Chap's TF for SALE/TRADE: NEW/OLD KOs, ROTF, Classics...etc! More added regularly!

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    Prices does not include shipping, give me your zip code and I'll get you how much it'll cost.

    Some of these items are HUGE, so taking them out of the package first would be the cheapest way to ship. Let me know if you want them in or out of packaging.

    I just moved to a smaller place, so I'm (slooooowly) going through my boxes and will be putting up more stuff for sale. Please check back for updates!

    My WANT list is at the bottom of this post.


    Classics-style Construction Combiner (who are we kidding, it's Devastator!) $25:
    When I first saw images of this guy, I had to have it, fortunately I was going to Hong Kong for vacation right when these were spotted. The store that I bought these from wouldn't sell me just one, so I had to get a case of them!

    They are all original designs, I think. I can't identify them as being copied from any Transformer.

    He HUGE, the plastic quality is good, though nowhere near Hasbro quality (it's a KO after all). Looks great posed with my Classics Transfomers, and there's even some ranges of articulation in Devy mode (has articulated fingers!).

    classicsconstructioncombiner2.jpg classicsconstructioncombiner3.jpg classicsconstructioncombiner.jpg

    Oversized Legends Devastator $25:
    Another piece I just had to have. Same deal, I had to buy a case.

    The plastic quality is superb! I'd say on par with regular legends figures or better. They feel solid, and I've transformed them numerous times with no problems.

    oversizekolegenddevy2.jpg oversizekolegenddevy.jpg oversizekolegenddevy3.jpg


    Voyager Class Bludgeon $25:
    The box is worn from normal self-wear. I bid on two auctions at the same time for Bludgeon. Won both.


    Sorry, it's a short list right now.

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