Minor/Repaint: BW Kenner Janther

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by DJsCustoms, Dec 31, 2019.

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    So along with my Oversized KO Hardhead->Tankor repaint, I bought what was SUPPOSED to be an oversized BW Cheetor. It was not oversized and the plastic quality was not good.
    But nonetheless I went through with it...
    And then the elbows shattered, so I sawed them off and built new elbows out of twist-tie wires. Transformation is unchanged and it technically has more poseability.

    One more change is that I decided to revert Cheetor's tail gun to his pre-relese commerical version where the tail was the handle instead. Plastic quality not withstanding, I glued the whole thing together and got a decent result anyways. It plugs in through a scorched&sanded grove in the back of the pelvis.

    IMG_20191231_123512810_HDR.png IMG_20191231_123516068_HDR.png IMG_20191231_123547135_HDR.png IMG_20191231_123550684_HDR.png IMG_20191231_123554005.png IMG_20191231_123622931.png IMG_20191231_123657766_HDR.png IMG_20191231_123702985_HDR.png IMG_20191231_124029441_HDR.png IMG_20191231_124034816_HDR.png IMG_20191231_124038836.png IMG_20191231_124042726_HDR.png

    I'm kind of sad that the plastic quality was junk, because the tailgun turned out very nice. If not for it being a bootleg, I would have put a lot more bronze detailing on it like the Dreamwave art for Janther. I might revisit this idea one day on an official kenner cheetor instead. But for now, this is a good concept showcase.

    Oh and this figure was painted on stream! Something I'll start doing every once in a while now.
    You can head over to Twitch/amiarbalest and check me out then when I do "Paint & Chat" streams. I have some much better ones I'll be finishing up on stream today!
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    that is damn good bro. I love customs of the McDonalds bw figs. need more of them... please keep it up.