Child on the way, need to unload. g1, g2, universe, etc.

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    As the title reads, I have a child on the way, so I'm selling everything, and this is whats left. selling as lot only. pm with offers, questions, etc. so anyways, this is whats up for sale:

    g1 devastator-loose-100% complete (instructions, all weapons, 2 devy rifles, 2 devy chestplates), minimal sticker wear.

    g2 optimus prime-loose-missing some accessories, unknown if soundbox works, minimal sticker wear.

    g1 TRU reissue insecticons-MIB-some stickers applied

    g1 antex carrera (green cliffjumper)-loose

    botcon glyph-loose w/ card

    botcon tap-out-loose w/ card

    universe starscream-loose

    universe cyclonus-loose

    animated soundwave-loose

    animated ultra magnus-loose

    mighty muggs shockwave-MISB