Chronicles of Fire and Water, a Kinda RP

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    Hey everyone it's me again. Thus begins the ongoing soap opera between the two fan favorites Fearswoop and Terradive. This is a thread where you the fan and fellow writer get to decide how you want the story to continue, kind of like an RP. Of course that is only the real similarities. There are a few rules of course that need to be followed that I will explain below.

    1: You need to have at least read my first story Transformers: Beginnings in it's entirety first in order to participate. (After all how can you write the story if you don't know about their personalities?)

    2: Liking my work of course, you should at least enjoy it if you are going to be doing stuff about my characters.

    3: "If rules 1 and 2 are already finished, awesome! All you have to do then is wait for the first installment to be released, and then the story is in your hands. Currently over halfway through production, so the wait will only be about a week or so from now (that's the goal anyway)

    4: Neither of the characters can die, I mean it's their series after all.

    5: If they are going to be separated, then they have to be reunited at the end of the story.

    6: Seeing that I'm making the first installment, you should really only count the first story as cannon because it helps set up your universe for you, from their it's random and wacky fun.

    7: It should be a legit part, not a one sentence thing. That defeats the whole purpose.

    8: No double parenthesis please for dialogue, it gives me (and them) nightmares.

    All in all this is also to help new and inexperienced writers who may be nervous about posting their own works, so this is a great practice session for when they want to make their own stories in the future. If I really like what you do I'll even reference it in the second installment.

    To conclude while the wait begins I'll give you the premise.

    Cybertron, a once peaceful and beautiful planet has been at war for ages, and the war has taken a shocking turn when all of Cybertron's life seems to have been wiped out from an unknown event. Now all that is left is the Pyromaniac Fearswoop and the jilted king Terradive as they try desperately to survive the elements, monster, mysterious foes, and each other. Will they be able to settle their difference, or die trying? Prepare for action, adventure, romance, nomance, crude humor, shocking revelations, dolphin noises, insanity, 4th wall breaking, musical, and much much more in an alternate timeline where Beginnings never happened, welcome to the Chronicles of Fire and Water.
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    Just a small update it's 60 percent complete.
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    Here is the first of hopefully unlimited installments. Gone Fishing: A Kinda Sorta Frozen Parody With a Whole Slew of Random Stuff In It.

    Cybertron, a beautiful and advanced planet with sights that one could not even begin comprehend. Though there is one problem with this, it’s virtually dead now. There was a great war that took place between two factions the Autobots and Decepticons...and now it’s over. You might be wondering why something with that big a premise is cut so anti-climatically, well I’ll tell you. There was a great explosion that when across the planet and wiped 99% of the population out. How this happened nobody knows. What is really important now is that we focus on two survivors. They are two idiots named Fearswoop and Terradive, and this is the first installment of their infinite stories together.

    Fearswoop and Terradive are both unconscious as the wind howls like your raging ex-wife. Only after a few passing minutes dies Terradive begin to come back from his prolonged slumber. He clutches his head as if he had the worst headache imaginable, and scans the area around him. To his horror all he sees is vast emptiness followed by destroyed buildings and countless numbers of half- disintegrated bodies as far as the eye can see and beyond. Terradive panics and finds his trusty trident nearby. After doing a quick scan of the area he finds the body of his best friend Fearswoop lying face down on the ground. Like him, he isn’t really damaged and dead like everyone else. The king runs over and turns his friend’s body over where he can see his face, which is technically just an eye and a head. Terradive starts to shake him to bring him back to life.

    (pleading) “Come on Fearswoop say something please!”

    There is no response.

    “You are stronger than this come on say something!”

    Fearswoop begins to regain consciousness as he starts to moan and groan.

    “Yes yes that’s it, now say something, anything.”

    (inaudible murmuring)

    “What’s that? I can’t hear you speak louder.”

    (weakly) “...Something.”

    (upset) “Argh! You had me worried!”

    “Well excuse me for having a flair for the dramatic arts.”

    “Your flare is as dull as your head, just look at everything, death just everywhere, how did we survive?”

    “You’re really going to ask me how we survived the end of the world?”

    “Good point, you aren’t the best at giving advice.”

    “You don’t have to be a jerk about it.”

    “We better get moving and find some sort of shelter, if there is any that is.”

    Thus the two begin a very long walk among the vast nothingness that is Cybertron. All they see are just hordes of dead bodies, and some of them they recognize instantly.


    “Optimus is totally scrapped.”

    “Brimstone is gone, and I don’t feel bad about that at all.”

    “Whoa Thundercracker and Skywarp are toast!”

    “Hmm it’s most of our enemies, but I don’t see Payload.”

    “He sucks so much he can’t even have a body left.”

    “Oh no… Splicer, poor kid.”

    “He really was the only person who I could call cool.”

