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    Good evening all. I'm back and looking to sell a few extra bits I have laying around. Please PM me with any concerns or questions. Here are a few things to know, thanks for looking and God bless.......

    I will put pics up tomorrow, it's late and I just wanted to get this sales thread up, my apologies until then!

    1) I prefer paypal, and for personal reasons I do not accept gift payments, so please be cool with adding 4% for fees

    2) My paypal is [email protected]

    3) This not a swap meet, so please do not ask me to sell you a $60 figure for $25 shipped or something else silly like that, I will ignore you, sorry

    4) Unless you are buying a lot, I will not cover shipping, it is expensive. But I will send things with delivery confirmation free of charge

    5) I have decided for my ease to ship using Priority Flat Rate. If this is not kosher for you, please let me know, I will happily ship however you want



    Warcry MIB - $35 plus shipping


    PE-01FR Shadow Warrior Two-Pack (Rumble and Frenzy) MIB - $55 plus shipping

    PE-03 & PE-04 Laser & Buzzer Set MIB - $45 plus shipping

    PE-10 Kingbat MIB - $20 plus shipping


    Voyager Powerizer Starscream - $10 plus shipping

    AM-20 Ironhide MISB - $35.30 shipped (I accidentally bought one from 2 different places, this is at actual cost shipping included)

    C.H.U.G. All figures are loose and complete

    Classics Grimlock w/ Reprolabels applied and G3 Trailer Sword - $20 plus shipping

    Universe Ravage with Reprolabels applied and G1 rockets - $15 plus shipping

    Universe Acidstorm - $10 plus shipping

    TRU Exclusive Countdown - $12 plus shipping

    TRU Exclusive Stormcloud - $12 plus shipping

    2 x Generations Kup - $5 plus shipping

    Generations Dirge - $10 plus shipping

    Generations Thrust - $10 plus shipping

    FOC Shockwave - $5 plus shipping


    Target exclusive Spacecase - $10 plus shipping

    TFTM Longarm - $5 plus shipping

    PCC Bombshock and 2 drones - $5 plus shipping

    ZOIDS LOT Make offers

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