Chapter 1: The battle begins again

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    Before you read my first ever fan fic, I need to give you a little background. This story takes place linking The Autobots with the Maximals and The Decepticons with the Predicons. The first chapters will be mostly about stopping Megatron from taking this entire new energy source. Eventually the story grows and the plot thinking, linking together every season of transformers. Of course excluding some material that would ruin continuity. All Autobots do not look like any older version, do try to picture them as newer models. The only character who is the same “spark wise” is Optimus, Starscream and Megatron, but they been in all of the series.

    Transformers Next Generation
    Chapter 1: So the Battle Begins Again Part 1

    Narrator: “For many eons on a distant planet known as Cybertron, a great war has waged. This war, between the valiant Autobots and the ruthless Decepticons, has consumed the planets once rich source of energy. Throughout the millions of years of war there came a point where the Autobots and Decepticons landed on a planet known as Earth. In the past Century the Transformers as there called, because of there unique ability to change appearance, have come and gone to this planet in search of new fuel known as energon. Each time erasing their existence as if they were never there. But now after 10 years of exile the Decepticons, under the control of Megatron, have returned to take over Cybertron and then, the universe.”

    - A Decepticon ship slowly heads for Cybertron -

    In the cockpit lurks a figure of unspeakable evil. A Transformer known as Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. He is a shadowy, black figure with two mega cannons, one on each arm. He is Odiously the strongest looking amongst the others. Next to him is Starscream. He is second in command of the Decepticons and is also the only Transformers ever to deceive Megatron on almost every opportunity.

    Megatron “Now Decepticons, it is time to reclaim what is owed to us, first we will attack Cybertron as a diversion so I can pick up… a little present. Then we will regroup and destroy every Autobot in sight.”

    Starscream quickly turns around in disbelief

    Starscream “But Megatron! If we attack the Autobot base now we will surly be obliterated. We are too outmatched with our current forces.”

    Megatron “You fool, in the chamber on sector 4B of Cybertron lays a weapon that can destroy an Autobot in a single blast, and with them any other life forms that stand in my way. Full throttle ahead!”

    Meanwhile on the Cybertron surface the Autobots are doing their remedial tasks, when all of a sudden an alarm is heard.

    Autobot Solider “Alert all personnel, there is a Decepticon shuttle headed directly for Cybertron, they’re going to attack!”

    The Autobots immediately begin to prepare for battle. Then out of know where the Decepticons leap from their ship and fire at any Autobot they see destroying countless soldiers. Megatron lands and swiftly head for a near building, blasting the door open with one shot, he makes his way down the corridor to be taken by surprise by two top Autobot fighters.

    Megatron “err. I don’t have time for this nonsense. Die Autobots!”

    Rollbar “We will never let you pass Megatron. The Plasma Energon shall never be touched by the likes of an evil Decepticon!” Rollbar shoots Megatron as fast as he can, but Megatron just moves aside.

    Megatron then uses his max power to shoot one of the Autobots in the chest for an instant kill. Then he used the jets on his back to dash into Rollbar.

    Megatron “Pitiful. To think that you would actually surpass me.” Megatron blasts Rollbar’s Body almost into pieces. Enough damage to kill him within just moments.

    Unfortunately, Megatron being the leader and top efficient Decepticon was all but three times as powerful and instantly vanquished one Autobot and left Rollbar severely damaged. Megatron made his way passes the armor doors and into a chamber of blue and silver. A glowing fortress of extreme importance. In the middle there lied a huge cylinder with a glass casing in the middle. In it laid a piece of green gem looking crystal.

    Megatron “Yes, the power is finally mine”

    Megatron slowly creeps towards the gem with greed in his eyes. He brakes open the glass with his fist and pulls out what he believes to be the ultimate weapon. As soon as Megatron touches the gem it erupts in a power surge.

    Megatron “It won’t short circuit in my lower containment unit.”

    Megatron lowered the gem into his leg and put it into the secret chamber that opened.

    Megatron “Plasma Energon, a sores of power that has only been matched by the Matrix. Alright time to move out” He quickly held his arm put to his mouth in order to use his communicator. “Decepticons, we have what we come for, Get aboard the ship and move out.”

    -Back on the surface the Decepticons are in the middle of heated battle-

    Starscream receives the transmission.

    Starscream “Aw, but I was just starting to have fun”

    Then at least 100 yards away, in the shadows came a great beam of light. A blast hits Starscream and takes him down.

    Starscream “Ah. Who dares hit the invincible Starscream! Take this you Autobot scum.”

    “Not so fast Starscream!”