    Soundwave is down, Ironhide, Ratchet, oh the whole lot of them are all dead.”

    “Rust in pieces.”

    “Look Fearswoop, I found Bumblebee.”

    “The kids love Bumblebee, he was their favorite.”

    “How sad this is.”

    “Why is that sad?”

    “Because neither of us got the chance to kill him.”

    “Well look on the brightside.”

    “What would that be?”

    “Seeing that we appear to be the only ones left, we ARE the children’s favorites now!”

    “You’re right Fearswoop… why does that sentence taste bad in my mouth?”

    “I wish I had one of those.”

    “You don’t seem to need one considering you can consume anything like the rest of us.”

    “It’s still an inconvenience.”

    “Whatever you say.”

    The two go along the city of Iacon and soon fall prey to the weather as a rust devil starts to kick up.

    “We haven’t had a rust devil in ages.”

    “Well it’s coming our way!”

    The rust devil violently picks up speed as Terradive jams his trident into the ground for him to hold on so they can get sucked it. The effort is futile because they are both sucked in and scream like little girls as they are thrashed as if they were inside a washing machine. The rust devil spits them out and Terradive lands on his back onto the ground, and Fearswoop lands right on top of him.

    “Thanks for being my cushion Terradive.”

    (sarcastically) “You’re welcome.”

    “Hey look what I found, a poster for the upcoming movie Trypticon vs Metroplex!”

    “I always found the idea of your great city becoming a giant reptile to fight a major Autobot city becoming a giant himself to be a rather ridiculous concept.

    “Oh come on! Trypticon vs Iacon was the hottest movie of the summer!”

    “Iacon turned into a beetle with drills, you can’t get any more ridiculous than that.”

    “Sure you can!”

    “How so?”

    “I keep looking at your face.”

    “That was friendly.”

    The two argue for a moment and decide that is best for the two of them to continue looking for any source of Energon. For all they know it can be completely depleted, and they could die if that happens. A miracle happens when Fearswoop’s optic senses some heat signatures moving around in the distance. The ecstatic duo run like felons to the spot that Fearswoop had pointed out. To their relief they find a puddle full of water and Energon. Though it is a bit contaminated, they can still be able to survive now. Fearswoop can’t hold back the excitement as he runs over like a kid with a new toy.

    “Come to papa!”

    “Wait Fearswoop, we don’t know if it’s safe!”

    “Way to douse the mood.”

    “I will check myself, you stay here and keep an eye out for trouble.”

    “Good thing I only have an eye.”

    “Yeah… sorry about that. Anyway be careful.”

    (mumbling to himself) “Whatever mom.”

    Terradive jumps into the water and assumes his underwater form. He swims around making sure that the muck is the only problem with the puddle. The bored Fearswoop sits with his hands on his face, but something catches his eye. There is a rusty container filled with mysterious items sticking out, and the curious Decepticon can’t help but check it out. Upon further inspection he finds that it is fishing equipment left behind by the champion fisherman himself Cliffjumper. Taking it out, Fearswoop momentarily forgets that Terradive is in the water, and puts some bait on the hook and casts it into the water. Fearswoop sits down while whistling a nice tune while he waits for something to bite. Terradive sees the bait on the hook and his eyes widen like he’s on ecstasy or something of that magnitude. Primitive instincts take control as he puts his mouth on the hook. Fearswoop feels the movement, and begins to wrestle with his catch.

    (excited) “Whatever you are, you will have the honor of being grilled by my flames tonight!”

    Terradive puts up a fight as he desperately tries to unhook himself from his peril, but to no avail. Eventually Fearswoop’s sheer might manages to yank the king out of the water, and he begins to flop around like a fish out of water. Fearswoop is not too pleased about this revelation.

    (annoyed) “Terradive you were supposed to catch us some food not become it!”

    (irritated) “You have no filter Fearswoop, I told you to keep an eye out for trouble.”

    “I did find trouble.”

    “You did?

    “Yeah, it’s called my ****** friend took the fish hook!”

    “You know I can’t help myself in the water.”

    “Look water boy, let me show you how it’s done.”

    Fearswoop goes and puts his hands into the water and activates his flame throwers. The water begins to boil and a few life forms emerge to the surface of the water dead because of his heat. Terradive is begrudgingly impressed with his friend’s simple solution. The two enjoy a nice late night barbeque together when Fearswoop sees something else poking out of the water. Upon further inspection, terradive recognizes that this is a corpse… and it’s one that he knows all too well.

    (in shock) “Oh sweet”

    “You know her?”

    “Yes, it was my wife, my queen Gillinda.”

    “Oh, that’s hot.”

    “No it isn’t, she’s dead. This is awful!”

    “Didn’t you tell me you hated her?”

    “Of course, I wanted the satisfaction of killing her myself to stab her down the throat with my trident.”

