By Generation: Bulkhead (Main Line) Wrist Modification

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    I really like the Transformers: Prime main line version of Bulkhead. I know it gets a lot of flak for not being show accurate like the FE, but it's a good toy (and looks great in Classics, where the show accuracy doesn't matter).

    The one problem I had with it was that the hands don't fold out all the way.

    This isn’t as bad as it was on Animated Lockdown, mostly because of the shape of the forearm, but it’s still a problem. Bulkhead’s a brawler, and how’s he supposed to punch someone with his wrists on angle?

    It doesn’t look bad, but it could look better.


    And it’s an easy fix! This guide will show you how to get your voyager Bulkhead pounding cons with stouter wrists, just by trimming a bit of plastic.

    The first thing you’ll need for this mod is a Transformers: Prime (main line version) Bulkhead. You’ll also need a screwdriver and something to shave down the plastic with. I’d recommend using some flush cutters, and then trimming up the rest with a sharp blade.

    Step 1 – Take Apart Bulkhead’s Forearms

    Unscrew the screws and pop the forearm pieces apart. The arms aren’t glued together, and there are no pins to worry about, so this should be easy to do.

    Step 2 – Trim Plastic

    In these pictures I’ve colored the parts that need trimmed in red.


    What’s getting trimmed is just the first ridge on Bulkhead’s forearm\wrist. Use the second ridge as a guide, and cut most of the way up to it.

    You’re not going to completely cut off the first ridge, because the post that the wrist is on extends partway out to that ridge on the top and bottom. Look again at the before and after picture to see what I mean:


    Notice that the part were the back of the hand folds is trimmed, but when it gets to the post where the hand is connected, the first ridge is untrimmed.

    It’s also best to start with the top forearm piece, because as you trim you can slip the hand on the post and check to see if it needs trimmed further. The second ridge needs shaved down a bit on the inside for the hand to fold out all the way, so use the hand to show you how much it needs trimmed:


    After you’ve got the bottom piece trimmed, you can see how much to trim under the second ridge by putting it together with the top piece and folding the hand out.

    Once trimmed, the forearm pieces should look something like this:





    The detail on those images has been sharpened, so they’re not as rough in person. With cut plastic like this, if it still looks too rough a fine grit sandpaper can be used to make it smooth.

    Step 3 – Reassemble Bulkhead’s Forearms

    Put the arms back together on the upper arms, and screw in the screws.

    This isn’t a hard mod, even if it might look tricky at first. If you have a PRID Bulkhead in hand, it should be easy to see what needs trimmed, especially if you take apart the forearms and compare them with the pictures.

    And once you’ve done it, Bulkhead looks a lot better doing what Bulkhead does best... fitting in with Classics! :tongue: 

    And also smashing stuff.


    ~Matt Booker

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