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    Hey all!

    In a nutshell (READ THIS FIRST PLEASE):
    1. EDIT: No minimum purchase anymore!
    2. Free shipping at $100 or 10 items. EDIT: charging actual shipping for everything else. Open to international shipping as well.
    3. No holds. First come, first served.
    4. Prices are pre-PayPal fees and pre-shipping.
    5. My feedback here: GiganGoji

    1. EDIT: Shipping rates have gone up. Most packages I've shipped have been in the $8-$15 range, so just be aware. I'd rather not spend the time/supplies to package stuff up and bring it to the post office for a shipping quote, and then find out that the shipping is too much for you. (Single items have been in the $5-$9 range, depending on size/weight)
    2. The goals are to clear a lot of space and hopefully make some money in the process.
    3. Once I send you a total, I’ll consider the items “sold”. If payment isn’t received within 24 hours, I’ll re-list the items for someone else. I'm not doing holds this time around, sorry (unless we're working out a trade). On top of this, I’ll update the post as fast as I can, so I don’t get multiple messages about already-sold figures.
    4. I buy most of my figures used/second-hand, so many come without instructions. I’ll try my best to describe them accurately, but I apologize in advance if I miss a detail. If you see something amiss in any of my descriptions (for example, I fail to mention a missing accessory), please let me know!
    5. I'm not currently doing any other discounts aside from the free shipping deal, unless you're buying like, the whole collection.

    Will trade for/towards:
    - E-Hobby Magnificus (black RTS Perceptor version)
    - TAV56 Nemesis Prime
    - Power Rangers Soul of Chogokin black/green Megazord GX-72B
    - MonsterArts Godzilla Junior
    - Tamashii Mix Mechagodzilla Poster Version
    - Marmit Godzilla Tower

    1 CHUG etc.jpg

    KBB MP10-V undersized MP-10 KO/Bootleg (w/ box and all accessories EXCEPT Megatron gun) - $47
    Thrilling 30 Jetfire Leader (no weapons, yes helmet) - $24
    Trailcutter RTS Legends x2 - $4 each
    TFCC Catgut only (no Treadshot) - $8
    Thrilling 30 Sandstorm Voyager (no gun) - $17
    Takara TG-25 Orion Pax (w/ axe and gun, no Megatron) - $30
    Takara TG-18 WFC Skywarp (w/ both guns) - $21
    PCC Steamhammer custom (symmetrical limbs!) - $20
    Mobile Artillery tank Drone PCC arm (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    Junker Drone PCC foot (from Over-Run and Stunticons set) - $2
    Fighter Jet (Blue Angel) Drone PCC foot (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    Helicopter Drone PCC arm (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    G1 Hot Rod 2017 Reissue (w/ both guns and instructions) - $12
    G1 Glitch only (from Action Master Rollout set, w/ both arms) - $10
    G1 Fistfight only (from Action Master Shockwave set, no arms) - $4
    G1 Eagle Eye Micromaster - $6
    Armada Hot Shot (no weapons, engine, or partner) - $5
    Authentics Starscream (w/ Null Rays) - $4
    Waterlog PCC Minicon only (from Undertow set) - $5
    Chopster PCC Minicon only (from Smolder set) - $5
    Darkray PCC Minicon only (from Windburn set) - $5

    Combiner Wars/Titans Return/Power of the Primes/Siege/Earthrise:
    2 Trilogy Series.jpg

    Soundwave TR Leader (w/ Reprolabels, all accessories and card) - $35
    Buzzsaw cassette only (from Bumblebee’s Greatest Hits set) - $8
    Howlback cassette only (from Bumblebee’s Greatest Hits set) - $7
    Blurr TR Deluxe (w/ Reprolabels and gun) - $20
    Terri-Bull Titan Master vehicle only (no head) - $3
    Nightbeat Titan Master vehicle only (no head) - $3
    Cutthroat POTP Deluxe (w/ HFG and gun, no card) - $14
    Blot POTP Deluxe (w/ HFG, gun, and card) - $14
    SOLD Prowl Deluxe (w/ gun)
    SOLD Sixgun Deluxe (complete)
    SOLD Soundwave Voyager (w/ accessories)