    “Oh love, life’s greatest gift. Too bad you never knew what my true love is.”

    “It's fire.”

    (shocked) “Who told you?”

    “It was obvious.”

    “No it wasn’t!”

    “Yes it was!”

    “You’re lying!”

    “No I’m… why do I feel we’ve had a similar conversation like this before?”

    “Beats me, your circuits must be fried. Look it’s getting late, so let’s just go to sleep and we can talk about how wrong you are tomorrow.”

    “Sounds good enough to me, goodnight.”

    The two lay down near the water and have a wonderful sleep, well at least Terradive is. Fearswoop is finding himself having a terrible nightmare, the kind that would only make sense to him. We take a look inside his mind while he is tossing and turning while murmuring to himself. In his nightmare it is pitch black, but we see Fearswoop running away, and in a rare instance we see him panicking. His arms are up while he is screaming like he found a spider in his drawer. A large and strangely shaped shadow appears over him, and he begins to lose his mind.

    (frightened) “Stay back! You are nothing but evil, you won’t put out my fire!”

    The object comes closer and closer, and then we see the most haunting nightmare of any pyromaniac step into the light…. a fire hydrant.

    (screaming) “You can’t have my fire!”

    Fearswoop launches his flames at the fire hydrant, but in reality he is scorching Terradive, who wakes up screaming and flailing around like a wild buck. Fearswoop tries to fix the situation by lighting him even more on fire. This of course doesn’t work as he gets even more burned.

    (screaming) “WHY THE %$@% DID YOU DO THAT?”

    “I thought the two fires would cancel each other out!”

    Fearswoop desperately tries to find another solution to the problem, and finds a basket presumably full of water nearby. It turns out it was just Energon, and Terradive is yet again set even more on fire. At this point one has to wonder how he isn’t already dead, but let’s not inquire.

    “Stop duck and roll Terradive!”

    Terradive does this, but to very little avail. Fearswoop then picks him up, and starts to run him to the lake.

    (rushing) “Hot potato hot potato!”

    He throws Terradive into the lake and a whole bunch of steam rises from the water. Fearswoop takes a deep breath of relief as he slinks down to the floor. A few minutes pass, and there is still no word from Terradive, which concerns him.

    (worried) “Terradive, did you drown? That kinda defeats the whole king of the Seacons thing you know.”

    A bubble appears from the water as a hand emerges from the edge of the water. Terradive crawls out in a sluggish manner as he is taking deep breaths. Something seems off about him this time because he is violently trembling.

    (fuming) “I can’t take this anymore! I’m done Fearswoop!”

    (shocked) “Look if you cant take the heat, get out of the fire.”

    “No I can’t stand you anymore, this is all your fault.”

    “Here you go again pointing the blame candle.”

    “It’s the blame finger, though I would expect you to know anything about that!”

    (offended) “How dare you!”

    “I double dare, and for once it literally is all your fault!.”

    (scoffing) “Ok then Shockwave, explain to me just how all of this is my fault.”

    “You were the one who pressed the button, and Megatron explicitly told you not to. Boom! There is a giant explosion that wipes out the population of Cybertron… except us, and you still don’t take responsibility. You are the worst person in the history of the universe. You are responsible for the greatest massacre of a race of all time!”

    (deflecting) “Pfft, you make it sound like that’s a bad thing.”

    (pissed) “It is a bad thing, how could you be so careless and selfish?”

    “Look who’s talking, you are the one who kills his own people for looking at him funny.”

    “I’d kill you too, but I can’t figure out how you look at me because all you have for a face is an eye.”

    -gasp- “You take that back!”

    “Not happening.”

    “Wait till I get my hands on you!”

    “Good luck with that, your hands are the thrusters of your jet form, and those things are hardly fingers.”

    (looking at his hand) “You’re right, but at least I’m not stupid. You were getting to be a pretty boring punching bag.”

    “Excuse me? Just who do think I am?”

    “My bitch.”

    (shocked) “... I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before. I am a king.”

    “King of ass*&%$@.”

    “I do not appreciate this treatment.”

    “Get used to it trident boy.”

    “Trident boy?”

    “I see how you hold that thing, get a room seriously.”

    “That made zero sense.”

    “Too bad, and to be honest I wish Starscream lived instead of you.”

    “That traitorous garbage?”

    “At least he doesn’t smell like anchovies.”

    Terradive can’t believe the insults that Fearswoop is saying to him. He really did try and be patient with him, believe me he did. Though it shows time and time again that the patience of even the more refined individuals such as Terradive run out. Terradive may have overstepped his boundaries, because what happens next is the biggest insult you could give any Decepticon, especially Fearswoop.

    (coldly) “I wish Payload was here instead of you.”

    (shocked and offended) “....What did you say?”

    “You heard me, I would prefer Payload over you.”

