bumblebee voice mixer helmet

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    i got this over the weekend. it looks awesome in person. really colorfull. it has one button for transformation sounds, one for music and one for battle phrases(most of which suck) two good ones are kung fu noises and someone saying you are no match for my new kung fu, i hope bumbles says this after his playtime with the decepticons recently mentioned. that would be hilarious. the other good one is 'you mess with me and side effects will include headaches nausia and ...total annihilation'. its a good helmet but a bit pricey. kids would love it. forgot to mention when you press the music button if you keep talking the music keeps playing and there are about 6 kinds of music. sorry if someones allready reviewed this.
    looks 9 out of 10 - loose a point because humans eyes are a little visable
    sounds 6 out of 10- many sounds but alot are lame
    value for money 7 out of 10. its awesome but a tad over priced but it has alot of functionality and kids would not get bored with this for a long time.