold
    Skeletor used
    King randor new
    She-Ra new
    Bubble Power She-Ra new
    Adora used
    Battle ground teela new
    Battle ground evil lyn new sold
    King grayskull new sold
    King hiss new
    Keldor new
    Hordak new
    Hurricane hordak new

    80s liono with glove only
    Sdcc liono used in box
    12 inch liono new
    8 inch tigra old series new
    8 inch mumra new series new

    more to come......
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