    “I...I…….I can’t-”

    “Chill cyclops, Payload is superior to you in every way. He’s not a tool, he’s smart, he’s good for lugging equipment around, and his grabby claw can fetch us things.”

    -big gasp-

    (in slow motion in Fearswoop’s perspective) “And he’s the coolest con since me.”

    Now you should have realized he struck out three times. First he said that coldly, and we known Fearswoop hates anything having to do with cold. Second, he insulted his hands and singular eye, which is a sensitive subject to him.Finally, being compared to Payload is a hate crime in its own right, and Fearswoop’s tiny mind just can’t handle that. He is like a child with special needs, and what he needs is to beat up his friend. Fearswoop starts to panic as he begins gasping erratically while looking left and right. He looks at his hands and starts muttering some strange things and breaks out into a yell. He tackles Terradive, who is surprised by this.

    Thus the former best friends have a battle of the ages. Fearswoop pins Terradive down, and his strength and weight prove difficult to break free. He remembers he has an advantage, a mouth, and spits right into his eye. Fearswoop clutches his eye while Terradive kicks him off. Fearswoop tries to swing his arms at him, but he is too slow, and Terradive is too fast. Terradive does some Jean Claude Van Damme style kicks to his face, knocking him down. Fearswoop gets up and tries again, but Terradive is the superior fighter. Terradive then takes out his trident and begins to beat him in the face with the blunt end of it. Fearswoop jumps back and fires his grenades, but Terradive doges them. He keeps shooting until he gets a grenade close enough to knock him off balance, and he leaps over and knocks the trident away. He tackles Terradive again, but this time he rolls him around and picks him up. He slams him around the ground and swings him into a stone wall. Terradive breaks free and starts to punch him in the face,and does a backflip kick to show him who’s boss.

    Terradive launches his rockets and does damage to Fearswoop, but his armor is more than enough to take some rockets. He uses his flamethrowers to destroy the other rockets.

    “Rockets are pretty weak.”

    “That’s why I have a trident!”

    Terradive blasts him with the trident, and he goes flying back. He goes to do a fatal lunge while he is on the ground, but Fearswoop rolls out of the way. Terradive tries to stab him again, but Fearswoop grans it, blocking it from his stomach. The two continue to struggle while terradive gets a bit crazy.

    “I’m going to kill you.”

    “Good luck gills.”

    Fearswoop touches his trident with his flame throwers, and sends up a current of heat like a conductor through the trident. This burns Terradive’s hands as he is forced to let go of the trident. He shakes his hands furiously, and that’s when Fearswoop makes his move. He charge up his hands, and in slow motion we see him bring a fiery punch across his face. Fearswoop delivers another to his chest, causing him to crumple to the floor. Terradive kicks him away and uppercuts him, then delivers a punch that cracks Fearswoop’s eye. Fearswoop is knocked down, and before Terradive can finish him, Fearswoop activates his flamethrowers that blows him into the air. Terradive lands in the lake, and Fearswoop starts to fire his grenades at the water. In the depths Terradive is being knocked around walls because of the blasts. Fearswoop pears into the water, and that’s when Terradive comes out, and in slow motion you see his tail slap Fearswoop right across the face. Terradive begins to spam him with blasts from his trident, and Fearswoop gets pelted endlessly. He manages to dodge a few blasts and puts his hands in the water. He turns up the heat which boils the water, and Terradive jumps out screaming with his tail steaming. He flops around like a fish while Fearswoop punts him like a football across the barren wasteland. They both have had enough, and they go into DBZ style energy battle of fire vs Trident laser. After about twenty seconds of the energy battle, it explodes and both are sent flying. The two roll around and are huffing and puffing, and exchange some final words.

    “You tried to kill me!”

    (snapping) “You killed everyone!”

    “We are supposed to do that!”

    “Not to our friends!”

    “Megatron never specified, besides he knew I loved red buttons. He should have changed it to green so I wouldn’t have touched it.”

    (coldly) “I’m done with you Fearswoop. I can’t survive with you, and if you follow me I will finish you.”

    (hurt) “Fine! I didn’t need you anyway, you aren’t warm company anyway.

    And like that the two go off in opposite directions, and for the first time in forever, they separate. A few days later we see Fearswoop approaching some mountains as ashes float down from the wind. A sad and guilty expression is in his eye as he inspects one particle of ash.

    -sigh- “I wish he could see it was an accident. I just wish he could let it go.”

    At this moment a piano starts to make music somewhere, and Fearswoop is confused by this, but figures that he has to sing.

    (singing) “The fire glows red on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen. A dead planet of isolation, and it looks like I’m its queen (because Terradive is a king you know). The ash is howling like this firestorm inside. He couldn’t take the heat, Primus knows he tried. Don’t let them near don’t let them breath, be the bad con you’ve always known you’d be. I keep it real, and it’s really cold. And I hate the cold! Let it burn, let it burn. You can’t save yourself anymore. Let it burn, let it burn, I’m glad I killed Grindor! I don’t care what they're going to say. Let the fire rage on, they are all kinda dead now anyway.”

