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    This is my first foray into fan fiction, so I thought I'd share some character bios for a new universe that I've been working on.

    The events of this story are motivated by the discovery of an ancient, alien space bridge in an orbit near Cybertron. This bridge connects Cybertron to the asteroid belt in the Sol system. The subsequent discovery of Earth represents the first contact that Cybertronians have had with an alien race since the Uprising against the Quintessons.

    The characters described here form the Earth survey team, a team dispatched by the leadership in Iacon to covertly explore the planet. As the bios allude to, their mission won't remain covert forever.

    Comments/criticisms are welcomed.

    Evac [Cybertron Evac]

    To learn from another other species is a precious opportunity.

    Evac has always been fascinated with the idea of life on other planets. Shortly after coming on-line, Evac joined the Cybertron Institute of Science with visions of exploring the galaxy. However, after having his proposals blocked meta-cycle after meta-cycle, Evac’s ambition crystallized into a zealous crusade. There are few in the Institute who haven’t been subjected to an awkward, one-way conversation about the virtues of establishing contacts with extra-Cybertronian races. This enthusiasm made Evac the natural choice to lead the Earth survey team after the Space Bridge was discovered. Many in the upper echelons of the Institute were concerned with his apparent instability, but the opportunity to assign him off-world, even temporarily, was too tempting to pass up.

    Much to the surprise of Team Vanguard, Evac has proven to be a capable, if unreliable, soldier. Fueled by a fanatical desire to protect each and every human, Evac is easily distracted from his objective when humans are endangered. This behavior has resulted in many heated exchanges between Exigazer and Evac about the concept of acceptable losses.

    Wheeljack [Cybertron Downshift]

    Have you seen my spanner? I seem to have misplaced it.

    Most inventors work toward defined goals; Wheeljack simply builds the things that come to mind and is genuinely surprised that his creations are useful to anyone but him. Left to his own devices, Wheeljack would likely have blown himself (and a large section of Nova Cronum) up long ago. Luckily, he was discovered early in his career by Starscream and secured safely behind the blast-proof walls of the Cybertron Institute of Science. With a little direction from the Institute, Wheeljack has become the most prolific inventor on Cybertron and is responsible for such revolutionary advances as the High Density Energy Cell (HIDEC) and the miniaturized Space Bridge.

    When he was assigned to the Earth survey mission, Wheeljack thought that choosing a gas guzzling muscle car as his alt mode was a great joke. No one else gets it.

    Dreadrock [Cybertron Jetfire]

    You mess with my friends, you mess with me.

    Dreadrock was a loner, not because of any predisposition in his programming, but simply because he was too large to be compatible with the social structure on Cybertron. He’d resigned himself to his fate, and was attempting to commission the metallurgists at the Cybertron Institute of Science to create him a giant sword when he met Wheeljack. Wheeljack saw past Dreadrock’s brooding personality and recognized that in essence he was a massive exostructure suitable for mounting a mobile Space Bridge portal. Wheeljack and Dreadrock have since become close friends and research partners. Dreadrock has never been happier, even if it does mean being experimented on once in awhile.

    Dreadrock has little interest in politics, and couldn’t really care less which side wins the War of Succession; he only chose to ally himself with the Autobots when the Decepticons threatened the Earth survey team. However, now that his loyalty has been established, he ranks as one of the most dedicated proponents of the Autobot cause.

    [Cybertron Armorhide]

    The easiest way to operate outside the system is from within.

    Most view red tape as an unnecessary inconvenience; Subterfuge views it as vital camouflage. As the head of Cryotek’s ‘legitimate’ shipping company, Subterfuge can obscure Cryotek’s smuggling and other criminal activities with a mass of apparently official permits and registration forms that are impenetrable to all but the most committed Autobot detective. Despite his questionable ethics, Subterfuge is truly gifted in the field of logistics, and even the Autobots are often forced to utilize his transport fleet for large operations.

    Cryotek thinks that Subterfuge in 100 percent loyal. What he doesn’t realize is that Subterfuge’s true motivation is the challenge of beating the system, and he’s starting to get bored. Subterfuge is prepared to jump ship as soon as a more interesting opportunity arises, and the Earth survey mission might just be the opportunity that he’s looking for.

    [Cybertron Landmine]

    There’s always a reason things were built the way they were. The art is finding it.

    Forte has a knack for troubleshooting. Despite coming on-line nearly 500 meta-cycles after the Uprising, no one in Planetary Infrastructure has a better understanding of Quintesson technology than Forte. His unique skill set has led joim to every corner of Cybertron, traveling wherever he’s needed to service the vital machinery that sustains the planet. Forte has become connected with Cybertron at such a fundamental level that leaving for Earth will be like severing a vital data bus. Unfortunately, there’s no one more qualified to evaluate Human technology than him, whether he likes it or not.

    Although he won’t admit it to anyone, Forte hates dirt. He hates the way it clogs his heat exchangers, he hates the way it sticks to his servos, but mostly he hates how each spec of filth is a constant reminder that he’s not on Cybertron.

    Smokescreen [Cybertron Crosswise]

    Don’t me.

    Smokescreen is a smooth talker and has a smile that has a way of putting ‘bots at ease. He joined the organization as a simple street thug running protection scams. He slowly earned the Cryotek’s trust and worked himself into the boss’s inner circle. Cryotek calls him the ‘luckiest ‘bot on Cybertron’ because of his amazing ability to dodge Autobot patrols and to disappear moments before a raid. No one suspects that luck has nothing to do with it; Smokescreen is an undercover Autobot detective. His constant flow of information has been invaluable and is likely the only reason that the Autobots have managed not to be completely out-maneuvered by Cryotek.

    Smokescreen’s world collapsed around him when his cover was blown during a Vanguard operation. His superiors think that he volunteered for the Earth survey team to avoid a desk job. The truth is, Smokescreen has spent so much of his existence as someone else that he doesn’t even know who he is anymore, and Earth gives him another opportunity to disappear completely.