    Thrusting out of the Darkness came a great vassal of red, gray, and blue, a hovercraft with unspeakable artillery. Possibly the greatest Autobot hero of all time. The craft then Transformed into non other then Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader of Cybertron.

    Optimus Prime “Decepticons, leave Cybertron in piece, or be destroyed.”

    With another shot Optimus brought down Skywarp, and Air-Crusher. Then he noticed from the corner of his optic sensors that Megatron was coming out of the building where the Plasma Energon resigned. He sees Megatron coming out and can sense the heat on Megatron leg.

    Optimus Prime “Megatron, unhand that Plasma Energon, or I shall have to kill you for it.”

    Megatron “Not on your life prime, it’s my power source now, and with it I shall control the universe and Cybertron together!”

    The two fearless commanders then started at each other with full force. Megatron then tripped Optimus and began flying towards the ship.

    Megatron “So sorry I have to leave Optimus, but I promise you, I’ll return”

    Optimus Prime
    “Not if I can help it” Then the trailer of Optimus’ Alternate form started to role towards him. You’re forgetting Megatron, I can fly too. The trailer then transformed into battle armor on his legs, arms and back. Forming a new massive arsenal. On his back formed two big metal blue wings with two propulsion jet engines.

    Meanwhile down on the surface an Autobot named Afterburner came up with a plan to destroy the ship before it takes off. While all of the other Autobots were headed for the mega cannons to fire at the wings, he will take care of the cockpit. The three other cannons had already fired to damage a wing of the Decepticon craft, and Afterburner started to charge his.

    Optimus Prime had just about made it to Megatron, until Megatron shot one of Optimus’ wings. The blast sent Optimus falling to the ground and could only get up to see Megatron disappear into the door on the side of the ship.

    Optimus Prime “There is no consequence to harsh for what I have just let be unleashed”

    -Back inside the ship-

    “Alright, get the warp drive into commission and get us out of hear.”

    Afterburner “Okay I just have to position this right” then with one click of a button, the cannon lets off a brilliant flash of beaming light up towards the ship, it hits and transmitting satellite which then transports the beam 90 degrees to the right, directly into the ships cockpit. This sends the whole front of the ship up in a huge blast. Then the ship started to turn blue and a gate portal opened up in front of it.

    Megatron “ What happened. Why has the spacebridge been opened?

    Starscream “The front of the ship id destroyed, it activated itself, and we could end up anywhere.”

    The ship then disappeared in a mere second with a flash of light. No Autobot was cheering, many comrades died and Megatron got what he came for. Optimus released his battle armor and headed for the chamber of the Plasma Energon along with Ratchet and Motor Master. Of course, all they found inside was some broken glass. Optimus gathered his thoughts and formulated a logical plan,

    Optimus Prime “Now we must find out where the Decepticons have gone, and stop them at all costs.”

    -The scene turns to a beautiful sky in the middle of a desert somewhere far away from civilization, on Earth. No one is seen for miles and there is just a little blow of wind. The Decepticon ship appears and hits the ground speeding through the sand until finally stopping 2 miles away, after hitting a boulder. The ship is damaged without hope of recovery. With no sign that anyone has seen them, the Decepticons leave the ship and look around to see what can be done.

    Then a sensor on Megatron's left arm picked up an unusual trace.

    Megatron “Could it be. Yes, thanks to the Plasma Energon in my bottom compartment, it allows me to pick up other Plasma Energon. There is thousands of it all across this planet. I had no idea this dirt ball could be worth so much too me.”

    Barricade “But where are we?”

    Megatron “A planet inhabited by nothing but insects known as humans. Decepticons, we are on Earth yet again. Our new mission is to gather all of the Plasma Energon here and use it’s full power to destroy the Autobots once and for all!”

    All Decepticons “Cheering”

    -Back on Cybertron-

    Optimus Prime “Autobots, we are in grave danger. Megatron has stolen what is known as Plasma Energon. It has been passed down from our ancestors since before the Great War started. It is much more complex and powerful than normal energon. It also holds many secrets. I am now constructing a team of my finest allies, you all have been chosen for this mission. Afterburner, Towline, Quick jump, Prowl, Motor Master, Four Wheeler, Ratchet, and Wide Load. Together we must defend both Cybertron and the planet that the Decepticons are after now.”

    Ultra Magnus entered the command center with an urgent expression on his face.

    Ultra Magnus “Optimus! The computers have calculated the planet where the Decepticons now reside. It’s Earth.”

    Optimus Prime “hm, this may be more difficult than I thought”