    “It’s funny how some whining makes everything thing look so bad. And the flames that once controlled me, made me burn them all. It’s time to see what I can do, maybe get a mouth so I can finally chew. No left or right can’t you all see... I hate the sea! Let it burn, let it burn. I am one with the flames and sun! Let it burn, let it burn, I am way too awesome to die! Here I am, and here I scorch. Let the flames rage on…

    The music begins to build in an even bigger scale. Fearswoop tries to build structures out of his flame, but to no success. Instead he pretends to have magical powers that allow him to make an incredible fortress, but he sure isn’t a Constructicon.

    “My power burns through the air into the ground. My spark is spiraling with burning embers all around. And one thought incinerates like a fiery blast. They’re never coming back, that blast was quite a blast! Let it burn let it burn, and I’ll rise like the fire of dawn. Let it burn, let it burn, I’m glad Payload and Bumblebee are gone! Here I stand, in the heat of day. Let the storm rage on…., the warmth never bothered me anyway.”

    You can buy Fearswoop’s album “That Scorching Feeling”, featuring the following songs.

    “Hotter in the City”

    “Can You Feel The Burn Tonight?”

    “This Girl is on Fire (literally)”

    “Fearswoop Inferno”


    “Flamsta Flamsta”

    “Payload Sucks”

    “The Sea Virus

    “You don’t know you’re hot.”

    “Don’t You Wish Your Fearswoop was Hot Like Me?”

    “Don’t tell me to Chill”

    And much much more! Switching back to Terradive is quite a shock, and this is because he is having the exact opposite of enlightenment. It appears to be the exact opposite for him. He has grown a beard and is muttering to himself about all the difficulties that life has brought upon him. The heat from the twin suns don’t help either.

    (mumbling) “Stupid life, stupid heat, stupid Fearswoop, stupid dead planet, stupid Beast Hunters, and most of all stupid Payload! Why do you have suck!?” (shaking his fists in the air)

    As Terradive is lamenting, a shadow appears behind him, and puts something over his face. There is a substance similar to chloroform in this bag, and like that he passes out while the shadow drags him to parts unknown. Later that night Fearswoop has made himself a little home out of metal and other materials from the top of the mountain. He doesn’t have a roof because he wants to see the stars at night. He did a pretty crap job, the structure’s integrity is doomed to fail, and he knows it.

    -sigh- “I wish Mixmaster was alive, he always knew where to put everything.”

    Fearswoop lays on the ground and begins to make an ash angel. When he finishes he tries to get up, but his head gets stuck into the ground because the back of his head is the front of his jet form. He tries pulling again and again until he finally breaks free. Unfortunately the momentum causes him to bang his face into the door he made, and then it falls over and crushes him.


    The next morning Terradive begins to wake up…. but hears voices whispering.

    Voice 1: “What should we do with him?

    Voice 2: “Kill it, that’s what I’d do.”

    Voice 3: “No shit, that’s all you ever do.”

    Voice 2: “It’s an effective strategy!”

    Voice 1: “We’ll bring him to the master, he’ll know what to do.”

    Terradive is dragged into a dark room and is dropped. From there he hears a booming voice at the other end of the hall.

    ?: “Take off the bag, how is this any way to treat an esteemed guest of honor?”

    One of the figures takes the bag off of Terradive’s face. As his eyes adjust to the light, he sees a slimy and fleshy abomination is sitting in a throne. It has no legs and is ghastly white. Its balding head along with toadish eyes and slime oozing from its mouth nearly causes Terradive to puke.

    Terra: “What are you?”

    ?: “You don’t even remember your own environment’s inhabitants?”

    Terradive looks closer, and he realizes that he knows what these creatures are.

    Terra: (astonished) “Cyber Sea Slugs… but how?”

    ?: “Thanks to the radiation from the blast, evolution was kind enough to give us a chance to thrive.”

    Terra: “Then who are you?”

    ?: “Where are my manners, my name is Lord Slugington. These are my cohorts Slug, Sluggy, and Carl.”

    Slug: “Hello.”

    Sluggy: “Good morrow.”

    Carl: (randomly) “Is there a W????”

    Terra: “Ok then…”

    Meanwhile Fearswoop is looking out at the sun and begins to miss his friend. Despite the fact that he talks about water, he knows that neither can survive on their own. He activates his thermal sensors, and flies on his way. He reaches the lake where he last saw him and follows from there. Terradive is getting a tour of the building from Lord Sluggington, from there he learns strange things that have happened since the blast.

    Lord: “You see Terradive, since we came from the same ocean, we are practically brothers.”

