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    not a video review but something I discoverd when trying to make a post on something I found that was a new on a toy. Since it was a new review i figured it was news. I looked in all of the news and well there was no one else posting the find of a video review on DOTM Deluxe to post right? Wrong!!!

    Ok, so I am told that reviews get posted in the video section...alright...go to video section, looking for a post of the review I found and nothing. The I discover Video reviews have their own little place to be; "Transformer Video Reviews". I click on the link that I stumbled onto in someones post and got to here. I look at the chain to get here: 2005 Boards > collecting > Transformer feedback > transformers video reviews.
    Okay guys...does anyone see what is wrong with this picture? If I wanted to go find more video reviews on the toy I might want to buy I would have to go through collecting? then it's sub directory to transformers feedback? then to the video reviews.

    guys it the string should read like this: TFW2005 - the 2005 Boards > transformers video reviews

    boom you're there!

    Also I am still blown away at how the reviews of Soundwave and Que are not listed as part of your news thread. We know Blurrprime is new to doing a review but he did alright for his first time... guys come on...a first time review on these cool toys is not news?!?! Seriously???

    I'm really critical because I really like TFW2005...and these are a few ways to make it better: make video reviews of toys easier to find and give the reviewer his "credit" for a first time review of very brand new toys in the news section. Hell Seibertron did!