    Refraktor trio / Reflector (set of three, w/ accessories) - $60
    Decepticon Airstrike Patrol Stormcloud and Visper - $7
    Pteraxodon Battle Master (w/ blue effect piece) - $5
    Swindler Micromaster only - $4
    Growl Micromaster only (w/ gun) - $5
    Wheel Blaze Micromaster only (from Target set) - $6
    Fireline Micromaster only (from Target set) - $6
    Ironworks Deluxe (w/ weapon, map, and decoder) - $19

    Movieverse - Transformers/Revenge of the Fallen/Dark of the Moon:
    3 Bayverse 1.jpg

    Megatron Voyager TFTM (w/ missile, blue ice version) - $17
    Real Gear Meantime - $10
    Brawl phone strap - $2
    Robot Heroes Frenzy - $2
    Arcee/Chromia/Elita-1 Studio Series 52 (MISB) - $18
    Rampage Studio Series 37 Voyager (w/ backdrop) - $25
    Revenge of the Fallen 2-disc DVD set w/ transforming Bumblebee case - $10
    Electrostatic Jolt ROTF Deluxe - $13
    Long Haul only (Devastator set foot) - $2
    Springer ROTF Legends - $6
    Megatron DOTM Voyager (w/ cloak, Mechtech weapon, and bonus gun from Evasion Optimus) - $18
    Jazz Target exclusive DOTM Deluxe (w/ staff weapon; some headlight paint wear) - $10
    Swerve ROTF Legends - $4
    Skyhammer DOTM Voyager (w/ bomb pods, no Mechtech weapon) - $11
    Soundwave Studio Series 51 Deluxe (MISB) - $18

    Movieverse - Age of Extinction/The Last Knight/Bumblebee:
    4 Bayverse 2.jpg

    Lockdown oversized KO/Bootleg Voyager-size (w/ gun and missle; some diecast parts) - $17
    Silver Knight Optimus Prime AOR Deluxe (Target exclusive) - $7
    Tiny Turbo Changers Phantom Strike Lockdown - $3
    Cogman x2 (w/ head and sword) - $14 each
    WWII Hot Rod Studio Series 50 Deluxe - $18
    Optimus Prime TLK Voyager (w/ sword and shield) - $22
    Dragonstorm TLK Leader (w/ mace and both swords) - $30
    Skulk only (w/ sword, from Infernocus set) - $12
    Blitzwing Energon Igniters Nitro Series (w/ power-up and bonus red power-up) - $20
    Bumblebee Camaro Energon Igniters Speed Series (w/ blue power-up) - $7
    Dropkick Helicopter Studio Series 22 Deluxe (w/ missile pods and backdrop) - $12
    Sector 7 Adventures “The Battle at Half Dome” Bumblebee comic - $3

    Animated/Prime/Beast Hunters/RID/Cyberverse:
    5 Animated Etc.jpg

    Beast Hunters “Welcome to Darkmount” IDW comic (has “Griffin” written on inside cover) - $7
    Takara Arms Micron Airachnid only (no Micron partner) - $15
    Arms Micron Gan TFGo! (assembled) - $7
    Windrazor (BH Abominus set version) - $6
    Bisk RID Legion - $7
    Twinferno RID Legion - $5
    Lunar Force Optimus Crash Combiner torso - $3
    Strongarm Crash Combiner legs - $2
    Dragstrip Crash Combiner legs - $2
    McDonald’s RID Bumblebee Happy Meal toy (sealed) - $2
    Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime (w/ axe) - $15
    Stuntwing partner only (no Bumblebee) - $6
    SOLD Hi-Test partner only (no Optimus)
    Shockwave Cyberverse Warrior - $13
    Cyberverse Optimus Prime trailer base only - $12
    Fusion Flame Hot Rod Stealth Force (still on plastic) - $5
    Shockwave only (w/ helmet; from Invasion set) - $7
    Tiny Turbo Changer Cyberverse Hot Rod / Rodimus - $3

    Miscellaneous Transformers and Transformer Customs!
    (Note: I'm not a professional customizer by any means)
    6 Misc.jpg