    Terra: “In my eyes being brothers means something deeper than living in the same environment.”

    Lord: “Interesting, but you are not informed of the situation.”

    Terra: “Situation?”

    Carl: “Give me some fries!”

    Slug: “What is wrong with you?”

    Lord: “You see not only has evolution made changes, the universe has now opened portals.”

    Terra: “Portals?”

    Lord: “Yes, from a land called Fan Fiction.”

    Terra: “What is that?”

    Lord: “Work from fans of different franchises are now appearing in our world. Supposedly we are a franchise. Now all sorts of anomalies are happening”

    Terra: “I don’t believe you.”

    Sluggy: “Big mistake there.”

    Lord: -sigh- “Show him boys.”

    Slug leads them to an isolated room, and he seems some strange looking creatures that while look like they would belong here, it looks like there is something wrong with them.

    Terra: “Who is that big one over there?”

    Lord: “That is Destructor, the leader of that group.”

    Terra: “That name sounds like a cry for attention.”

    Lord: “ You got that right. Just don’t make him talk to you. His grammar needs work.”

    Terra: “Alright then.”

    Lord: “There is one last thing I want to show you.”

    Terra: “If I must.”

    Fearswoop continues on Terradive’s trail, and he notices trails of slime with him. This concerns him and puts on the big boost. Lord Sluggington sends Terradive down to a coliseum esque area. From there we see a crowd of slugs chanting something as they bring out a prisoner who is in a bag.

    Lord: “You see Terradive. In order to please the gods of Fan Fiction, we must do sacrifices.”

    Terra: (appalled) “On your own people?”

    Lord: “Heavens no, on yours!”

    The slugs take the bag off of the prisoner, and the identity of the prisoner shocks Terradive.

    Terra: (in shock) “....Waspinator is that you?”

    Lord: “You know this insect?”

    Terra: “I fought alongside him during the war, but you’re out of luck with the killing him thing. He can’t die?”

    Lord: “Really?”

    Wasp: (nonchalantly) “Yep, you could nuke Waspinator in the face and he’ll still be kicking.”

    Lord: “Well that is an unfortunate circumstance. Luckily I have an alternate solution.”

    Terra: “And what would that be?”

    Lord: “Killing you.”

    All of the slugs begin to surround Terradive, and all hope seems lost. Luckily Fearswoop is spectating the scene. He begins to jump off the corner of the building. The structure is weak however, and he trips and falls to the ground below with the rocks crushing him.

    Fear: “Shit… can I try this again?”

    Me: “Gladly.”

    Terra: “...Who said that?”

    And so time goes in reverse just because Fearswoop can try again. He jumps down yelling while launching his grenades at the slugs, killing a few. Terradive uses the distraction escape. Slug, Sluggy and Lord Sluggington go retreat to the dungeon, and free the mysterious characters. Fearswoop has killed nearly all the slugs, and then the two go over to free Waspinator. Carl comes leaping out of nowhere and spits in Fearswoop’s eye, causing him to fall over.

    Carl: “Yeah man KFC!”

    Terradive angrily impales him with his trident, and Fearswoop roasts him up good.

    Carl: (screaming while dying) “At least I got more screen time than Jolt!”

    The trio run and find Slug Sluggy and Lord Sluggington.

    Terra: “End of the line.”

    Wasp: “You will pay for hurting Waspinator.”

    Lord: “It is for you, come on out boys.”

    Out of the shadows comes Destructor and the four mystery characters. Their names are, Darkness, Deathwing, and Slowstrike. They all have an insectoid appearance to them.

    Destruct: “Ok. Guys. We must. Attack dem.”

    Fear: “Dude what the heck is your deal?”

    Terra: “Learn to speak like a normal person.”

    Wasp: “Even Waspinator talks better than you!”

    Destruct: “Shut. Up. I am. Kool. Get tem.”

    Slow: (slowly in all his dialogue) “Ok… let’s… fight.”

    Fear: “Now I know why they call him slow.”

    (They all laugh)

    Slow: “Hey… that’s…. not nice.”

    Fear: “Too bad!”

    Darkness: “I will kill you all for I am Darkness!”

    Fear: “Ok hold the phone. You aren’t really darkness. You can’t be a thing that isn’t alive. You don’t even exist!”

    Out of the blue a giant pencil drops to the floor next to Fearswoop. He picks it up and points the eraser at Darkness.

    Darkness: (in fear) “What are you doing, stop!”

    Fearswoop completely erases Darkness out of existence. Next the three focus on Deathwing.

    Terra: “So tell me Deathwing, why are you called that? Is it because-”

    Fear: (interrupting) “Is it because your wings bring death?”

    Death: “No it’s because my wings are dead. Destructor ate them.”

    Wasp: “Eww.”

    Fear: “That’s lame.”

    Terradive blasts him in the neck with his trident, and is killed instantly. They then focus on Slowstrike.

