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    Hey all!

    In a nutshell (READ THIS FIRST PLEASE):
    1. Minimum purchase of $50 or 5 items, whichever comes first.

    2. Free shipping at $100 or 10 items. Shipping is a flat $8 otherwise. (Any less and I’ll refund the difference, any more and I’ll eat the additional cost). Shipping to the US only.
    3. No holds. First come, first served.
    4. Prices are pre-PayPal fees and pre-shipping.
    5. My feedback here: GiganGoji

    1. To save a lot of time and minimize physical-contact/trips out, I’ve set the $8 shipping price. No trips back and forth to the post office to get exact shipping quotes. If shipping ends up being less than $8, I’ll refund the difference. If it costs any more than $8, I’ll pay that cost myself. UPDATE: Most of the packages have been above $8 - I think the post office raised their rates... I’ll be shipping out once or twice a week. Thank you for your patience!
    2. The goals are to clear a lot of space and hopefully make some money in the process, which is why I’ve set the item number and cost minimums of $50 or 5 items, whichever comes first. Most of the items (over 100 of them) are under $10!
    3. Once I send you a total, I’ll consider the items “sold”. If payment isn’t received within 24 hours, I’ll re-list the items for someone else. I'm not doing holds this time around, sorry (unless we're working out a trade). On top of this, I’ll update the post as fast as I can, so I don’t get multiple messages about already-sold figures.
    4. I buy most of my figures used/second-hand, so many come without instructions. I’ll try my best to describe them accurately, but I apologize in advance if I miss a detail. If you see something amiss in any of my descriptions (for example, I fail to mention a missing accessory), please let me know!
    5. I'm not currently doing any other discounts aside from the free shipping deal, unless you're buying like, the whole collection.

    Will trade for/towards:
    - E-Hobby Magnificus (black RTS Perceptor version)
    - JD Red Knight (AOE Galvatron mold in red)
    - TAV56 Nemesis Prime
    - Power Rangers Soul of Chogokin black/green Megazord GX-72B
    - MonsterArts Godzilla Junior
    - Tamashii Mix Mechagodzilla Poster Version
    - Marmit Godzilla Tower
    - Mattel Jurassic Park John Hammond

    1 CHUG etc.jpg

    KBB MP10-V undersized MP-10 KO/Bootleg (w/ box and all accessories EXCEPT Megatron gun) - $47
    Thrilling 30 Jetfire Leader (no weapons, yes helmet) - $24
    Trailcutter RTS Legends x2 - $4 each
    TFCC Catgut only (no Treadshot) - $8
    Thrilling 30 Sandstorm Voyager (no gun) - $17
    Takara TG-25 Orion Pax (w/ axe and gun, no Megatron) - $30
    Takara TG-18 WFC Skywarp (w/ both guns) - $21
    PCC Steamhammer custom (symmetrical limbs!) - $20
    Mobile Artillery tank Drone PCC arm (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    Junker Drone PCC foot (from Over-Run and Stunticons set) - $2
    Fighter Jet (Blue Angel) Drone PCC foot (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    Helicopter Drone PCC arm (from Stakeout and Protectobots set) - $2
    G1 Hot Rod 2017 Reissue (w/ both guns and instructions) - $12
    G1 Glitch only (from Action Master Rollout set, w/ both arms) - $10
    G1 Fistfight only (from Action Master Shockwave set, no arms) - $4
    G1 Eagle Eye Micromaster - $6
    Armada Hot Shot (no weapons, engine, or partner) - $5
    Authentics Starscream (w/ Null Rays) - $4
    Waterlog PCC Minicon only (from Undertow set) - $5
    Chopster PCC Minicon only (from Smolder set) - $5
    Darkray PCC Minicon only (from Windburn set) - $5

    Combiner Wars/Titans Return/Power of the Primes/Siege/Earthrise:
    2 Trilogy Series.jpg

    Soundwave TR Leader (w/ Reprolabels, all accessories and card) - $35
    Buzzsaw cassette only (from Bumblebee’s Greatest Hits set) - $8
    Howlback cassette only (from Bumblebee’s Greatest Hits set) - $7
    Blurr TR Deluxe (w/ Reprolabels and gun) - $20
    Terri-Bull Titan Master vehicle only (no head) - $3
    Nightbeat Titan Master vehicle only (no head) - $3
    Cutthroat POTP Deluxe (w/ HFG and gun, no card) - $14
    Blot POTP Deluxe (w/ HFG, gun, and card) - $14
    Prowl Deluxe (w/ gun) - $15
    Sixgun Deluxe (complete) - $12
    Ion Storm (blue one, w/ Null Rays) - $28
    Soundwave Voyager (w/ accessories) - $28
    Refraktor trio / Reflector (set of three, w/ accessories) - $60
    Decepticon Airstrike Patrol Stormcloud and Visper - $7
    Pteraxodon Battle Master (w/ blue effect piece) - $5
    Swindler Micromaster only - $4
    Growl Micromaster only (w/ gun) - $5
    Wheel Blaze Micromaster only (from Target set) - $6
    Fireline Micromaster only (from Target set) - $6
    Decepticon Skar cassette only (from Generations Selects Spy Patrol) - $7
    Ironworks Deluxe (w/ weapon, map, and decoder) - $19