    Armada “The Awakening” book (wear from classroom, name on inside cover) - $3
    Optimus Prime IDW Micro Comic - $2
    Grimlock IDW Micro Comic - $2
    Plush Megatron (w/ tag) - $5
    "Flip + Attack" Cyber Lizard jumpstarter (from Amazing Spider-Man, paint scuffs/wear) - $3
    Burger King Cybertron Red Alert - $2
    McDonald’s Armada Optimus Prime (not sure how to get the gimmick to work) - $2
    Alt-Modes Starscream - $3
    Decoy purple Starscream only (from SDCC Metroplex set) - $10
    Rockblade Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    Radrogue Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    Ironlunge Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    Refuser Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    DX9 Stormtrooper Dirge War In Pocket (w/ both missiles) - $16
    Gray Tank cheap KO - $2
    Green Ultra Magnus cheap KO - $2
    “China Southern” jet plane mini cheap KO - $2
    Stegosaurus car cheap KO - $2
    Amargasaurus car cheap KO - $2
    TLK Berserker (dreads cut off, w/ one weapon) - $5
    Goldbug from Classics Bumblebee (repainted gold and blue, customized head) CUSTOM - $12
    Beast Hunters Legion Windrazor (painted red, not sure what I was planning here) CUSTOM - $3
    Prime Legion Bumblebee (arms cut slimmer and parts glued to roof, painted windows) CUSTOM - $4
    Acid Storm from Cybertron Legends Starscream (green and red, two swords instead of a sword and a gun) CUSTOM - $4
    Year of the Horse Optimus Prime Legends (painted to match YOTH MP) CUSTOM - $6
    Predacons Rising Optimus Prime (swapped legs and wheels, all blue) CUSTOM - $6
    Beast Hunters Legion Pacific Rim-style Kaiju (painted black with pink) CUSTOM - $6
    Blizzard Strike Drift Legion RID (painted wheels and windows) CUSTOM - $6
    PCC Pinpoint Minicon (added silver paint) CUSTOM - $3
    Orion Pax from Prime Wheeljack (repainted red, blue, silver, new head) CUSTOM - $12

    NOT PICTURED: Blue Grimlock chase Kidrobot keychain - $10
    NOT PICTURED: Blue Grimlock chase Kidrobot vinyl figure - $20
    NOT PICTURED: Grimlock Kidrobot vinyl figure - $5

    BotBots - $3 each:
    7 BotBots.jpg

    Series 1: Nail Byter, King Toots, Skillz Punk, Slappyhappy, Arctic Guzzlerush

    Series 3: Cackle Corn, Knotzel, Tutu Puffs, Bunches, Sweet Cheat, Bankshot, Q.U.R.O.B.O. 6000 x2, Swoonberry, Kikmee, Moldwich, Mal Content, Minnycake, Batterhead

    Series 4: Skitter Chatter, Doc Kit, Bemyne

    Series 5: Drama Sauce, Flood Jug, Barf Bag

    Non-Transformers and such:
    8 Non TF.jpg

    Star Wars Episode 1 Trade Federation Droid Fighters Snapfest model kit (box opened, kit still sealed in bags) - $12
    Mega Blocks blue Xenomorph Alien (w/ base and Facehuggers) - $5
    Kamen Rider OOO Candroid Pteranodon (candy toy size) - $6
    Star Wars Saga Legends Zuckuss (no weapons) - $5
    Dragon Ball Z Spin Battler Super Saiyan Vegeta - $2
    Game of Thrones Sigil Pin Set (sealed) - $8
    Talos Captain Marvel Heroclix (w/ card) - $2
    Walking Dead Necklace (Lootcrate exclusive, sealed) - $5
    Simpson's 25 Years Kidrobot keychain Donut - $3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magnet set (Lootcrate Exclusive, sealed) - $3
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Blade Blaster (has been removed from package, w/ batteries) - $53
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Culturefly Green Ranger statue (Gamestop exclusive, MIB) - $27
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Alpha 5 bottle opener (Gamestop exclusive, sealed) - $5
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Phunny plush (Lootcrate exclusive, sealed) - $5

    Thanks for reading!
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    1 - No more minimum purchase requirements! Buy items individually!
    2 - Charging actual shipping costs
    3 - Open to international shipping!
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    Bump! No minimum purchase anymore!