    Terra: “Care to do the honors Waspinator?”

    Wasp: “Yes.”

    Waspinator fires a ton of his scales at Slowstrike, and he just stands still. After about a minute he aggressively falls face forward on the ground dead. The fastest he has ever moved has been in death. Now all is left is Destructor.

    Destruct: “That’s. Enough. Eye well kill dude!”

    Destructor transform into a four legged insect monster and grabs Waspinator with his mandibles. He begins to thrash him around like a chew toy.

    Destruct: "Nom. Nom."

    Fearswoop and Terradive are on top of him and begin to stab and burn him. This helps, but they are knocked off by his other legs. Fearswoop is cornered and is about to get killed, but Terradive comes to the rescue and stabs Destructor through the neck.

    Terra: (sneering) “This is our planet!”

    The trio surround the remaining trio of slugs while Fearswoop finds a large salt shaker, and sprays Slug with it. He evaporates with a bloodcurdling scream.

    Wasp: “You will pay for hurting Waspinator!”

    Waspinator blasts Sluggy’s head off, and now all that is left is Lord Sluggington himself. But first Terradive and Fearswoop discuss their relationship.

    Terra: “Why did you come back?”

    Fear: “The truth is I need you, and you may not want to see it but you need me too.”

    Terra: “You understand that I can’t forgive what you did to Cybertron right?”

    Fear: “I know, but I think we can work out what happened between us. There are some things worth fighting for.”

    Wasp: “Can we kill slug now?”

    Both: “Shut up Waspinator!”

    Terra: “Very well then, welcome back brother.”

    Fearswoop smiles with his eye and the two hug, and now it’s on to business with Lord Sluggington. Before they can do anything, I break the silence by clapping.

    Terra: “Where is that coming from?”

    Me: “You’ve done well boys.”

    Fear: “Show yourself.”

    Me: “I can’t, but I’m your creator, and I’ve been watching you struggle for quite some time.”

    Wasp: “Creator?”

    Me: “You see you are my series's fan favorites, so I developed an ongoing series where you have unlimited adventures together. This will also help young writers hone their skills at your expense.”

    Terra: “I am a king, I’m nobody’s puppet.”

    Me: “Doesn’t help your cause seeing that nearly everyone is dead.”

    Fear: “I want to burn you.”

    Me: “So what, you can’t do anything.”

    Terra: “So I’m guessing you are responsible for Cybertron’s demise.”

    Me: “The answer is yes and no. I conceived it, but it wasn’t entirely Fearswoop’s fault.”

    Fear: “It wasn’t?”

    Me: “No, it was Payload. He had his foot stuck out at you, and you tripped and hit the button.”

    Fear: “Curse you Payload!”

    Terra: “Had a feeling it was him.”

    Me: “Anyways enjoy yourselves.”

    Terra: “We won’t.”

    My hand comes down to slap Terradive, and Fearswoop begins to laugh. I slap Fearswoop in retaliation, and Terradive laughs at that. I slap him and then knock both of their heads together to make them stop.

    Fear: “Ok we get it.”

    Terra: “Just one question: Why have Waspinator with us?”

    Me: “Everyone needs a third wheel.”

    Waspinator puts his head down in shame, and then I grab Lord Sluggington and pull him towards another dimension.

    Lord: (frightened) “What are you doing?”

    Me: “Punishing you, and your sentence is an eternity in the Role Plays.”

    Lord: (pleading) “No, anything but that! That's worse than prison! Not the double parentheses! Do you know what they do to Slugs in RPs?”

    Me: “It’s either that or the Wanna See My Beast Hunters realm.”

    Lord: “....Rp it is!”

    Me: “Toodles boys, see you next time! By the way there is a stream of Energon to the east. If you save it, you might save the planet.”

    I leave with the slug and let the trio take care of business for themselves.

    Fear: “I’ve heard of role plays, scary stuff.”

    Terra: (shudders) “Those double parentheses sound like nightmare fuel.”

    Fear: “So what do we do now?”

    Terra: “We live Fearswoop. (to the readers) Ok it’s your show now, where do we go from here?”

    And so the main theme plays.

    Full disclaimer: The characters of Destructor and his 3 friends are from the fan fiction Rise Of The Overlord. This was meant for comedic purposes only and are not actual interpretations of the characters.

    Happy 4th everyone. Nothing is more patriotic than having this out on Fearswoop's and Micheal Bay's favorite holiday. The floodgates are open now, so you can start writing!
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    This is fun. :) 

    Also love the Godzilla references.
  6. eagc7

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    liked it :) 
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    I await more.....:popcorn 
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    Wow, this was AWESOME!
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    Since this is more of a free flow thread I think it is best to make an update about everything regarding my future plans from now until. As you thread know Enslavement's thread will be up in 1.2 weeks, and productions begins in August. Then Eradication and the mystery titled 4th project will be released in 2015. From then on it will only be 1 main story per year. I want to milk this cow for all it's worth. But don't worry, I have a bunch of fun stuff planned throughout. Here is a list of future non main story projects and possible projects.