    Movieverse - Transformers/Revenge of the Fallen/Dark of the Moon:
    3 Bayverse 1.jpg

    Megatron Voyager TFTM (w/ missile, blue ice version) - $17
    Real Gear Meantime - $10
    Brawl phone strap - $2
    Robot Heroes Frenzy - $2
    Bumblebee Studio Series 49 Deluxe (MISB) - $18
    Arcee/Chromia/Elita-1 Studio Series 52 (MISB) - $18
    Rampage Studio Series 37 Voyager (w/ backdrop) - $25
    Revenge of the Fallen 2-disc DVD set w/ transforming Bumblebee case - $10
    Electrostatic Jolt ROTF Deluxe - $13
    Long Haul only (Devastator set foot) - $2
    Springer ROTF Legends - $6
    Megatron DOTM Voyager (w/ cloak, Mechtech weapon, and bonus gun from Evasion Optimus) - $18
    Jazz Target exclusive DOTM Deluxe (w/ staff weapon; some headlight paint wear) - $10
    Swerve ROTF Legends - $4
    Skyhammer DOTM Voyager (w/ bomb pods, no Mechtech weapon) - $11
    Soundwave Studio Series 51 Deluxe (MISB) - $18

    Movieverse - Age of Extinction/The Last Knight/Bumblebee:
    4 Bayverse 2.jpg

    Lockdown oversized KO/Bootleg Voyager-size (w/ gun and missle; some diecast parts) - $17
    PENDING KBB “Battle Damage” Evasion Optimus Bootleg (w/ box, extra head, and guns) - $25
    Silver Knight Optimus Prime AOR Deluxe (Target exclusive) - $7
    Tiny Turbo Changers Phantom Strike Lockdown - $3
    Cogman x2 (w/ head and sword) - $14 each
    WWII Hot Rod Studio Series 50 Deluxe - $18
    Optimus Prime TLK Voyager (w/ sword and shield) - $22
    Dragonstorm TLK Leader (w/ mace and both swords) - $30
    Skulk only (w/ sword, from Infernocus set) - $12
    Blitzwing Energon Igniters Nitro Series (w/ power-up and bonus red power-up) - $20
    Bumblebee Camaro Energon Igniters Speed Series (w/ blue power-up) - $7
    Dropkick Helicopter Studio Series 22 Deluxe (w/ missile pods and backdrop) - $12
    Sector 7 Adventures “The Battle at Half Dome” Bumblebee comic - $3

    Animated/Prime/Beast Hunters/RID/Cyberverse:
    5 Animated Etc.jpg

    Beast Hunters “Welcome to Darkmount” IDW comic (has “Griffin” written on inside cover) - $7
    Arcee Prime Deluxe (no weapons) - $15
    PENDING Ultra Magnus Commander (w/ axe) - $6
    Takara Arms Micron Airachnid only (no Micron partner) - $15
    Arms Micron Gan TFGo! (assembled) - $7
    Windrazor (BH Abominus set version) - $6
    Bisk RID Legion - $7
    Twinferno RID Legion - $5
    Lunar Force Optimus Crash Combiner torso - $3
    Strongarm Crash Combiner legs - $2
    Dragstrip Crash Combiner legs - $2
    McDonald’s RID Bumblebee Happy Meal toy (sealed) - $2
    Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime (w/ axe) - $15
    Stuntwing partner only (no Bumblebee) - $6
    Hi-Test partner only (no Optimus) - $6
    Shockwave Cyberverse Warrior - $13
    Cyberverse Optimus Prime trailer base only - $12
    Fusion Flame Hot Rod Stealth Force (still on plastic) - $5
    Shockwave only (w/ helmet; from Invasion set) - $7
    Maccadam Cybverse build-a-figure left leg only (from Shockwave) - $4
    Tiny Turbo Changer Cyberverse Hot Rod / Rodimus - $3

    Miscellaneous Transformers and Transformer Customs!
    (Note: I'm not a professional customizer by any means)
    6 Misc.jpg

