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    just a fun little idea for people to enjoy. pick any TF character and put them into the movieverse with whatever backstory you want to give them :)  ill start.

    Jhiaxus was considered the greatest of the ancient seekers, second only to jetfire; intelligent and calculating, yet brutal and ruthless when provoked. He considered being a mere scout and servant to the arrogant primes to be beneath him. He was sure he was destined for greater achievements. he saw his chance when the schism between the primes erupted. while the primes and their loyal seekers were waring on earth, Jhiaxus rallied the remaining seeker forces who wouldn't choose sides and led them from cybertron. in the eons since, he has reformed the seekers, as well as recruited cybertronian explorers, into the Cybertronian Empire, who hold themselves as the pinnacle of life. he views all modern day transformers as inbred mongrels, especially the autobots and decepticons, who he condemns as savages who he intends to purge the universe of.

    so, who do you have in mind.
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    Great idea for a thread this should be a very fun one for everyone here, great decision on your part. I always like Jhiaxus especially in G2 where he was an awesome mix of Galvatron and shockwave. Like your idea of making him a seeker and tying him to the backstory of the dynasty, he's a good mix of classic and something new, you got my thumbs up.

    Ultra Magnus was one of the greatest generals in Cybertron history and an old friend to Optimus Prime. Like Optimus Ultra Magnus was once chosen to be a knight of Cybertron but he refused the post instead preferring to remain a general. Ultra Magnus does not believe in the will of the primes instead believing that leadership must come from those who fight and endure hardships, due to this he was at odds with Sentinel and would often question Optimus who he feared was just doing what Sentinel suggested. While Sentinel taught optimus great wisdom it was Ultra Magnus who helped him understand the great sacrifices a leader must make and be willing to endure. This all changed during the final days of war when optimus decided to launch the Allspark an action Ultra Magnus was greatly against defying optimus and going rogue to stop him. The two former friends clashed at the temple of the Allspark where ultra Magnus watched as it was lost to space.

    Enraged Magnus forsaked his friend choosing to remain on Cybertron to protect as many of his people as possible, he gave optimus a final message find the Allspark and make right what you've done if you fail don't ever come back. These words would remain with optimus and haunt him as he battled to protect humanity. Ultra Magnus after thousands of years began to lose hope until he saw a space bridge open this all changed when it collapsed destroying Cybertron. Consumed with hatred Ultra Magnus declared optimus a blood traitor and vowed to hunt him down, once he did he would drag him back to Cybertron and lay his corpse beside the endless cybertronians optimus condemned to death. Despite hating optimus Ultra Magnus holds no ill will to humanity or Earth and still feels a strong need to protect the weak. He'll still battle the decepticons and even help his fellow Autobots, his grudge is with optimus and only optimus, however he will tear through anyone who stands between him and his former friend, Optimus must pay for his crimes against his kind.
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