BT-20 Meister (Not really. Actually KO Meister)

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    Received KO Meister recently...

    ... as well as KO Laserwave...
    ... who was previously seen as a red version of Meister.

    Paired up.

    Meister vs two KO Laserwaves.

    Meister brings in some KO backup.

    KO Meister and Laserwave are about what we've come to expect from newer examples from this "line", such as the Prowls and Wheeljack and Grimlock.

    Although they have their issues, they're both noticeably better than my other KO Laserwave, whose joints feel loose and spongy in comparison to the (mostly) positive joint movement in these two new ones.

    Paint is quite good on both, although Meister's is the standout, with a nice metal-flecked dark grey/silver. Laserwave's is more of an orangey-red, rather than the rich red of the red BT Meister. Of course, the paint itself is not applied as consistently as a real Binaltech, but it's still not bad. Did I mention they're diecast? They're not plastic like the Prowls and Mustangs. The matching of the color between the diecast and plastic is decent, but the plastic components aren't painted, and instead are molded in a plastic which tries to simulate the flecking. Meister does have molded eyes behind a translucent visor, though, just like the real thing, and Laserwave has light-piping in his eye.

    Issues on my figures include Meister having a loose right elbow and shoulder, a panel that runs under one of the doors missing a paint application, and his chest/hood tending to pop up from its where it locks into the torso. On Laserwave, his head tends to move around easily, and the gap in his gun arm forearm is quite noticeable, probably from the figure being changed from Meister to Laserwave. Both of them are reluctant to peg the weapon into their hands, are a mix of loose and stiff joints (eg: Meister's right hip very stiff, while his left is about normal), and generally being a challenge to stand properly (I had to fold out their heel spurs which I don't normally use).

    Car modes are decent. They needed massaging straight out of the box to line things up better, but most things fit together pretty well, except at the rear end where the area around the suicide doors is a bit gappy, with inconsistent painting.



    EDIT: Okay, that wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be: barely 2 minutes after posting this, the rod that connects Laserwave's roof to his windscreen just snapped while transforming him. First time I've had a KO break on me. Actually, first time I've had a KO or genuine break on me. Supaglue will probably take care of it.