C.O.N.S. 4 Exclusive, Booklet and Program

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    Here comes some updates for the German Transformers Convention C.O.N.S. 4 that takes place this sunday at Haus Seerose in Nettetal-Lobberich in Germany.

    Each C.O.N.S. has its own exclusives and the 4th is no different. This time we have three exclusives for you. Just like last year you can get your own C.O.N.S. T-Shirt made live on location with the NTF-Archive logo and date. There's also a key chain with the same details. This year's highlight is our C.O.N.S. 4 coffee mug, though, featuring the printing "C.O.N.S. 4 - The German Transformers Fan Convention - July 22, 2012" and the NTF-Archive logo on the back. The T-shirt's price is 18 Euros, the mug is 7.50 and the key chain is 5.00. You can buy these items as well as many others such as printed shopping trolley tokens, mousepads, and buttons at the stand of Bedruckshop Sulz. Everything is made live on location and for little money.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks to our special guest Klaus Scherwinski we have yet another C.O.N.S. exclusive. It's a post card with Klaus Scherwinski's All Hail Megatron artwork on the front. This post card will be a free give-away at C.O.N.S.4 and won't be available anywhere else. On the other side you'll see the NTF- and C.O.N.S. logo. This post card has been approved by IDW comics, making for a one-of-a-kind exclusive. Many thanks to Klaus Scherwinski and IDW!





    Here comes the days program:

    10.30 am Admittance for the participants of the Cosplay-, Custom- & Fan Art contests

    11.00 am General admittance

    11.15 am Opening song by Rampage

    11.30 am Official welcome

    11.45 am Cosplayers show

    12.00 pm 4Connect Tournament

    12.30 pm Kre-O competition at Starblight Booth

    12.35 pm Klaus Scherwinski live

    01.00 pm Live script reading by Simon Furman

    01.30 pm Interview with Andrew Wildman, Klaus Scherwinski & Simon Furman

    02.30 pm 1st raffle with Klaus Scherwinski & Raymond-T

    03.15 pm Autograph Time

    03.30 pm ReGeneration 1 Tour with Simon Furman & Andrew Wildman

    04.30 pm Rampage live

    05.30 pm Andrew Wildman determines winner of the Kitbash contest

    05.35 pm Announcement of the kitbash & contest winners

    05.40 pm 2nd raffle with Simon Furman & Andrew Wildman

    06.00 pm Thank Yous & Goodbyes

    And here a look on this years Booklet.







    We're looking forward to your participation and a great convention!


    Source for all infos and news can be found here: NTF-CONS.DE