Calling 4Ever Studio DOTM Prime 2.0 Owners - Questions about Paint Apps

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm potentially getting ready to purchase a 4Ever Studio Prime 2.0 DOTM version but I have some reservations.

    From the pictures I've seen this figure has a wide range of paint decos and is not consistent across the board.

    For example:
    53359644_1983926131909924_6241801320450228224_o.jpg 20200518_233120.jpg Screenshot_20200519-000615_YouTube.jpg 824004967.jpg DSCN8562.JPG 20200518_234250.jpg

    I understand that this is a custom piece and has some exquisite paint applications but for whatever reason I'm not particularly fond of the battle damage paint apps. I dont mind a little weathering here and there but the last two pictures I posted are too much for me. I know Prime's CGI model was never pristine and it always had some scratches but for me, I just don't want the battle damage to be so pronounced as it is in the last two photos. Especially on the knee guards.

    I've been into contact with both Capcomkai and Dino Model Shop on Instagram. I asked them if I would be able to remove the battle damage paint with rubbing alcohol and they both said it would be difficult. I also asked if I could order a custom piece that had no battle damage and Dino Model Shop said that that is impossible since these are mass produced.

    So I'm torn. Which is why I wanted to turn to you guys and ask if you could post pictures of your copies and share with me whether or not you think it would be possible to remove the battle damaged paint applications or show me so way to order one that has minimal paint wear like the first couple of photos I shared.

    This is my holy grail piece and Capcomkai told me that he's not sure if this will be available a year from now so this might be my last chance to get one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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