    Armada “The Awakening” book (wear from classroom, name on inside cover) - $3
    Optimus Prime IDW Micro Comic - $2
    Grimlock IDW Micro Comic - $2
    Plush Megatron (w/ tag) - $5
    "Flip + Attack" Cyber Lizard jumpstarter (from Amazing Spider-Man, paint scuffs/wear) - $3
    Burger King Cybertron Red Alert - $2
    McDonald’s Armada Optimus Prime (not sure how to get the gimmick to work) - $2
    Alt-Modes Starscream - $3
    Decoy purple Starscream only (from SDCC Metroplex set) - $10
    Rockblade Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    Radrogue Micron Booster (w/ box) x2 - $6 each
    Ironlunge Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    Refuser Micron Booster (w/ box) - $6
    DX9 Stormtrooper Dirge War In Pocket (w/ both missiles) - $16
    Gray Tank cheap KO - $2
    Green Ultra Magnus cheap KO - $2
    “China Southern” jet plane mini cheap KO - $2
    Stegosaurus car cheap KO - $2
    Amargasaurus car cheap KO - $2
    TLK Berserker (dreads cut off, w/ one weapon) - $5
    Goldbug from Classics Bumblebee (repainted gold and blue, customized head) CUSTOM - $12
    PENDING MF-20 Scourgers – Mech Fans Toys Scourge (w/ instructions, both guns, no Matrix) - $15
    Beast Hunters Legion Windrazor (painted red, not sure what I was planning here) CUSTOM - $3
    Prime Legion Bumblebee (arms cut slimmer and parts glued to roof, painted windows) CUSTOM - $4
    Acid Storm from Cybertron Legends Starscream (green and red, two swords instead of a sword and a gun) CUSTOM - $4
    Year of the Horse Optimus Prime Legends (painted to match YOTH MP) CUSTOM - $6
    Predacons Rising Optimus Prime (swapped legs and wheels, all blue) CUSTOM - $6
    Beast Hunters Legion Pacific Rim-style Kaiju (painted black with pink) CUSTOM - $6
    Blizzard Strike Drift Legion RID (painted wheels and windows) CUSTOM - $6
    PCC Pinpoint Minicon (added silver paint) CUSTOM - $3
    Orion Pax from Prime Wheeljack (repainted red, blue, silver, new head) CUSTOM - $12

    NOT PICTURED: Blue Grimlock chase Kidrobot keychain - $10
    NOT PICTURED: Blue Grimlock chase Kidrobot vinyl figure - $20
    NOT PICTURED: Grimlock Kidrobot vinyl figure - $5

    BotBots - $3 each:
    7 BotBots.jpg

    Series 1: Nail Byter, King Toots, Skillz Punk, Slappyhappy, Arctic Guzzlerush

    Series 3: Cackle Corn, Knotzel, Tutu Puffs, Bunches, Sweet Cheat, Bankshot, Q.U.R.O.B.O. 6000 x2, Swoonberry, Kikmee, Moldwich, Mal Content, Minnycake, Batterhead

    Series 4: Skitter Chatter, Doc Kit, Bemyne

    Series 5: Drama Sauce, Flood Jug, Barf Bag

    Non-Transformers and such:
    8 Non TF.jpg

    Star Wars Episode 1 Trade Federation Droid Fighters Snapfest model kit (box opened, kit still sealed in bags) - $12
    PENDING Shinkalion N700 Nozomi (complete in open box, Japanese import) - $29
    Mega Blocks blue Xenomorph Alien (w/ base and Facehuggers) - $5
    Kamen Rider OOO Candroid Pteranodon (candy toy size) - $6
    Star Wars Saga Legends Zuckuss (no weapons) - $5
    Dragon Ball Z Spin Battler Super Saiyan Vegeta - $2
    Game of Thrones Sigil Pin Set (sealed) - $8
    Talos Captain Marvel Heroclix (w/ card) - $2
    Walking Dead Necklace (Lootcrate exclusive, sealed) - $5
    Simpson's 25 Years Kidrobot keychain Donut - $3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magnet set (Lootcrate Exclusive, sealed) - $3
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Blade Blaster (has been removed from package, w/ batteries) - $53
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Culturefly Green Ranger statue (Gamestop exclusive, MIB) - $27
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Alpha 5 bottle opener (Gamestop exclusive, sealed) - $5
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Phunny plush (Lootcrate exclusive, sealed) - $5

    Thanks for reading!
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    - New photos!
    - Prices IN photos!
    - Sold items removed!
    - More non-Transformers items added!
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    Bump! Sold items removed!