C.O.N.S. 4 has a fourth special guest

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    C.O.N.S. 4 has a fourth special guest:

    He is one of the few German comic artists, who is working on Transformers comics for IDW. Klaus Schwerwinski wants to spend the day at the German Transformers Convention together with us. At the moment he is working on the cover for the G.I. Joe - Transformers Crossover Anthology for IDW. He is known for his cover-art for All Hail Megatron, Infiltration, Escalation and several spotlights (Ultra Magnus, Wheelie, Best of Grimlock, Best of Starscream). He will bring comics, original pages and also postcards with Transformers motives to the C.O.N.S.. We can ask him questions about his work in an interview.

    Here is a short video in which Klaus Scherwinski introduces himself.

    Klaus Scherwinski Bielefeld University 2011 (English Subtitles) - YouTube

    Klaus Scherwinskis: Comic Con 2008:

    Comic-Con 2008: All Hail the Transformers! Panel (1 of 3) - YouTube

    Source: ntf-cons.de