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    Nov 6, 2012
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    G1 boxed megatron complete - megatron is complete and in pretty good condition the box has a couple of rips in the corners and dog ears and skuff marks and split in the clear plastic window
    G1 takara boxed (japanease language box) swindle complete even has red plastic screen and japanease catlogues for other figures that it came with originally
    Gigastrom (trypticon repaint/remold)good condtion no accesories motor and limbs work well still walks across my desk £100

    armada unicron missing everything tho lights still work on fist and hand £35

    metroplex missing everything but otherwise good condition £30

    leader class star scream

    any questions please ask

    i am uk based tho ill ship internationally i will be adding more pics and items to this list soon