    For sure: A Prime fan fiction on how the Decepticons could have won the war based off of a point I made. Future installments on the spinoff. A fan fiction so bad it's good. A 5 part mini series that will lead into story 6. A fun filled universal ongoing thread featuring all the characters I introduced throughout my universe living peacefully and filled with hilarity, but that won't happen till the main universe is finished. A behind the scenes esque story with the characters pretending to be actors and sharing their experiences with the movies. A one-off starring Payload. And of course the ifrst fan fiction I ever wrote and its sequel.

    Possible stories: A Marvel, DC, Transformers, and Alien crossover starring Spiderman and my fan Spiderman universe. A adventure where different characters get lost in the world of Youtube Poops.
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    Glad you like my Character's Shadow.





    Hope see more of those guys.

    Of tho, Destructor is more wise and Show's who is the boss.

    Darkness is the very loyal kind type and destroys anything in his path except his own kind

    Slowstrike is kinda like Slug. But way smarter.

    Deathwing. Is kind of a guy. Won't shut up. And show's alot idiocy things

    But other then that, They are all amazing!!!!!! :D 
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    I'll have to try and make a story for this if I can find the time. Loved Fearswoop's song and how he tried to build structures with his flames and failed terribly. :lolol 
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    Chronicles of Fire and Water Part 2: A Journey to Nowhere

    Fearswoop and Terradive Part 2

    Fearswoop and Terradive are startled by an earthquake.

    Fearswoop: What just happened?

    Terradive: I am uncertain.

    New narrator: Greetings, Fearswoop, Terradive, I am the new story writer for the time being. The first to try out the roleplay if you will.

    Terradive: And who might you be?

    New narrator: doesn't matter. Let's just have some fun. Shall we?

    Fearswoop: I don't like this...why is the creator person doing this to us?

    Terradive: Perhaps he grew tired of your constant talk of fire.

    Fearswoop: How can that be didn't he create me?

    Terradive: This entire situation is making my head hurt!

    Fearswoop: Well. What should we do?

    New narrator: Why don't you just find that energon to help you on your journey.

    Terradive: Makes sense.

    Fearswoop: Good thing we can fly we can be there blazing fast!

    New narrator: No wait...

    New narrator: There goes a chance for some good banter between the two...

    Fearswoop and Terradive arrive at the Energon stream.

    Fearswoop: ENERGON!

    He stuffs his face right into it.

    He lifts his head up.

    Fearswoop: Yeah this stuff is rotten.

    Terradive: Really? Did the rotten color and horrid fumes not give it away?

    Fearswoop: Not really, no.

    Terradive sighs.

    Fearswoop: So what do we do now?

    Terradive: Perhaps getting off this barren world would be in our best interest.

    Fearswoop: Good thing we can just transform and leave this place.

    New narrator: NOO!! You don't want to do that!

    Terradive: And why not?

    New narrator: Because...because exiting the planet will blow you up.

    Terradive: Seriously? You expect us to believe that?

    They see a jet vehicle try and leave the planet and it blows up.

    Terradive: You seriously just made it so we just can transform and leave? What reason do you have for this?

    New narrator: New writer. Lol!

    Fearswoop: What's lol? It sounds cool!

    Terradive sighs again.

    Terradive: Let's head elsewhere. Perhaps there is a communications facility where we can go and acquire assistance.

    Fearswoop: Hey Mr. Narrator person, where should we go?

    New narrator: Ask that next person.

    Terradive: What...
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    Great, but Waspinator was supposed to be there remember?

    SEA people this is fun! So who's next?
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    ((If I get the time I should be able to do one or two of these. It could be cool.))

    ((I like what I sea so far.))
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    YouTube (Legacy):
    and he's also helping me in writting a Spider-Man script for my shared Transformers/Marvel stories :) 
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    Oh yeah seeing that this is an update thread as well I should say I found a way to finally make an 18th story. I really wanted to end on an even number, and I found a way. Though that's the last of the new stories. I'm all out of ideas from there. The second update is that we are 5 days from Enslavement's thread creation, how exciting!
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    I like Destructor, "Nom, Nom" :popcorn 
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    Holy hopping hippos Batman. Beginnings has over 10,000 views! Now adding that to the total views of this thread and Enslavement, I think I am now the highest viewed non RP offer ever! Somebody fetch Fearswoop his party blower!
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    :lolol  Funny fanfic !Hope to see more Waspinator!
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    New update, thanks to Barricade for the perfect avatar in celebration of our next villain. Now I have more of an identity than the generic sprite.