Chinese psp/ vita clone questions

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    If only soulja boy would hurry up and release his consoles!!

    Hello all, Im searching for a budget handheld multi-system emulator console. Im looking for suggestions to help narrow my search. I would ideally like to pay $30-$40, but would really like to keep it under $50. I am keeping an eye on ebay and cl for a psp, but they all seem to go over my budget, when adding in batteries/ chargers etc. I dont mind light downloading but would prefer a more pick up and play type purchase.

    This leads me to my question. I've seen quite a few psp/ vita clones that come loaded with emulators and roms in my price range. I've also come across some nice looking windows/ android gaming tablets with integrated controls, such as the GPD XD and GPD WIN2. These are quite a bit out of my price range tho.

    I'm thinking about either a PAP KIII Plus, a Gamplayer x-9, a RS97 PRO/ K101 PRO, or a 5" screen 128bit vita lookalike from JXD. Does anyone here have any experience with any of these consoles?

    My expectations are fair, for the money I plan to spend. I know im not getting cutting edge graphics or great battery life, I just want something I can play while the baby sleeps. I have a 7" android tablet I use with a ps4 controller, but I really want an all in one system. I would like to play up to ps1, and if I can get some n64 or dreamcast coverage, that would be great too. Basically an all in one handheld raspberry pi.

    Any suggestions? Recomendations or things to avoid? Any options I have overlooked? Thanks in advance for any help!!